Bid Farewell to Traditonal Balayage and Hello to AirTouch Balayage: What is AirTouch Balayage and Why does Your Hair Requires This Technique

Are you currently looking for stunning, layered, fresh colour to inject life back to your hair, but feeling quite apprehensive over the whole balayage technique that everyone is talking about? You are not alone. While balayage and ombre may possibly have taken control over the full hair beauty arena in 2018, yet there’s another brand new technique of hair highlighting that will accomplish stunning and well blended hair colours as well it guarantees to give you a result that will appear two shimmering harmonious tones.

Yes we are talking about the AirTouch Balayage technique. Do not fret if you have not been aware of the most recent and hottest trend in hair colouring. Here in Hera Hair Beauty salon in Singapore, we surely embrace this Balayage technique, and this article will provide you all information on this AirTouch balayage technique, for example all the basis that you should employ this highlighting technique on your tresses.

The AirTouch Technique

The AirTouch technique is exceptional in that it utilizes air, instead of classic teasing and back-combing, to attain a seamless blending of colours. To achieve this outcome, hair can be parted to segments and highlighted in foils or transparent film, instead of the free hand methods which are utilized when performing balayage or ombre. The segments of hair are subsequently worked in a far more diagonal style, as opposed to the conventional linear highlights which have been so well-known for the last couple of years.

This technique delivers an even more versatile and natural appearance to highlights, creating the outcome that seamlessly shiny and colours blend harmoniously.

Nevertheless, the most important gap between the AirTouch and conventional balayage is the process– while older school highlights were weaved to segments of hair in a endeavor to generate fine highlights, Air Touch allows the air to do the job and finish the weaving.


Your colourist perform parting of hair into segments. Thereafter, hair dryer is placed on the hair strands to push the baby hairs out, thus only the long strands are allowed to be highlighted. What exactly does this mean for the natural hair? The thinner, or even more delicate pieces are left out of the foils– hence the sensitive hair strands will not have any no additional hair damage.

As a result of this fine technique of blending, AirTouch is still an exceptional alternative for women who would like to inject a little bit of colour into their natural hair, but are somewhat worried with the damage that hair highlights can cause.

The final outcome of AirTouch is a harmoniously blended colour which looks smooth and natural — teamed with glistening and subtle dimension that’ll grow out with ease.

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Where Did AirTouch Come From?

As mentioned, this AirTouch technique that uses air, instead of usual teasing and back-combing, so as to achieve a seamless blending of colour, is credited to professional colourist Vladimir Sarbeshev. The well-known Russian hair colourist stated he began tinkering with methods from the conventional balayage technique due to the overwhelming challenges and shortcoming that his and his customers faced whenever using the conventional method. One of the struggles which is the most dominant was that the re-touch, the back-combing and hair teasing. Vladimir knew that there was an existing technique on the market which could cause less damage to the hair and rescue his customers and himself the huge amount of time with the unwarranted procedure. When he couldn’t discover the method, he developed his own technique.

AirTouch Compared to Conventional Re-touch

The AirTouch Technique-not just entails gorgeous, blended outcomes, in addition, it overcomes their the greatest primary challenges which every other lightening and highlighting techniques confronts which is the retouch.

The conventional re-touch technique back combed and teased segments of hair before employing a lightening agent. Thereafter, colourists would make use of a tail comb or re-weave every segment of their hair so as to make sure the highlights will not overlap to already dyed hair as the hair grows out.

This AirTouch technique so far has been proven to be a more effective and not as damaging highlighting technique for many clients. With a hair dryer in a low and secure setting, thinner and shorter hair really is pushed off from strands that are longer, so the new growth will be the only portion of hair that’ll need to be lightened. This not only keeps your own hair from potential damage, it also saves the time of you and your stylist. This is certainly a win win situation… why not?

Currently, AirTouch is becoming a worldwide phenomenon especially in the Europe as it isn’t just your hair will be healthier but accomplishes seamless blending and natural-looking outcomes.

Why Choose AirTouch For Your Hair

The AirTouch Technique is that the ideal option for your hair if you’re attempting to find a healthier and long lasting choice over the conventional balayage or ombre technique of highlighting. Here are only a few of those reasons we all adore the AirTouch technique:

It’s safer to your natural hair: Unlike the conventional re-touch technique, which may lead to extreme damage and breakage to your natural locks, the AirTouch was formulated with the objective to lighten hair with minimal damage. Good outcomes are achieved, minus any harm other highlighting methods can cause.

AirTouch technique is much more time effective: As mentioned, the AirTouch is attained by parting the long strands to segments, then blow dying the hair that’s kept tight at that segment, just highlighting the foils of the remain hair. As a result of this, normally it takes much lesser time to complete from beginning to end, helping you save time and hassle at the salon.

The method ideally blend harmoniously with your natural hair. While saving damage and time is awesome, you’re lightening your hair to enjoy those outcomes, right? Well, AirTouch isn’t simply just a faster and safer option to classic balayage or ombre, it offers better results, too. The final result is absolutely blended, natural-looking highlighting effect that’ll grow out with ease.

Easy for Touching up: Virgin baby hair or finer, shorter pieces are going to become part of one’s hair no matter what. If you would like to attain natural looking and harmoniously blended highlights that continue to last through the whole year, touching your hair up with the AirTouch technique is the answer. Everyone’s tress is exceptional — so be certain that you talk to your colourist to decide how frequent you ought to go back to the salon to get a quick touchup for maintenance!

AirTouch is a much friendlier approach: Customers love AirTouch compared with other highlighting methods as it’s considerably more comfortable to the scalp. Unlike the conventional highlighting and lightening techniques, which necessitated extensive back-combing and teasing, AirTouch utilizes a hair dryer to separate thick out of thin strands and just lighten the stronger strands of the hair. The air does all of the tricky job of weaving the”baby hairs,” leaving the segments of longer hair to be highlighted.

AirTouch allows precise control of the level of hair brightness that you wish: Other colouring and highlighting methods might well not have the capability to control the particular brightness or colour but AirTouch can. Fantastic news for those perfectionists out there who have their mind made on a particular tone to their hair! With the full control of the quantity of hair that you blowdry from a certain section, your colourist may choose exactly how light you need for the result to be. To attain a darker effect, the stylist just need  to push out more hair at the roots, resulting in lesser hair to be dyed inside the foil. For a lighter or brighter tones, lesser hair can also be pushed outside of this section in order for more hair to remain in the foil.

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Maintaining AirTouch Results — How Long Can It Last?

Many customers like this AirTouch technique because it saves them time and potential harm, and while achieving phenomenal results. In addition to this, the good news is that it’s far longer-lasting as compared to several other conventional highlighting and balayage methods!

If your hair is performed by a certified AirTouch specialist, the balayaged hair could be upkept for half a year to a year. This just depends upon the magnitude of lightening and also how well it have been cared and maintained. The hair that have been highlighted can grow out smoothly and gradually, attaining stunning and natural-looking finishing long after your trip to the salon.

Ready to Try out the AirTouch Method?

The most unbelievable news about the hair and beauty world we are living in now is that, throughout the internet and social networking, we’re opened to transformative beauty styles across the world. Whether we are living in Singapore, Tokyo, or Moscow, we’re just some clicks away from discovering new techniques that will completely transform the hair colouring and highlighting game.

Hence, the latest upcoming colouring trend will be this AirTouch and we swear with the technique and the stunning natural results it can deliver. If you’re hoping to highlight your hair without the lengthy time, pain, and also potential hair damage of other conventional techniques , AirTouch will be the ideal technique for you. Whether you’re seeking for fullhead of highlights, or merely desire a natural-looking touchup which won’t induce additional breakage into your own locks, this AirTouch method will be able to achieve amazing results that is long lasting. Come over to talk to our team of talented and skilled colourists now and schedule a consultation to see if the AirTouch technique is right for you personally.

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