All Over Colour vs Highlights: Which is Better?

The beauty world was shocked by Kim Kardashian’s Marilyn Monroe-inspired red carpet appearance at the 2022 Met Gala. Kim not only cut off her trademark black hair for good, but she also became completely platinum in a single day! Indeed, she might have easily donned a luxurious lace front wig. But Kim, we completely understand. When we want a blonde moment, we sometimes want an actual blonde moment. Many of our visitors still inquire, “Should I have highlights or all-over colour?” For your next hair colour upgrade or change, we have broken down the advantages of each choice.

all-over colour vs highlights

The Benefits of Colour Over It all

A single-process (or all-over) colour may be the best option if you wish to go many shades lighter or darker. Your whole hue is transformed into a new, dimensional, monochromatic tone via this process, which may be as dramatic or subdued as you wish. It is a fantastic choice for instantly enhancing the warmth of your skin tone or hiding obstinate greys. A stylish haircut that can seem too quirky with highlights might be complemented with all-over colour. All-over colour is the way to go if you want a total makeover, particularly if you are not thrilled with your base colour at all. This is also your best choice if you want to hide a lot of grey hair. With highlights, you do not get this type of coverage. This can also be the best course of action if you have a wild hairstyle. If you add highlights to a fashionable new hair, it could seem too complex. All-over colour’s major drawback is how often you will need to get it touched up. Every few weeks, you will need to touch up your roots. With highlights, especially if you simply get them at the bottom of your hair, you will not need to worry about this. If you choose a style that is unflattering, the incorrect hue, or it does not compliment your skin tone properly, the all-over colour may also seem quite flat.

The two additional considerations for highlights and all over colour are harshness and cost. Because it requires less time and effort, all-over colour is generally often more affordable than highlights. Additionally, highlights increase the risk of hair damage. Many highlighter products use bleach, which dries out your hair.

All-over colour with full highlights or partial highlights

If you want to hide grey hair but still want the added dimension and depth highlights can provide, this is a fantastic option. You can apply the highlights and all-over colour at the same time, which saves a tonne of time.

The Benefits of Hair Highlights

Highlights could be the ideal choice for you if you adore the colour of your natural hair. These give your colour depth and character by making it one or two shades lighter (or darker for lowlights) than your natural hair colour. It is especially beneficial for hair that is one length and has no layers. Without layers, it gives the surface a new dimension.

Highlights are not the best for grey coverage. They are only placed in certain locations. When doing a balayage, colour is painted through the lower sections of your hair to give it a sun-kissed appearance. You have the option of getting highlights all over your hair or only the front or back. Some of your greys may be covered, but not all. It does, however, provide you with several alternatives if you are unsure of what you want.

If you have a beautiful base hair colour and do not want to make too many changes to what Mother Nature has given you, highlights are your best choice. By using lighter strands that may be strategically placed to frame your face, highlights will accentuate your natural colour. You may bring emphasis to a layered hairstyle by using highlights. The procedure is great for hiding undesirable grey hair and looks great on brunette and dark blonde hair. You are going lighter without any more persuasion, right?

The Best of Both Worlds

There is a way to have both choices. You could wish to completely alter your base colour or completely hide all of the greys. However, you also want the depth, dimensions and variety that highlights provide. Even if it could take some time, you will have the entirely different appearance you desire.

Highlights vs All-Over Colouring: Which is more harmful?

Because you have to touch up your roots every month with all-over colouring, it does more harm to your hair than highlights. Your hair fiber dries out with each application of hair colour. However, with highlights, just the bleached strands (and not all of your hair) are affected since they are touched up every three to four months. But there is more! We will help you determine if having highlights or all over hair  colour is preferable. This is a common question, particularly when the first grey hairs show and you must choose which course to take to protect your hair. What do you know? We will share some guidance with you that we always provide to our customers.

It is a great idea to start with fine highlights or highlights, particularly if your first grey hairs have already begun to show. You will not become a slave to the all-over hair colour since the highlights will cover them up. We have mentioned “slave” as you will require monthly touch-ups if you start colouring your hair. On the other hand, if you do highlights, you will only need to visit the salon every three months or more (depending on your highlights). If you want to lighten your base colour or cover any grey hair and your hair is healthy, we will encourage you to choose highlights exclusively. However, your choices vary if you desire a drastic makeover or if your hair is already damaged. Then disregard what we just stated. You must choose if you need bleaching or colouring in this situation.

Since new hairs are created every 15 to 20 days and you can observe the development of your natural hair, all-over colour requires that the roots be touched up every month (gray hair included). Additionally, each wash causes a little fading of the colour. In order to gain the benefit of restoring its colour, the trade off is that your hair fiber will be slightly dry a little each month. Only a few strands of your hair are bleached to create various hues when you are having highlights. Every two to three months—or perhaps longer—this is repeated. As a result, the hair does not entirely dry. Only the bleached hair does.

Have you reached any conclusions?

We do not have anything against all over colour, but if we had to choose between highlights and all-over colour, we think that highlights will do less harm to your hair. They may also be customized and more trendy.

What kind of major hair colour transformation are you seeking?

Because just a few strands of hair are bleached, highlights are less harmful than all-over colour, as we previously said. How about switching from a few to more strands, though?

What if you want to transform your hair from a dark brown to an icy blonde?

The damage you do to your hair will therefore be more severe. In reality, numerous bleaching treatments will probably be necessary to achieve the dark brown to icy blonde transformation. So, what is the final word?

Thus all over colour will have less damage to your hair than bleaching if you are searching for such a drastic transformation.

Contrarily, your hair will still seem healthier if you add a few highlights to lighten it up rather than dyeing it every month.

Let us share a crucial detail with you before continuing.

Whatever method you use, keep in mind that bleaching requires caution.

As the hair becomes heated during bleaching, a skilled colourist should be performing this job. You run the risk of causing scalp and hair burns.

How was your hair condition prior to the hair colour or highlights?

Your hair’s health condition will have a big impact on whether you decide to dye it or merely add highlights in the end. Why?

Contrary to popular belief, bleaching healthy hair is not the same as bleaching dry, damaged, previously bleached, or repeatedly straightened hair.

Bleaching increases the risk of breaking damaged hair. It can cause hair to fall out or become gummy.

We strongly advise against bleaching in these circumstances. Thus all-over colour is the preferable option for damaged hair since it will cause less harm.


Based on the health condition of your hair and the degree of transformation you desire for your new look, highlights or all-over hair colour might be more or less damaging, as we have mentioned in this post.

When your hair is healthy and you desire a minor transformation, highlights are significantly less damaging than all-over colour.

But if your hair has already been bleached or straightened and is damaged, all-over colour is definitely preferred.

Whatever choice you choose, be sure to regularly nourish and moisturize your hair to keep it looking its best!