Do you feel sad that you have used all the air-drying creams there is, and you still get a poofy and frizzy hair mess? Have you ever gone to sleep without picturing how your hair will seem the next day? Have you seen heat and humidity in the weather forecast, and you are trying to hide for the week? (Or is it just us?).

If the above sentence sounds the same, then it means that you might have not-so-curly and wavy hair. And as this might seem that you are blessed with both, this can look like a challenge many days.


The good news? Suppose you know the proper routine and knowledge. In that case, you will be able to manage your soon-to-be curls for the looks that you desire – whether your want to style the hair into beautiful curls, accepting the natural hair texture to get a simple tousled look, or you are looking to smoothing this out by using the flat iron.


However, the first thing to do. This is what you should know if you have wavy hair.

To properly know what wavy hair is, it is good that you get a primer on the various types of curl. The hair shape and your genes help you decide on the follicles of your hair (plus several other factors) to determine the look of your hair, which typically gets categorized into 4 primary types and different subtypes. This hair categorization uses hair density, length, consistency, and volume as factors, as explained in this curly guide.

While you could identify immediately with any of these four primary hair types, it is natural for the wavy girls to be confused still. For instance, you could feel as though you are between Type 2 and Type 1, which depends on the time of the day, small routine changes, the air humidity, and many factors.


One of the most significant challenges for people with wavy hair is the problem of frizz. Due to its natural texture, hair that is wavy seems to turn frizzy with a small amount of air moisture! People that stay anywhere close to the ocean, in a place where humidity is high, or people who sweat along the hairline, this is all too familiar.


Do you feel frustrated yet? Yes, we know how it feels.

Are you unable to get Brazilian perms or blowouts every several months – this can become slightly, certainly – the best tip here is to try different routines and products until you now know what is effective? You could choose in advance what you need since beginning the hairstyle from the time you get into your shower can make a big difference.

Apart from that, the following are some tips that you need to note while you become familiar with the hair that is wavy.


25 important tips to style and control the wavy hair

The wavy hair – general maintenance

It is important to know the type of hair you have. Just like we mentioned above, hair is categorized into a primary category and/or a subcategory. 2As, for instance, is the hair with a very fine texture.

This means that you need to use lightweight hair products that will not weigh down the hair – one great choice is mousse. However, the 2Cs are the coarser and thicker strands of hair – further moisture will be needed for hydrated strands, and the hair can handle products that are heavier.


Does your weather forecast suggest intense humidity or rain? While many people will be inclined to hide? You need not – but you certainly need to consider this during your hairstyling to help you nip frizz in the bud.


People with fine hair will need to apply a product for lightweight product, just like our product – Potion 10 Miracle Styling Potion. Hair with strands that are thicker can handle serum or gel that is resistant to humidity, just like this our product – the Miracle Styling Serum. The deep conditioner or the hydrating hair product mask used once per week can provide a buffer.


People that feel as though they are confined to using their blow dryer, the curling iron, or the flat iron are not alone in this. You will need to ensure that you have on the heat protectant in the first place and turn down the settings of your tool to the low configuration. Despite using the curling wand or iron, if you use a rather hot setting, the cuticles of the hair could swell and might lead to a flattened hair cuticle. Keep the hair low and loosely wrap the wave to define and encourage the curl’s shape.


If you have dry hair, do not use your hands as well as brushes too! When you overbrush the hair, you could end up with frizz or hair breakage, and whenever you touch the hair, you could get moisture transferred from the skin to your hair strands. You should resist the temptation to this!


Are you tempted to get hair bangs? Get it! However, you should know that this new style might need more time before you can get out the door and go outside – and you need to ensure that your stylist can handle the wavy and curly hair. You need to cut in a special way, and this is also right for the hair with bangs!


It would be best if you considered buying hair products that have high quality. Whereas brands from the drugstore are supported by excellent marketing campaigns (and a price tag that is cheaper), products made in salons typically contain a higher amount of concentrated ingredients. They have been tested intensively to support their claims. It would be best to trust us when we tell you that it is worthwhile to invest in this product.


Prepping the wavy hair to get a great style

It would be best if you slept on the satin pillowcase. There will be lots of friction if you use a cotton pillowcase – this leads to breakage of the hair and – frizz.


A great hair begins from the shower! Get warm water – the water should neither be too cold nor too hot – and this should be followed by using a cold rinse after conditioning and shampoo.

The cuticle is sealed by this and shine added.


You should hydrate all the time! You should deep condition your hair once per week to maintain your hair moisture. You could want to find products that are sulphate-free, especially for color-treated hair.


After you shower, you should use a leave-in product that nourishes the hair. You can try using our product – the Miracle Leave-in Plus Keratin for the damaged hair, the Miracle Leave-In Lite for fine hair. We also have another product – the 10 Miracle Instant Repair Leave-In for the extra-dry hair, or you could make use of this product – Miracle Silk Leave-In used for thick or coarse hair.


You can get your wet hair detangled by using your fingers or the tooth comb. You might damage the hair when you get a brush that breaks up the natural curl/wave.

Avoid roughening up the hair with the use of a regular towel. It can only lead to friction, which causes damage and frizz. Rather, you can use a microfiber t-shirt or towel and gradually blot or squeeze out extra moisture.


Enhancing your curls and waves

Do you wish to improve on your waves? You can get a curl-enhancing or nourishing styling cream and evenly apply it to damp hair. For instance, we have a Miracle Styling Cream product that helps you define the waves and curls while adding bouncy radiation and a silky, smooth texture.


It can also help when you scrunch or twist your waves as the hair remains damp. In other to improve the “piecey” appearance and work in regular one-inch sections.

You could try on another diffuser attachment alongside your hair blow dryer. The diffuser will minimize the air-flowing force that comes through the blow dryer so ensure that your hair is not getting roughed up excessively. This results in hair curls that stay intact and a frizz that can be controlled easily.


Do not underestimate the hairspray. You can look for one that has the needed hold without the hair crunch.


Try air-drying: People who use the shower at night can try to sleep with braids to help give the waves a regularly defined curl pattern. You can begin with the lightweight balm, just like our product – the Miracle Whipped Styling Balm, which coats the hair beginning from its roots up to its tips.


You can then divide the hair into sections, braid up both sides, and secure it using a little elastic. When you get up the next morning, free up the braids and tousle up your hair, you can get any curling iron to induce touch-ups whenever you need this.


One more technique that you can try is the “plopping” method that many girls with curly hair depend on! Immediately after leaving the shower, you can get a slim microfiber towel or a T-shirt and put it in your front with its flat surface.


Lean on top and place your head on the towel/shirt while you have all of the hair on your head. You can then pull out the towel/shirt around the head and get the nape of the neck secured.

Continue with your business, and let the hair set this way for a minimum of half an hour. When you do this, the wave pattern of the hair will stay intact while it continues to dry out since gravity will not pull it down.


The waves of the hair have a tendency to get better with the way it looks every day. Therefore, it is important that you try to ensure that this style lasts for a long time. It would be nice if you stay for one or two days without shampooing. If you have oily roots, apply dry shampoo on this and get your hair touched up by using a spritz of texture hair spray or curling iron.


Straightening the wavy hair

Prepare your hair by using a multi-purpose styling potion, balm, or cream. (There is a bonus if it comes with ingredients that fight off frizz: find natural hair oils such as sunflower oil and humectants such as silicones and propylene glycol.)


Get your blow-drying technique to perfection: Get a rounded brush and apply this one section after the other, and pull tight your hair against it while facing the dryer down the strands of your hair. You will sense the tension when you are doing this (however, not very much). You should ensure that at the time that you are done, the hair is completely dry – otherwise, the hair will begin frizzing up while the other moisture evaporates.


Get a flat iron and smoothen out the hair while it is still slightly wavy. This looks very much like the curling, as mentioned earlier, iron trick. Then again, you should ensure that you do not use excessively high heat! People with thin or fine hair should set up the temperature to be in the neighbourhood of 300 degrees F. With coarser or thicker hair, you should handle about 400 degrees F.


Did your hair fall flat? Boost up the volume of the hair when you flip the head to go upside down and tousling the hair in the process; you should follow this treatment by using a sparing amount of the volumizing spray to help retain the hair hairstyle.


Maintaining the wavy hair for durability.

Patience is the keyword here. You could repeatedly try this until you see the ideal products and procedures that help you get the look you need. You should fake it if you cannot make it. What do we mean by this?

You could have days that the waves might not appear the way that you need them to. Accept them! People should see how confident you are with the waves, and if every other thing does not work, you can then decide to turn this into a messy bun or a low ponytail.