For hair salons across the globe, Balayage hair has been among the most in-demand hairstyles. whereas this hairstyle might have grown in terms of popularity in recent years, its primary dyeing technique for some time now has been known. It is just that modern salons just begun adopting the process. In years past, different hairstylists have gone on to perfect their balayage styles, even going ahead to earn recognition and awards through their approach with the balayage style. As we witness supermodels and celebrities flaunt their soft melting, sun kissed hair colour, it is best to acknowledge that balayage will only grow in terms of popularity.

Most people tend to wonder, what does the balayage hairstyle look like? Can this style be done in the house? How best can I select the best balayage style? If all these questions flow in your mind, this comprehensive guide serves to answer them. Keep on reading to learn all you can about this trending and growing hairstyle.


What hairstyle is balayage?

The women whose hair seem to have dimension and depth, and appearing as they have just returned from a sunny vacation from the state of California. This is what we mean by balayage.

Balayage is a French word that means “to sweep.” It also means “to paint.” Technically, Balayage is a method for hair dyeing. It involves a hand painting of the dye on the hair to achieve a natural and gradual transition without any harsh or obvious lines. Balayage employs a variety of different tones of dark and light to form different colour dimensions. This leaves the hair with a sun kissed, natural, and blended glow.

One thing that people seem to like the most about Balayage is that its colour can be completely customized to the colour of the hair as well as the type of hair that you have. When you strategically paint the hair with a freehand, you get to highlights certain facial features or you could detract from them. This gives your hair a unique colour that you will never find on anybody.

Where is the origin of Balayage?

Balayage was known to have originated in France in the 1970s at the exclusively uber Parisian Carita Salon. During that time, the standard in the industry was to get the hair dyed with the use of frosting foils and caps. Balayage became a ground-breaking technique, which uses cotton strips to distinguish hair that is dyed from the un-dyed hair. this is used to create a sun kissed and effortless style. It was in the 90s, that balayage was taken to the US, and has just become a trend among mainstream women more recently. Certainly, we have some people to thank for this.

Certain A-list celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Olivia Palermo, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Chrissy Teigen are responsible for bringing the balayage to mainstream popularity.

Is there any difference between highlights and balayage?

We are long past the days of the old-school foil highlights around the time Nicole Ritchie did the show – The Simple Life. These days, we are only concerned with looking effortless, modern, and sleek. Unlike the usual foil highlights, balayage involves a freehand painting directly on the surface of the hair and does not get saturated in the section.

Just think about those “stripey” hair highlights that were very popular around the 2000s? The opposite of this is what balayage does. Since balayage involves a hand-painted technique, you get less consistent highlights. This then leads to the dye progressing softly giving the hair a natural, and beautiful colour with multiple tones. With this, you also ensure that the highlights work together with your current haircut and the natural pattern of growth of your hair.

Is there any difference between balayage and ombre?

People might be thinking that the method of applying balayage looks similar to the different other highlighting methods which have recently gone on to become popular. Whereas this is kind of true, however, there are certain differences that are key.

Ombre is French for “shadow” – this is a process that involves dyeing the hair in gradations from the darker tones to the light tones. The result is typically darker hair which is different from the hair’s mid-shaft to the roots and transits from the lighter colour of the hair’s mid-shaft down to the hair’s ends.

The technique is designed to appear as if the hair got dip-dyed. As mentioned previously, the meaning of balayage is to “sweep” or “paint” – which involves a process of dyeing that yields highlights that look natural.

For the balayage style, the colour gets swept through triangular, small hair sections onto a foil or a board. This results in a seamless mixture of the natural colour of the hair with highlights.

When it comes to balayage, you do not have any visible fade line between lighter and darker colours. Similarly, the darker hair is at lower parts which are used to give the hair some dimension and extra depth. Owing to its natural transition, the balayage hair usually needs less maintenance.


When it comes to balayage, the hairstylist, directly paint the dye onto their hands, which gives a natural colour blend. Alternatively, they could achieve a more drastic transition of colour when they bleach out the lower half of the hair and dyeing out the lighter part on top with foils. This latter method is a more typical method to accomplish that soft combination between both colours.

Can I get balayage on my hair?

With balayage, there are endless creative possibilities – it is up to you to decide how big you want the change to be and how brave you are. Balayage involves a gentler approach to the dyeing world, for people that have never dyed their hair. ideally, you should also consider your usual hairstyle, since this may influence whether you should choose balayage or the other style.

For instance, the balayage appears beautiful if it has been finished by using flowing, beachy waves. Whereas the straight hair or the strong bob haircut would give off an idea of a more dramatic colour blocking. Irrespective of this, you need to get with your hairstylist before you go for the appointment to make sure that you are making the right decision for your lifestyle and you.

How do you know if your hairstylist has done your balayage hair correctly?

For balayage, the primary goal is to blend seamlessly, be subtle, and be soft. Thus, pieces that are dyed are expected to be closely knitted with a soft root that thickens towards the end. The darker pieces are then left all over the ends to give the ends a look that is natural.

You should also apply your balayage only around the hair’s section surface, and should not be saturated all around – this can be achieved usually with the use of the thicker form of clay dye to help prevent harsh colour streaks.

Telling whether you have had a wrong balayage hairstyle at your salon

Whereas the balayage style is a technique that is specialized, it is essential that you visit an expert hairstylist that has the knowledge and experience in this section. Your hairstylist should apply suitable products for the colour that you aim to accomplish and this should also fit the type of hair you have. They should also know the perfect time to get the hair rinsed off.

If they rinse off the hair at an early period, they could get an incorrect hair lift, which will result in to the brassy orange colour shade. Alternatively, if you do not properly apply and place the hair dye, you could end up having a patchy balayage.

Right before you choose the hair colourist of your choice, you should check out their pages on Instagram and read up on reviews of their past clients to ensure that you have the right person to help do the job.

People that have been unlucky to get a bad balayage experience, need not worry. You could easily fix bad hair treatments with practical techniques such as toning down or root melting the colour – once more, you have to ensure that you fix a consultation time to fix all bad hairstyles.

How much do I need to maintain my balayage hair?

Whereas the two techniques need hair colorists with specialized experience as well as a higher price tag initially, one of the most massive highlights of the balayage style is the way that elegant women tend to look with little upkeep after they first get the style.

Since Balayage does not have any visible demarcation lines, this style tends to grow out beautifully and easily, without having to go for usual salon touch-ups. People who are first-timers might need about two salon visits or three to help the colour build-up, as it could become damaging to drastically lighten up the hair – at this time, it could be normal to visit the hair colourist once every six weeks.

The moment that you have gotten the perfect hair shade, it is possible to go for about 4 months till the next balayage visit. This means that you get to visit the hairstylist in between these times to get a treatment or toner to help freshen up its colour.

What is the best hair for balayage?

Balayage is a style that is suitable for most types of hair and lengths. But, those with the pixie haircut style, might want to stay off balayage (at least for now), since the hair will be too short to form the seamless highlights. Balayage most especially work well on textured, long types of hair to yield the California red carpet sun-kissed style.

What do I need to do to make my balayage hair last for a long time?

Just like with any type of hair that has been treated with colour, it is essential that the hair is protected and the right products should be used to help maintain the colour and put moisture back onto your hair between visits to the salon. It is recommended that you use sulphate-free shampoos has been recommended by the salon. This is used to ensure that you strip off the colours and the purple-colour reinforcing shampoo. This is needed to get rid of any brassy tones up till your next visit to the salon.

Ensure that you discuss with your hairstylist right before you leave the salon about the maintenance routines of your particular hairstyle. This is to ensure that you maintain your hair colour as much as you can.

Is the popularity of the balayage hairstyle just a passing trend?

Although there are numerous trends of hair that come and go, it is predicted that the balayage is a trend that will stay for a long time. because this technique for hair coloring has existed for a long time ever since it began in France, it is not expected to disappear anytime soon.

However, styles could undergo changes from sharp gradation from the dark tones to the light tones, with the subtlety of these tones, as well as the level of coolness or warmness the general effect, but, the beautiful dimension and depth that the balayage hair achieves are timeless.

Choosing Balayage: These are 7 reasons you need balayage in your life

1). Gives you a lightened style for warm seasons

For people that are in search of a little change of hair during summer and spring, the balayage could be the solution to their problems. The perfect time for you to give your hair that lighter tone and natural glow to move into the summer period is during the spring period.

Apart from seeming like you had just spent the initial part of your hair in a tropical land, the balayage has a beautiful appearance as it grows out. This gives you the freedom to change the style of your hair just the way you like. With this mentioned, this hairstyle is not suited for only summer and spring. If you paint it by using warmer, darker chocolate or blonde tones, you could seamlessly transform the balayage hairstyle to a winter and fall hairstyle.

2). Help your old highlights grow out

Do you have old foil hair highlights that are growing out of the hair? Balayage is the ideal style to help blend with these old hair highlights for you to grow out the highlights. With this, you need not constantly highlight and re-dye your hair.

3). More colour dimension

With Balayage, you get more beautiful dimensions of colour to the hair in the way that is most natural. People that are nervous/anxious about drastically changing their hair colour could use balayage as the perfect style to use in between. You know how the sun reflects both the dark and light tones in the hair which you never knew that you had in your hair? This is exactly what Balayage does, but this is done permanently.

4). It comes with a low maintenance

People do not like dyeing their hair due to the maintenance requirements. As we have mentioned previously, due to how balayage gets painted by freehand onto your hair, the dye seamlessly grows out without leaving behind harsh lines of regrowth. Thus, you get fewer salon trips and a lesser reason to re-dye the hair continuously. Investing in hair colour care products of good quality is all you need to get you set for a balayage style with little maintenance.

5). It is ideal for every type of hair

The one thing that is most liked about the balayage style is its suitability with all types of hair. Regardless of whether you have a light or dark hair colour, or you have a long, short, curly, straight, or wavy, it is most likely that balayage will be suitable for your hair if you get the right hair colourist to whip up the dye. Once you get an excellent hair colourist, they can exactly know the shades that are most suitable for the colour of your hair and the shape of your face. This enables them to create the best dye job that is unique to your style of hair.

6). Works easily on your hair

Since the balayage highlights get strategically placed all over the hair, you tend to stay away from the harshness that comes to the hair that has been bleached all over. The hair lightener that has been placed around the line of the hair and the face can brighten up the look instantly and give you a transformation that is noticeable while giving the hair minimal damage.

7). It gives fine hair a fuller and thicker look

Due to those highlights that have been placed with various colours, balayage can probably let the fine or thin hair an illusion of fullness and thickness. Furthermore, since the colour of the hair makes the shaft of the hair expand, it will make the strands of the hair thicken up physically, this leads to a general fuller hair.

Looking to give your hair the Balayage? This is what you should do before paying your hairstylist a visit.

1). Stalk your preferred hairstylist using Instagram

With the growing use of Instagram, this is currently the unofficial means for a portfolio review of many hair colorists and stylists by potential clients. This means that you know the talents of your stylists before you finally meet them. When you see that all clients have similar balayage styles, you might want to look for a different hairstylist.

Balayage is meant to be a unique style that is done on every client based on their haircut style, colour, and texture. This is the reason every first consultation with your stylists before the process is crucial.

2). Bring together inspirational videos or photos

Do you ever stop to think why salons have piles of magazines around? This is are not just trivia soft sells to help you pass the time as you sit waiting for your stylists. These magazines are usually used as references for various hairstyles. pictures are worth a thousand words, therefore, if you can show certain photos to the hairstylists about your desired colour and style, this will help them give you something very similar to your desired style.

3). Book for your consultation

It is extremely crucial to meet with your chosen hairstylist before they proceed to dye the hair. When you consult them beforehand, they advise you on the ideal shades you need to choose, and you get to feel them. Many hair salons give their clients free consultations; therefore, you should be entitled to one. The questions that can be asked include the type of balayage application that is particular to the type of hair that you have, the part that the hair bleaching or dyeing will begin from as well as the best colours for the process.

4). Dressing to look the part

Similar to hair trials for wedding ceremonies, ensure that you put on the dress and the usual makeup that you were mostly every day. With this, your hairstylists get a total feel for the style that appeals to you. They will now be able to select the right style and colour that is ideal with your frequent makeup.

5). Make sure that you sufficiently space out your hair highlights

With this, you will get an easy and smooth regrowth. Highlights which are placed excessively close together could lead to a contrast loss, which might need regular trips to your hair salon.

6). Ask for a perfect hair balance of cool and warm-toned highlights.

Brassy hair tends to look like an enemy in the world of hair, but, if you have highlights with excess cool tones, this might look nearly grey. Rather, work along with your hairdresser to find the right balance between the cool and warm-toned highlights which are compatible with your natural skin tone and hair colour.


7). Go for highlights which are between two and four shades lighter than the natural colour of hair that you have.

Anything that appears lighter might make you lose your completely natural sun-kissed appearance that you have always craved.


8). People with thicker or curly hair should go for chunkier highlights.

People with rather thick hair or curly hair could get their subtle balayage or baby lights lost with their hair type. You should ensure that your hairdresser uses the natural texture of your hair, and apply an intense balayage if it is needed.


9). Think about lowlights and highlights

Do not forget, balayage is used to create dimension and depth in the hair. Apart from achieving this by using hand-painted highlights, however, this can also be done with lowlights that are placed strategically placed.


10). Ask for a hair bond enhancer

Do you ever stop to think about the reason that the hair of celebs looking strong and healthy as they dye it constantly? When you dye the hair chemically, this changes its structure. Thus, a hair bond enhancer such as Olaplex will work to make sure that the strands of the hair stay protected as the hair is dyed. It will also stop further damage from happening to the hair.


Achieving balayage without getting the hair dyed.

Certainly, this style is possible.

People who are hesitant about dyeing their hair can easily achieve this style with some hair clip-in extensions that have been placed strategically. Remember what we discussed previously, that you need to change the hair from the short to the lengthy textured, beachy waves?

For the Luxy Hair, you get a complete range of balayage extensions that can be used to get a beautiful and excellently natural balayage style in just a matter of minutes. You can get every type of balayage hair clip-in extensions with the Seamless line, along with the silicone base.

With this, you ensure that the extensions lie flat against its head without having any more bulk around the roots. The balayage hair clip-in extensions are an excellent way to try out the balayage before you go ahead to dye it. They can also be kept for a special night event to help you change your appearance within minutes.


Getting balayage at home.

Are you nervous by the thought of dyeing your hair, or you could not get to your hairstylist? You could perfectly get the balayage hair by using hair extensions in the home instead of going to the salon. The ideal way to get this appearance is to match the natural colour of hair to the base colour shade which the balayage hair clip-in extension has. This is used to add dimensions and colour instantly to natural hair.


Other options there are instead of balayage

We have spent a lot of time discussing balayage, however, we have a few other substitutes for people looking to try on different styles.


The Sombre

The sombre is used to achieve a lesser contrast hue between dark and light, with the addition of the softer blend – which, basically is a “softer ombre.”  The sombre begins higher at its head and very close to its roots. While having certain highlights that nearly reaches the hair’s root to get the softer colour gradation and a transition that looks more natural. Rather than simply applying your hair lightener, the hair colourist is also able to include much darker tones of colour that look like the natural colours of your hair. this is used to get a more look that is natural and to add more depth.


Baby lights

Just picture the baby lights to be more like the balayage lite. The baby lights are quite delicate highlights that are applied across the face to look like the subtle colour dimension that is seen usually in the hair of children. Baby lights are usually the most subtle form of the hair highlight which are placed only in little, strategic sections that are used to create dimension.

The highlights tend to grow out more naturally and easily, similar to balayage but without making any serious commitments.

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