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Balayage was invented in late 1970s. It is a French technique for hair colouring that uses a free-handed style rather than the traditional foils. Balayage has made a comeback in the recent years thanks to social media’s boom. The low-maintenance and minimal harsh growth lines that accompany with the sweeping or painted look have resulted it to be a highly desired grown-out style.


Balayage is basically using free hand to paint the colour on the hair that will result in a more natural effect that is well-blended with beautiful gradient. It also sought to give a sun-kissed and natural tone which adds dimensions and motions to your hair. Everyone balayage is unique – every tone, highlights, lowlights, the number of pieces that are painted on the hair is custom for every individual.

Do you wish to try out balayage and incorporate more natural colours to your hair? Balayage can achieve amazing results on both light and dark hair. Balayage can also be applied on short hair such as pixie or bob haircuts. Be it you have yearned for a soft or striking outlook, and apply it in a fashion that looks natural to frame the face and enhanced your features or your are colouring your hair for the very first time or even putting more tones to a existing base colour, we can certainly achieve a bespoke colour for you personally. This technique is also great for adding dimension to a brunette while keeping the depth.

The concept of this well-sought after technique is about grown out and slightly unkempt look. Balayage image is of low maintenance and there is hardly a need for monthly touch-up. Thus if you have a busy schedule who cannot make it to the salon frequently to touch-up your colour, but still wish to have colour in their hair, balayage is certainly the right technique for you. Balayage hair will grow out gracefully as the shades are closer to your base colour that is natural and will lighten naturally as time goes by.

Full Balayage vs. Partial Balayage

The hint is in its name, partial balayage means lightening just part of the hair which concentrate on streaks of lightener — we all adore Blondor Freelights — via the upper layer or face-framing region only. The entails a more subtle balayage results as it is much simpler and less time consuming than the classic full balayage which requires to highlight all layers of hair via freehand.

With the advantage of less time consuming and more cost effective, the finishing results of partial balayage may appear less natural and flattering to some customer as compared to full balayage. Nevertheless, partial balayage permits the colourist, to find out the bits which will best improve the customer’s unique capabilities. All of balayage is bespoke, however opting to get a partial balayage means you may actually home in on the regions which is likely to make their hair and complexion shine. What can be better?

A partial balayage technically refers to your colourist focusing the freehand lightener on just one area, either the front or top layers. For full balayage, the colourist will concentrate the stroke lightening process throughout all parts of your hair which includes the upper and bottom layers. Both the finishing appearance and techniques varies, with full balayage will definitely entail a more noticeable enhanced colour lift and natural appearance, whereas partial balayage adding only streaks of brightness, simply just like a beam of light shining on the mid-lengths and endings.

What is the difference between partial highlights and partial balayage?

Partial classic highlights, also referred to as subtle placement highlights, are very much like partial balayage because they are merely applied to certain layers or sections of their hair — not distributed evenly around. But while classic highlights usually adhere to a root-to-tip standard application, balayage is using freehand by sweeping at a painterly manner. Both entail a delightfully delicate bit of brightness. Classic highlights often targets the full uniform shaft of hair which includes the roots for a more harmonious elegant look and balayage is the go-to for subtle regrowth and also a sun-swept effect.

Our Full Balayage demonstrations

Hera Hair Beauty’s Partial Balayage demonstrations


‘Ribbon lighting’ or ‘Balayage Ribboning’ is also a full head balayage technique. However, this involves dyeing larger amounts of hair so that they look like floating ribbons of color. This is in contrast to the lines or streaks some highlighting techniques can produce. Balayage ribboning is the exact way it was meant to be for the classic balayage. You may not know that the UK’s ‘thin’ and fine highlights are actually a modified version of the original French technique, which has been around for over 60 years. Chunky is not something that the French fearful of. Because we love the classic look that ribboned balayage able to enhance and lend the hair as well as we have always made it for some of our clients.

Hera Hair Beauty’s AirTouch Balayage Demonstrations


The AirTouch technique is exceptional in that it utilizes air, instead of classic teasing and back-combing, to attain a seamless blending of colours. To achieve this outcome, hair can be parted to segments and highlighted in foils or transparent film, instead of the free hand methods which are utilized when performing balayage or ombre. The segments of hair are subsequently worked in a far more diagonal style, as opposed to the conventional linear highlights which have been so well-known for the last couple of years.  Do not fret if you have not been aware of the most recent and hottest trend in hair colouring. Here in Hera Hair Beauty salon in Singapore, we surely embrace this Balayage AirTouch technique.

Hera Hair Beauty’s AirTouch Balayage Demonstrations

Balayage’s Shadow Root vs Root Smudge (Root Stretch)

It can be argued that the popularity of shadow root and root smudge arose from the same trends as balayage’s dominance. Both root techniques can be used to “finish off” the foilyage or balayage because they work well together. What is the

Difference between Shadow Root and Root Smudge (or Root Stretch)

Root smudging is a technique that blurs the demarcation lines. This involves applying a colour near to the roots of the client and “smudging” it into their hair shaft. This allows for a smoother soft transition between the roots and the hair that is lightened. The objective is to blur the lines and create a seamless blending that it is frequent employed in the foiling technique. Root smudging is most suitable for clients who want to create a blended root after foiling or simply desire a seamless blending. This technique can be used to enhance the depth or change the tone of client who isn’t happy with their natural tone. This can be used on some clients, particularly blondes, to blend and cover grays and make them a little more soft.

A shadow root is a technique that is used to customize colour and attain an ideal blend after lightening. The shadow root, which is similar to a root smudge reduces the harsh line of demarcation between root and lightened hair. However, the key difference is that the levels of the natural and the lightened areas are often very different. The shadow root is usually much darker and has a more dramatic “root and shaft shade”  difference than a root smudge.

Shadow Root vs Smudge Root (Stretched Root)


Indisputably, balayage technique is suitable on all lengths of hair, although the colour will perfectly suit and blend in more naturally to clients with medium to long hair as such length allows the colour gradient to blend more naturally to the texture of longer hair. However, balayage is also a great hair colouring technique for people with a short haircut such as a lob, bob or even pixie and money pieces is very crucial. It is able to frame the face and gives the haircut the additional dimension, texture and movement with a modern edge usually needed for short hair. We shall share with you some of our stunning balayage for short hair that will certainly make your look pop!


Your hair will be sectioned by your colourist and the dyes after mixed will be applied with “freehand” onto the top of the hair with a brush. The dyes will be generously applied within the mid to end of your hair lengths, entailing the colours transition from root to tip of the hair!

This balayage of free-hand application will certainly make that the highlights look streak-free and natural, as conventional foils are not purposefully placed during the process. The whole balayage processing time normally will take 40 minutes or more as it depends on the type of hair and the desired hair colour. Thereafter, the hair will be rinsed followed by a toner application to achieve your ultimate hair colour.


If you are looking for a natural hair colour tresses, please do not hesitate any further as Balayage will just be the perfect hair technique for you. This is a robustness technique that is suitable for clients who wish to try out with different hair shades, or it will be wise to start out with subtle and soft. For subsequent appointments, you can go for warmer or cooler tones with the colours for a softer or more dramatic outlook.

Furthermore, Balayage works miracle in covering grey hairs without the traditional needs to apply full head of colour, thus more cost effective especially it work perfect for those medium to long hair.


After your balayage, the next aim is to ensure that your colour stays vibrant and lasts for longer and the X-factor is to have the right treatment and the ultimate approach if to use a good colour protecting shampoo and conditioner.

In Hera Hair Beauty, we strongly recommend Olaplex treatment for any hair colour services and Olaplex is a bond multiplier which permeate into the hair body to connect internal broken bonds resulted from the usual negative effect of hair colour, bleaching, flat irons and curlers etc. It is most ideally to have this Olaplex treatment to be done before, during and after your hair colour service to further nourish and strengthen your hair from the inside out.


If you have a nightmarish hair colour experience or your re-growth needs professional attention, please visit us to have one of our hairdresser to perform a colour correction and watch your hair transforms into its natural beauty with Balayage.

Balayage colour corrections


We offer 100% guarantee on all services within 7 days after they were performed. We will either re-do the service to your satisfaction,
or provide full refund to you if you have paid for the service.