Attention curly girls! Do you want to experiment with hair colour but not damage your natural hair texture? Highlights for curly hair are a great way to add colour to your locks and bring out the natural beauty of your luscious curls with the stunning pops. Find out which highlights work best for you and learn which techniques to use. Also, how to prepare your hair to prevent damage.

Basic of Curly Hair Highlights

The chemicals used in colour processing can cause hair to become less curly and tighter. Highlights are a gentler method of colouring your hair than all-over dye. Under the hands of the right professionals, highlights also usually do not cause harm to curly hair. Highlighting is often the best colour technique for curly hair.

No matter what types of curls you have such as loose, springy, coily, or kinky, dyeing your hair requires extra attention and care. If you do it right, you will leave the salon with the best hair colour dimensions for months or till the next retouch. Of course the perfect vetted professional and a hair-colour inspiration on your phone is very important. Before you go to the salon, consider your curl texture. This includes its elasticity and density as well as moisture. Theoretically, the hair tends to lift and lighten faster if it is drier. However, it can also take longer to absorb and hold onto pigment. You can lighten your curls by lifting them slower or over multiple sessions. You should take your time and lift slowly. If you want to lighten, it is best to use a bond-builder to ensure the health of your curls. Make sure you use curly hair products that add strength and moisture.

Balayage on Natural Curls

Balayage is certainly a very popular colour technique that known for its natural appearance due to the flawless blend of colours. Balayage is a technique that is well proven to work for curly hair. The hand-crafting method allows you to improve the texture of your hair with the eyes of a painter. This is a gentler and more natural way to highlight curls. To add depth, some balayage experts recommend a mixture of open air balayage with demi-permanent hair colour. Although the demi formula was very close to natural hair colour, it added richness and low maintenance as there will not result in any demarcation lines when the hair grows.

Curly Hair Pintura Technique 

Pintura highlights is another well-known technique to get highlights for curly hair. Pintura highlights is a Brazilian Portuguese term that means “painting” which is very similar to balayage. Pintura technique tend to use more colour because tight curls don’t reflect much light as compared to straight or wavy hair. To create beautiful and shimmery highlights, colour is swept from the tips upwards, paying attention to the directions that lights will fall onto naturally. This most important is that this technique is the healthiest for curly hair because it doesn’t involve heat or foil.


A professional and experience curly hair specialist can help you avoid curls damage caused during the curly hair balayage or pintura process. They should also ensure you have the healthiest and shiny curls when you leave the salon. A good tip is to make sure your hair is healthy after your curly hair balayage is to use a good conditioner to ensure your curls is healthy and nourished. Follow up with a good curly hair-care routine. Balayage can last approximately 12 weeks if the curls are well-maintained with the right colour safe hair products. This beautiful transition looks fantastic on all hair types. However, it is particularly impressive on a curly balayage hairstyle. Curly hair has a unique advantage in terms of hair texture and balayage: All seams are hidden with the ringlets resulting in sheer natural-looking appearance.

We have broken down our curly hair balayage roundup done by our curly hair specialists to help inspire you, wherever you may be in your curly hair colour journey. Read on:

curly hair balayage

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curly hair balayage