Babylights Singapore is the Latest Trends Among Celebrities!


Every now and then, we have several clients trying to explain the desired hair colour they would love to achieve. In the present hairdressing fashion world, there too many varying state-of-art techniques, used to entail totally different outlooks with shades and colours.


Hereby we will explain the most sought-after advanced hair colouring techniques at the moment, so that your next visit to the salon, you and your hairdresser or your colourist can be on the same frequency.

balayage singapore


Balayage is a simple French word which mean to “sweep” or to “paint”, and it entails a very soft natural result. This well-known technique is meant to imitate a children hair that is lightened on the mid length and ends by summer sun.

For instance, on a base with a natural soft brown hair colour, then the surface and the tips being much lighter and around the face.

Balayage is basically a “freehand” technique which will need to use a paddle spatula for painting dyes direct on to the hair.

It has been a top trend till now due to the A list of celebrities that are now leading this trend so well.

This technique is also ideally work well for ladies who want a low cost and maintenance colour technique and which also allow their hair to take a break from all the full head foil highlights.

Ombre hair color


Ombre is another French word which means “shaded” or “shading”. This looks present a darker root which will then follow by a gradual fade to lighter hair ends.

The Ombre word is presently not only being used in the hairdressing world, but also extends over to the beauty skin world which has created creative Ombre names like “Ombre lips” and “nails”

This Ombre technique is a amazing method of darkening the hair down if it has gone to light and it will provide the hair with some depth, but please do take note that if you are those being all over blonde for long, then having dark roots may take you some time for adjustment and get used to the new image.

Ombre is the easiest to maintain without trading off the great looks. Thus many people presently enjoy have fun with some pinks and purple creative fashion colours, for a bold funky look at periodical happening moments.

babylights singapore

Baby Lights

Baby lights are in simple terms are just “SUPER FINE” highlights that are heavily weaved and put in to many foils, and this technique have taken a huge frenzy during the recent summer. It seems the two other techniques that are older and people have been wearing too much for the last two years, and they may be ready for the time for a transition and change.

Hence, Baby Lights is most commonly technique applied on clients who has had Ombre or Balayage and would like to have more highlights near the roots of the hair which these can be placed in with Foils or Meche.

The effects are so fine and natural looking and still there are some shade with babylights technique but it just breaks up the two tone effects.

All of these three techniques as elaborated and explained are perfect when hair regrowth and if the techniques are done correctly and properly, the hair should grow out beautifully.



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