Quarantine chats: From Skype to Zoom, House Party and Google Hangouts, connecting with people via video conferencing apps is the new normal

Ultimate Fashion and Grooming Guide for video calls during COVID-19 with family, friends, co-workers!

Videoconferencing is now increasingly more popular since the technology has significantly improved over the past recent years. However, for past one months, the coronavirus pandemic’s lockdowns and quarantines have led companies to implement work-from-home policies, and many people to cut down on non essential matters and generally stay home when they can. But staying home still may mean you need to get work done, or want to communicate with friends and family. Thankfully, there are several solid video chatting and conferencing apps available that can help you keep in touch with everyone you need to — many of which are free.

Zoom forms security council and adds features to prevent 'zoombombing'With Zoom, Skype and face-time, Go-to-Meeting and the rest of the videoconferencing technology have played an important part of our day to day activity and work, it’s an essential point to think of because you need to run into as plausible onscreen as you perform personally.

However this unfamiliar form of at-home communication can make getting dressed really challenging. Whether it’s a group talk with coworkers or perhaps a regular morning meeting with your superior, you want to appear professional. Pair your preferred leggings having a satin button down blouse in a warmer colour. The tailored shirt not only looks sleek, it is not difficult to throw on that moment’s notice.

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Stay away from fidgeting with pierced ear rings in the early morning and complete the sharp ensemble with a clip on ear rings set instead. A swipe of lip-gloss is going to have you appearing smoothly boardroom ready.

When video-calling, all that matters is what you have going on by the waist upward. A headband is going to have you looking as if you made a great effort to upkeep your appearance even though you just rolled out of bed.

Take a bouquet of flowers inside your home? Make your girlfriends jelz of your creativity by attaching one or two blossoms on your hair with a few bobby pins. When all else fails, then shiny your hair back and channel your internal Anna Wintour using a pair of dark sunglasses

Therefore, now you are spending significant time onscreen, it’s worth while considering what works on screen to enable you with the maximum credibility and also the overall professional appearance.

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Clothes to Wear on a Video Call

Consider the way you would like to be perceived in your video conference. When it is really a business video conference and you are also interested in being regarded as credible, authoritative and confident, add more “Yang” elements to your outlook (discover about that elements are yang and then can be yin here).

Want to acquire consensus and ascertain as being approachable? Then be certain you possess some of the yin elements.

Patterns versus Solids

Avoid stripes patterns clothing since they are able to strobe on camera and make a shimmering effect that’s off putting to people glancing at you on the screen.

Steer clear of big patterns design since they may control (and just take focus away from the face), as rule of thumb, on-camera and video, opt for solids over patterns s the majority of the period they are proven to be more comfortable to look at.

In the event you are not certain, use solid colors as opposed to patterns.


Wear a moderate to high quality contrast as this conveys to others that you’re credible and professional. Verify the contrast is noticed on your portrait area since it is the place where the camera will probably soon be focussed.


Wear colours and shades which flatter you. Blue is frequently a fantastic colour on display, and red can have the bleeding effect and thus best avoided.

If a top/shirt is white in colour, make certain that it is not able to see through. And do not wear a lot white as some times the cam discovers it challenging to find the right light balancing, cover a white top with a coat therefore that we view more of the coat compared to the top.

Clothing Guidelines

Make certain clothing does not crumpled up whenever you sit down, your garments needs to lie smooth and flat while sitting (this is the reason why newsreaders frequently take a seat on the tails of their coats as it prevent the shoulders from rising when they have been sitting). Clothing with an excessive amount of drape and folds does not look good, thus it is important to iron your clothes to look perfect in the video call.

A collar can be actually a great method of making your self look professionally dressed on screen, be it, it is a blouse or shirt with a collar or perhaps a coat over your shirt, as a collar shirt always entails that you mean business.

A knit shirt using a soft jacket that fits perfectly in the front and shoulders is a fantastic option to appear authoritative but still approachable.


If you’re in an even far more relaxing or casual business atmosphere, a scarf may also work to include interest and contrast to a own portrait area. Just be certain it is perhaps not too bulky in order to never appear to be it’s too overwhelming !

Steer clear of big dangly earrings. They’re fun but onto a little screen when we have been watching is only your upper part of body, thus they can be distracting (specially if they create some noise).

In-fact be careful of loud jewellery, clanking bracelets are also not advisable to be put on on in a videoconference since your mic will pick up and enhance these forms of distracting sounds.

A necklace might help draw attention and focus to your own face, however this is not the moment for overly huge as it may detract from the message.

In the event you have to use glasses make certain they will have a non reflective coating.


Proper grooming is vital on a video conference even as we are limited in watching you onto the screen. Ensure that your hair is well dressed as the camera may magnify poor grooming.

Inspect your own teeth to be certain that you never possess a stray seed or piece of lettuce captured between them.

Makeup will help you look much healthier and draw attention to your own eyes, which are the communicating center. Ensure that you look healthy and now washedout onscreen.

What You Need to See on a Video-call


That really is critical, wallpapers background can be distracting and therefore that it’s better to own clean and clear backdrop as you can. An plain and simple wall paper will be ideal, be cautious of sitting facing a crowded background or perhaps a bunch of photos and just a book shelf could have people reading the names of these novels supporting you personally and not listening to what you need to convey!West Elm offers free virtual backdrops to cover up coronavirus messes

Do not sit with a mirror behind you as it is totally Distracting!

When there’s mess, people will probably soon be judging you with this mess! If you require, for example, hang on a white sheet on the book shelf behind you to generate a fresh and crystal clear backdrop without any distractions.

Position of this Camera

Height of this camera if you’re using a notebook, this can signify that you’re looking into it that isn’t an ideal situation. As an alternative, pop up your notebook on a stack of books or perhaps a box, or some thing to enhance the elevation of this camera into your eye level so you’re looking horizontally into your camera.

Ensure that your head are on top of the frame, not plenty of space above your head.

Do not sit so close as ended up what they see is only your own face, set your camera/laptop at point at which you’re able to watch your hands along with hand gestures. Hands are crucial, once we see some one’s hands we will trust them (if you fail to view hands, we trust you less).

Your body and face desire to simply take the space on the monitor, not the backdrop. Once you happen to be seen as a head in a very small box onto some one elses screen, you will lose your natural ability and presence when you’re much more compact compared to your reallife size.


Lighting is super critical. You room need to become well lit. For those who have a window behind you and this entail that it will make back-lighting that’ll result you being in the dark. If you do not have a window behind you, you may want to add extra light onto your own face to compensate a lamp or 2 at the front of you shining onto your face that may help.

A window beside you may light only 1 side of one’s face, therefore if you’ve got this, set a lamp on the opposite side of you personally therefore you are equally lighted up. You might choose to put one to two table lamps on both sides of one to create balance and decent light onto your own face for the conference call (camera demand a great deal of lighting ).

Other Aspects to Think about in Video Conference

Body Languages

Standing versus Sitting — Should you want to do have more energy, then you may try to stand during the video call therefore that you never wind up slouching on your chair. But be careful of the time of the vido conference call, if it last much longer then you could want to sit for relaxation.

Be careful of what you own hands do. They will need to stay within the frame when you are speaking, however steepling separate you from the own audience.

Keep your head straight as it provides you an even more authoritative look.

Inadequate body gestures will undermine your credibility rapidly onscreen.

Eye-contact is Imperative

Look right at the camera position your camera right under the video camera so you are not looking off to the side at your self throughout a the call. Not looking at the camera will make you appear disinterested or unengaged.

It is extremely obvious if on a laptop should you look off and eyeing at something else on your screen, do not undermine your credibility during the videoconferencing by taking a look at your own phone, or doing different activities while at about the computer. Imagine you’re in the exact same room and act in precisely the exact same way, giving the speaker your entire attention.

It’s worthwhile on trial zooming or Skyping with a pal and then ask for feedback on the conditions of light, camera position, light, wallpaper and outfit choice to be certain that you are introducing the image you need and it will not lessen your presence professionally.