2023 Hair Colour Trends Report – 10 Looks Clients Want

From mink tones to diffused colour blocking, 2023 is revolutionising hair colour trends. What is the main idea? Hair colour that looks natural but has a little edge (cue the fashionable sex appeal customers like)! The “model-on-the-go” style had a boom last year, and current hair colour trends are changing up the in-vogue looks with a sleek update.

These five colour trends are worth bookmarking so you may demonstrate them to your colleagues and clients. Oh, and before your back bar is empty, fill up on the essential sunglasses. These styles will be in high demand from EVERY customer, so be ready to ace your visit and provide THE response to the question, “Who did your hair?!”

  1. Honey Blonde

Warm blondes have returned to EVERYONE’S Pinterest boards since 2006 called. Give a WARM welcome to this year’s honey blonde and bid farewell to the ashed-out balayage that has been holding your books hostage for the last several years.

Pro tip: When switching to honey, the blonde ladies will only begin to “see yellow” (only at first!). By maintaining dimension around the regions that you notice the most, adding a deep, natural-looking root helps soften the shock of a new warm hue!

Honey Blonde Hair

  1. Natural-Shade Colour Block

Colour-blocking is changing in 2023 from what we now think of as big fashion statements to sophisticated, wearable designs.

Our hearts are being pulled HARD by the influx of neutral tones used to create a subdued colour block around the head. Is this a money piece of the year ’23, given the tone-on-tone mixes of brown, blonde, and copper hues?

high contrast money piece

blonde peekaboo highlights

Peekaboo Pastel

wolf haircut

  1. Mink Shades

Grey and lavender serve as the undertones of mink colours, which may vary in from cool to warm. This colour is gorgeously suited for all ages, regardless of whether your formula leans towards a a ashed-out shade or warm grey.

Mink tones include undertones of mushroom and lavender that are less high-contrasted and softly blended.

The secret to getting this luxurious shade is to build up a lot of depth and dimension without any noticeable blonde. Thus, do not be reluctant to apply a lightener. To create the mink tones, your colourist will undoubtedly need to lighten up certain portions of your hair, but the key is to make sure your toning product covers any beachy blonde.

  1. Lowlights Inspired by the 90s

The DEPTH imparted to each rendering is what matters here, not the blonde colour! Indeed, this style is a throwback to the ultra-highlighted styles popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s; however, we have switched to smoother weaving methods.

Why most ladies like this look:

It is very wearable.

Every eye and skin colour is accentuated by deep blonde hair.

Any hair length and age may benefit from the warmth (unlike some platinum and ultra-blonde tones).

The colour that seems natural is back! For loyal blonde clientele seeking a freshen, this is the ideal change-up.

This year, the major trend will be revitalising your lived-in blonde with lowlights rather than concentrating on heavy foiled styles. Lowlighting blondes enhancement will not only save time but also significantly increase the integrity of your hair (sure, your colourist may add a few foils here and there). A stylistic win-win, indeed.

  1. Bronze Colours

Pulling warm is now fashionable, but it may be challenging to nail the range of tone for this golden trend. Let us be clear about one thing: bronze is NOT to be confused with copper.

When you think of bronze, think about the colour of the real metal. True bronze has a warm lustre that is well-balanced without reflecting orange or gold. You have to do our homework to engage the best in the field to provide your with the right go-to formulas and methods to produce bronze colours that match your desired hair goal.

  1. Soft Copper

The autumn ’22 copper hair colour craze is continuing into 2023 with a “shy” demeanour. This year we will be seeing soft, warm tones on mostly ladies with high-lift hues. Most of you have seen muted coppers, ranging from a strawberry blonde to a bright peach. The good news is that this trend will allow you a little more wiggle room as the colour starts to fade because the fading will only enhance your appearance!

Things to keep in mind:

  • Make appointments now for gloss and glaze treatments, which will be this trend’s best friend.
  • Many blonde girls will want to have hair goal of soft copper. Your colourist will balance your formulae with gold-based toners to prevent red shades from clinging too intensely onto pre-lightened hair.
  • Five tips for each copper ladies, including formulation ideas and fading tricks.
  • Consider choosing demi- or semi-permanent hair colour to begin with. While we cannot have enough copper, reds are becoming less popular. Save money in the long run by gradually transitioning to red tones with a less permanent alternative for later easy(ish) recon.

copper blonde hair colour

copper blonde

copper hair

  1. Espresso-Brinned Tone-On-Tone Brunettes

It is safe to assume that most of the ladies boarded the pricey brunette train at some point last year; this year seems to be no different and just as rich. Most ladies are choosing all-over dark make over instead of chocolatey, dimensional inspo photos.

Classic colours & natural-looking tones without applications of lighteners will be in great demand, emulating the effortlessly sophisticated French style that almost all trends are adopting this year. Choose striking, dark, espresso-rich hues that capture the eye and reflect light to provide a hint of shine.

dark brown hair


  1. Teddy Bear Blonde

Teddy bear blonde, a sibling of the warm honey blonde trend, veers into a much more golden tonal spectrum. Consider the caramel hue of your beloved childhood teddy and then go blend that in the back bar!

The trick to decide if this trend is suitable for you is to first consider your skin tone. Before applying the darker hues, your colourist will utilise lightening methods to create depth and dimension. Why? Since many ladies’ natural undertones might be mimicked by the golden tones, it is important to create a shade that closely resembles their skin.

  1. Peekaboo Dip-Dyes

This year 2023, the edgy fashionable ladies will make a lot of requests for hair with bright colour bursting through the roots and ends. Bespoke dip-dye splashes of colour around the ears, neck, and roots have swiftly taken over our Instagram feed as a go-to style.

The choice of hue is entirely up to you and your colourist, but the placement of colour is where you can make this trend more sophisticated. The secret? Keep the colour line going. Not because of the unique colour combinations, but rather because of the colour spurts that seem to circle the head without a beginning or end.

blonde peekaboo highlights

wolf haircut

  1. Wine-Toned Reds in Auburn

Despite the abundance of copper trend we have seen this year, we believe the redhead look will shift to stylish auburn & wine-based red tones.

These red hues, which vary from neutral auburn to red violet, all have one thing in common: pure red pigment. Go through these red-themed inspiration images to get some useful advice for you.

auburn balayage hair

auburn color