A lot of us were raised with traumatizing salon stylists and experiences that gave us the impression that the natural textures we had were wrong. It can be really difficult to get an inspiring hairstyle that has natural and real curls. Fortunately, there is an increasing group of specialists of curly hair today that have completely accepted the multifunctional and amazing features of the curls – they are also tutoring other stylists the same method of approaching the curls. The following styles were made by professional stylists in the game. These curls all come in various lengths, styles, shapes, and sizes.


1). The Oval shape and Long layers

curly haircut

The client came in with rather dense hair. There are lots of hair. This is a hair that is practically heavy and does not have much movement. This is a shape that is suitable for a curly girl looking to keep much hair length but like the volume of the hair. The style is suitable for people who have short and medium hair. The style also works for long hair. The oval shape was created to add contour to the cheekbones.

This allowed the stylist to gently create weight around the crown of the head to get more height at the top. You get a square cut to get rid of bulk and to make the top of the hair slightly rounded and shorter. This is an excellent shape that is suitable for the curl-by-curl procedure to produce that uneven random look despite everything blending in.

What hair is this style best suited for? This is one more versatile hair shape that is suitable for all textures of the hair.


2). Versus Diametrix Curls

The Versus Diametrix is a long diagonal and angled cut whereby the Diametrix curls cutting is used to remove the lower volume of this haircut to enable the curls to become beautifully framed across the face. This is named this way since this we cut the frame on the other side in the face to enable these diagonal hair angles to create a frame in the face to help avoid any improper occurrence like the “shelf effect.” This style makes it possible for the clients who have long hair curls to play with their hairstyle versatility and be able to get more elaborate curls and prevent frizz.

What hair is this style best suited for? People with long hair length for every texture that ranges from loose hair to tight hair.


3). The Foundation cut

This style is known as the “Foundation Cut” as it is a curl that is obtained through the method of curl cutting which is based on the training principals of dry cutting. It is referred to as the foundation cut since this cut is developed from the base upwards. Every curl comes trimmed and well-shaped to prevent it from sitting in the section underneath it, to give a beautiful figure to the cut.

What hair is this style best suited for? This haircut produces a shape that is weightless and beautiful for the 3B-4A curl types.


4). The A-Line bob

The female client needed a style with a little funkiness. She had had her hair grown out to the length that she had dreamt of. However, the time that she got something she wanted, she then saw that she needs to get a style with more edge and a shorter length. We then cut the rear from the shorter part but allowed the front sides to be long to create a dramatic look. It has a rounded back that is ideal for the hair length. Furthermore, we were able to cut off different shorter fringe to create a more fun look. The whole hair is fully layered to get volume and movement. The top comes with a square shape which works properly with the line of the haircuts.

What hair is this style suited for? Every type of curl will work well with this shape. We have a thing for versatile hairstyles that everybody can incorporate into their hair.


5). The Bloused Triangle shape

The bell shape and the triangle shape are back in style. The shape when bloused around the tips gets the curls open to create an equilibrium between the volume and the length. You get a volume that has width and begins from the eyes and extends down to the shoulders.

This style is created through the dusting of the curls ends with the use of a little elevation. The elevation will not produce direct layers but it will primarily open up the triangle, thereby creating a bloused effect. When you open up the curls in the eye’s starting point, you will emphasize and allow people to notice your lips, eyes, and cheeks. Furthermore, this shape is the type that uses diffusing or air drying by having the ability to disrupt and shake curls by using the fingers while you can maintain a curl pattern that is beautiful.

What hairstyle is this best suited for? This is a shape that will be excellent for hair of the shoulder length which is the type that ranges from the curly pattern to the tighter curly version while having a medium to thick length and density. You will need a 6–8-week salon appointment for you to maintain this shape. Since this style allows you to air dry, it does not take time to make. This is a simple process.

When you open up the curls at the eye’s beginning point, this will focus and expose your lips, cheeks, and eyes.


6). The Curly shoulder bob

The Diametrix Cutting method is essential for this form of shape to stun these curls and produce a definition. This enables an intertwining of the curls into one another and produces more length to be able to sustain and gives complete style leverage.

We are in love with making our styles very creative! Put some fresh flowers or colorful scarves to clip inside the curls and have everyone giving your hair a compliment. To get this style, we have managed to use the Protein Boost from Curlisto, Structura Lotion, to get a Finishing Pomade touch with several Structura Spray spritzes.

What hairstyle is this style best suited for? Girls that spot medium to loose curls that like the shorter length.


7). The Short and Sassy

Since she wanted this cut to curly, so we wanted the hair to be somehow that we will cut it as she wears it. If the hair had been blow-dried, we could get back 30% shrinkage. Therefore, we got the hair finger coiled while also drying it. This is used to allow for the hair to define as well as shrink. With this, the hair was pre-shrunk to allow us to detect its length when it got curly. So, we had the cut styled up to create some volume up top, while also creating a taper underneath.

What hair is this style best suited for? This hairstyle is excellent for both 4s and 3s since this is a style that looks good when it is curly kinky, while also working with shrinkage. This style is best suited for oval & heart shapes since the volume on top and the taper at the lower section is excellent for people whose jawlines are slender.


8). The Long and layered bob

This client has left her hair to grow out from the original big chop that it is three years back when we had cut the hair to get rid of the straight dead hair. This hair has continued to grow very fast that she complained majorly about volume. She likes this hair volume but she did not like the way that the style flattens out whenever it needs a trim. Each time that her hair is being trimmed, we usually end up putting more hair layers all over her head. We ensured that we have bottom square layers and top rounded layers. There are very short pieces at the top that nearly stand up straight.

What hair is this style best suited for? This is a hairstyle that is excellent for every type of hair. It comes with a versatile shape that works properly for people who want to keep on growing their hair out and also like movement.


9). The Upside-down triangle with curve

This is a shape that will improve the hair’s volume around the top of the head as it reduces the weight around the curl’s tips, nearly similar to a curl cone shape. This style is achieved with the creation of the elongated diagonal hair perimeter and it needs haircut elevation that is high that allows the short curls to the longer ones to be layered in such a way that it disconnects through the length and it can stack up to enable the short curls to the long support one another. This is used to create volume in height and width. This is also used to make the eyes noticeable and slims out every other feature of the face.

What hair is this style best suited for? This is a style that is useful for curly girls who have curly hair that is fine. It is also suited for the medium curls to thick ones that need to enhancer volume and reduce density. For this shape, you will need a salon visit of between 4 and 6 weeks. You will need to apply fewer hair controlling products and apply more volumizers to help enhance the shape of this volume. You will also be needing a diffuser. The moment that your hair is dry, get rid of the diffuser and blow in an air of high pressure across the curls.


10). The chin hair length Shag

If you need a haircut that is versatile, this shape will be terrific for you. It could seem sophisticated while appearing slightly more playful. This style comes with a front that has a hint of longer hairpieces that do not mix with the external outline to give a random appearance. This hair is cut at the rear parts of the ears much differently than is done at the front part of the ears. With this, you get lots of movement for the hair which is thin or dense.

What hair is best suited for this style? This shape of hair works with every type of hair texture.


11). The Flirty hair and tousled curls

This shape is tousled and flirty since the layers located inside the style produces a volume that can be controlled as it reduces bulk. This enables you to have some fun with your hair curls. Their curls go towards the face and not in the face. You get to see the place that certain shorter curls lay in various locations rather than the place that they will sit normally. This opens up the face a little bit as it also creates a mystery.

What hair does this style best suited for? Certainly, this style is best for the curly woman that wants to keep her length and likes playful non-committal layers. Hair with curlier textures come with length and movement. Every time you go to the salon in this shape, you do not need a full haircut. This haircut type needs further detailing effect. You do not have a fixed timeline to visit the salon – rather you go to the salon if you need to adjust the feel and looks of the hair. You only visit the salon when the feels and looks appear dry. The style might need some diffusing, but it is likely that you will get the “wash-and-go” treatment for this type of hair.


12). The hair layers to improve medium hair

For this client, we can notice certain excellent curls. She healthily maintains her hair which allows her to attempt new shapes that are suitable for her hair curl patterns. She never liked her flat hair which lacks movement. As soon as we had inspected her hair, we noticed that the curls of the hair were not cut one curl after each other and the stylist cut everything with one length.

A single length will not add up the volume, therefore then concluded that she needs shorter hair pieces all over the hair. We then layered all the hair and then cut up the pieces to be shorter to give more length and volume. This is an excellent shape for any curly girl that lacks a fringe.

What hair is this style best suited for? People like this haircut very well because of its ability to work for every type of curl out there. Trimming regularly every 3 months will give her healthy length and ends.


13). The Signature Sunflower haircut

The thing that creates the magic with this Sunflower style is the addition of many short layers within the crown part to create freedom for the curls to move about and prevent them from heavily collapsing into one another. These curls tend to clump up into one another, however, this leads to a less voluminous general look with the hair. Each time that we have either no or little curl layers, the hair tends to lay very flat without any movement. When we add many floating layers to the hair, we give the illusion that the curls are blossoming. This is what inspired this curly shag version’s name – the Sunflower Cut.

What hair is this style best suited for? This Sunflower style is excellent for people who have curls that need to maintain their hair length but want more movement, with high hair density that easily gets weighed down, those with low hair density and finer texture who need more hair volume, and for curly people looking to express their rock star style with this cut. This type of cut is suitable for people with the different types of curls that range from the 3a categories down to the 4a categories.


14). The hair layers  for the long hair

For this client, when she initially came in, we had long hair. However, she came in with ends that had been damaged due to the avoidance of frequent trimming and use of outdated blow frying as she could not get the style that she needs. We began with long hair and we were able to retain a majority of it since she was careful with the style that she chose.

Certainly, it was obvious we had to take off a certain volume of the hair to let it move freely. Then we got the bottom part cleaned up and made the decision to choose something with a U shape rather than something that goes straight around the bottom. All the hair were layered with the top layers kept being square. This produced a lot of volume and movement.

What hair is this style best suited for? With this shape, you can use it on every type of curl out there. You could still use it on hair that is either fine or dense. Furthermore, we were able to frame up her face with the use of shorter hairpieces across her face.


15). The strong and clipper bob

curly bob haircut

The strong and clipper style is among the most solid lines to come out this year. This is what achieved with the mere use of the clippers. It is achieved with an evenly levelled and strong perimeter. We began with one inch below the chin since it will reduce to either 2 or one inches when it dries up. With this, the curls will be able to slightly sit above the line of the jaw.

This style is certainly the curl cut type that makes features strong, brings out your jaw, while opening the space we have between the neck and shoulders. When this style is achieved, you tend to create the illusion of a long body. This style is rather Chic, bold and fashionable. This also makes way for shorter, and small tailored hairpieces that make the eyes noticeable too.

What hair is this style best suited for? Though a majority of the curly textures are fit for this style, it is useful for people who have textures that range from wavy textures to curly fine hair textures. Most times, we layer beautiful curl textures to create volume regardless of how the strong perimeter will make your hair expand and curl if it is cut around the chin area. While it needs minimal fussing and diffusing, you will need to visit the salon every 5 –  8 weeks.


16). The Graduated bob hair

The interesting here is that if this haircut had been designed on straight hair or if this is a cut that was blown straight dry, this would result in minimal layers. To get more drama, the front is left to be long.

What hair is this style best suited for? The texture types for 3B and 3C give you less traditional, more daring shapes. With texture, you are encouraged to go for the big hair.


Looking for a good stylist

The first step to getting a good curly hair stylist is to look for the length or shape that fits your style. The next thing you should do is to get a hairstylist for curly hair who can customize the style to fit your type of unique hair. You can use this great list of leading stylists to begin, however, there are salons all over the world that handle curls.