Custom Copper

We’re currently witnessing a lot of ‘custom copper’ – think gorgeously vibrant oranges and marmalade tones which are deep and rich in pigmentation. They really enhance the eyes beautifully and provide a great contrast against those lighter skin tones.

It’s an excellent colour choice for people who already have warmer hair but want to make it even more attractive as it will enhance the glow of their cheeks and skin tone. If you’ve a reddish, pinkish complexion it may make you appear redder, which is something you need to talk with your stylist about. If you have a freckled light, paler skin tone , it will be a great compliment to this.

Poppy Blonde

“Poppy blonde” refers to a contrasting brighter blonde paired with a dark, deep shadow root. This is ideal for those clients who desire the best combination of the two i.e. brunettes and blondes. By using this technique, you will get longer-lasting results out of the look, and more attractive tones across the entire hair. The dark roots will make the blonde popping out and hence has given this name while the tones of blonde will soften the whole look. It’s a flexible colour that is easily adapted.

It’s almost like a 1970s blonde, Think Goldie Hawn or Farrah Fawcett. Combine the colour with layers for a show of the tonal shades running throughout the hair. Adding deeper tones to the hair roots will help to achieve the desired appearance. The stylist will determine which way to blend the hair colours – then consider an ashier colour palette to cover the majority part of hair.

Expensive Brunette

Bold brunette is the trend for 2022, particularly in the case of an expensive finishing look. To achieve this look, it is important to apply multiple shades and dimensions to give a glossy, rich colour. This technique can be used for many different textures, tones or styles. So talk to your hairdresser about your ideas to ensure that you achieve precisely what you’re looking for. The best part about this trend is that it can be blended with a variety of tones – think of earthy, deep tones through to the ones that are soft and subtler such as burnt umber.

Salt & Pepper Silver

We’ve witnessed a lot of clients who have embraced the natural gray hair that they have as well as those looking to add some enhancement to the look. It’s definitely a Meryl Streep The Devil Wears Prada kind of look , and it’s growing in popularity. It’s an excellent alternative for those looking to put an end to colouring their hair as it lets you adopt an approach that is more towards naturality. For this style you can create a harmonious blend of ashy/white highlights and bleach. It is also possible to add dark lowlights to give the salt and pepper look. The aim is to increase the depth and brightness, so that the grey hair doesn’t appear too dull.

Reverse Balayage

When it comes to hair colour or highlighting techniques, Balayage remains a major and popular technique in 2022. There are many forms of balayage today and more advanced techniques are appearing on the forefront every day. This includes high balayage which is when we apply just a few pieces of colour in front for a frame and to give it an element of hair texture. This technique is generally suited and works for almost everyone. It can be used to lighten hair, to add diverse tones, and will definitely make your hair look better. Reverse balayage will be a huge trend in the year 2022 as well, and is one of our popular looks. It’s an excellent technique for those clients with lots of colour build-up hoping to enhance their natural colour throughout as well as the definition of hair.

Power Naturals

We’re seeing a lot of clients seeking to get the most of their natural colour beauty nowadays. One way to achieve this is by using glosses and stains. Both give depth and dimension to boost your natural hair condition. The great thing about this technique is that it’s a low-maintenance choice since the glosses are semi-permanent which means they let you switch up the look of your hair without commitment. They also come with amazing hair conditioning properties that ensure long-term hair nourishment.

Applying a gloss is among the most favorite treatments in our salon. Glossing can be a fantastic method of reflecting light and removing dullness, as well as providing an effect of a 4D look to the hair. Moreover, it will fade out beautifully without harsh demarcation lines when the hair grows. For a lasting longer effect of the glossiness of the hair, you should use a hair conditioner or mask and an sulphate-free shampoo.

Final Takeaway…

While it’s fun to follow the hair colour trends, it’s also important to focus on your own hair goals for yourself. Make sure you take advice from a hair expert and talk about the objective of your appointment during the consultation session. In our Hera salons, we also offer a “Long Wear Colour Service”, where we talk about the various needs of your lifestyle, before advising an approach and program that incorporates at-home maintenance to ensure that your look will last much longer. Our hair salons also offer bespoke advice, so it’s important to ask questions prior to starting any treatment.