Several of our clients have asked us this interesting question.  🙂

Are you able to transit a traditional highlights to balayage?

YES, highlights to balayage transition can be done!

You can change your traditional highlights look to a balayage finishing no matter if the highlights were performed with a foil, cap or comb.

Balayage technique involves bleaching by layers or streaks and hence its previous traditional highlights are certainly suitable for this transition.

highlights to balayage transition 2

What is a Balayage?

Balayage is a worldwide trend for freehand painting highlights that can be performed in all tones, from blonde to fantasy colours like pink and green.

It involves fading the dye from its middle to the ends, without touching the roots grow out.

This fading color effect can be achieved by bleaching. Thushighlights are an appropriate base for this balayage technique.

It can be done in many ways, but every colourist perform the ways that are familiar to them.

Use a comb, a foil or a brush.

If you are considering to transit from highlights to balayage finishing, you have to let your hair grow out as long as possible. With the growth/roots of 5-10 cm, it will be a lot easier.

How to Choose the Best Balayage Tone for Your Hair

You can use the balayage technique, or fade to achieve different colour tones.

For brunettes, you can opt for a chocolate roots and the length can be finished off in a honey tones.  These tones work well for those with darker skin.

For blondes, you can use a honey tone for the roots and a blonde color tone for the lengths which will look great with lighter skin.

It will be easier to tone the hair because it was bleached previously during the highlights process.

Lastly, you can also opt for a contrasting balayage. This is when the tones are swapped.

For instance, we can apply black hues to the roots to form shadow roots effect, and in the length we use the platinum or gray shades to provide the contrasting effect.

Balayage is also a beautiful way to show off any fantasy colors.

highlights to balayage transition 2

What You Should Do Before Any Hair Colour Application

To ensure that the condition of your hair is able to withstand the chemical effect of highlights or balayage and bleaching process, it’s important to do a strand test on your hair.

The strand test is performed by applying the color to a piece of hair and then wait a while to see what is the reaction and final results. If your hair responds well to the test, you can proceed with the balayage. It is better to wait until your hair has responded positively to the strand test.

You can also apply deep hydrating treatment to your hair while you wait so your hair starts to recover.

Choosing the Best Hair Salon for the Highlights to Balayage Transition

You should pay attention to the certain details when choosing a salon for this highlights to balayage transition.

Hygiene is important especially during this COVID situation. Make sure everything is clean and well organized. All tools should be disinfected when necessary. The hairdressers have to present themselves professionally that will naturally help to build your confidence.

It is good to understand the brands of the salon products that are used on you.

We often go to the hair salon believing that they are professionals and will always provide the best services and products for us, but this is not always the case. Some hair salons often lower the quality and standard of their products and services to cut costs especially during this negative economic situation.

Make sure you perform enough research and due diligence to only choose salons that use dyes and products made by well-respected brands.

The colourist must be familiar and experience with the freehand painting balayage technique. However, there are still many clients who end up with hair disasters.

This is often because most salons are only familiar with the traditional or classic highlighting techniques. There are limited salons which have colourists who are professionally trained in balayage techniques.

Even for some colourists who are balayage trained, it may take them years to build the great sense of balayage dimension, shadows and depth. It is better to ask the salons or the colourists questions specifically about the balayage techniques to build the faith in them doing your hair.

Talk to others who have been through this experience. Although it’s a flattering technique and it can take some time for your colourist to achieve the perfect balayage look. You could spend up to 3 hours depending on your color and other factors.


Get excited! Balayage is the most popular freehand painting technique now and hence it is not uncommon for clients to request to transit their traditional highlights finishing to a balayage finishing.

Unlike highlights, balayage doesn’t require monthly maintenance, it doesn’t get as much damaged chemically, and it’s very versatile.

There are many tones to choose from, and you can find thousands of images online so that you can see this balayage trend comes together.