Balayage Singapore

Balayage simply means to ‘sweep’ in French! This is a free-hand hair colour technique that entails natural looking highlights with minimal noticeable re-growth hair lines and it is presently one of the most in-demand advanced hair colouring techniques being sought after by our clients.

The classic foils highlighting technique will result in the highlights being strategically placed across the top of the head and around the face. We will propose balayage to our clients who are desiring a more natural hair colour look that a holiday in the sun will provide.


Balayage basically involves painting the colour onto the hair free-hand, developing a natural colour that is well-blended with beautiful gradient. It creates a subtle, sun-kissed look which add motions and proportions to your locks.

These natural highlights are certainly few shades lighter than the particular tone of one’s hair colour, and effortlessly transition from root to tip without that streaky, saturated look, thus achieving those delicate beach tones that you ever dream of. It is a state-of-art technique that is less time consuming and makes it possible for you to create a bespoke colour suited to you!

Do you wish to test out balayage and introduce more natural colours to your hair? Balayage can achieve amazing results on both dark and light tones hair. Be it you have yearned for a soft or striking outlook, and apply it in a fashion that looks natural to frame the face and enhanced your features or your are colouring your hair for the very first time or even putting more tones to a existing base colour, your hairdresser can certainly achieve a bespoke colour for you personally.

The concept of this well-sought after technique is about grown out and slightly unkempt hair. Balayage image is of low maintenance and there is hardly a need for monthly touch-up. Thus if you have a busy schedule who cannot make it to the salon frequently to touch-up your colour, but still wish to have colour in their hair, balayage is certainly the right technique for you. Balayage hair will grow out gracefully as the shades are closer to your base colour that is natural and will lighten naturally as time goes by.


Indisputably, balayage technique is suitable on all lengths of hair, however, the colour will perfectly suit and blend in more naturally to clients with medium to long hair as such length allows the colour gradient to blend more naturally to the texture of longer hair.

Do you dream of having lustrous thick hair as always seen on shampoo advertisement? Balayage certainly able to generate the effect that the hair on your head is thicker at underneath, as your hairdresser applied the highlights from thin to thick using a unique “balayage” brush entailing the multi-dimension in your hair.

balayage singapore

Sun-Kissed and Golden Balayage demonstrations


Please bear in mind that Balayage is not just for having a sun-kissed summer golden outlook. This technique is commonly employed for creative and fashion colours that entails vivid and vibrant looks such as bold red tones or dreamy pastel hues that is very popular in Singapore.

balayage singapore

Red, pink and orange balayage


Your hair will be sectioned by your hairdresser and the dyes after mixed will be applied with “freehand” onto the top of the hair with a brush. The dyes will be generously applied within the mid to end of your hair lengths, entailing the colours transition from root to tip of the hair!

This balayage of free-hand application will certainly make that the highlights look streak-free and natural, as conventional foils are not purposefully placed during the process. The whole balayage processing time normally will take 40 minutes or more as it depends on the type of hair and the desired hair colour. Thereafter, the hair will be rinsed followed by a toner application to achieve your ultimate hair colour.


If you are looking for a natural hair colour tresses, please do not hesitate any further as Balayage will just be the perfect hair technique for you. This is a robustness technique that is suitable for clients who wish to try out with different hair shades, or it will be wise to start out with subtle and soft. For subsequent appointments, you can go for warmer or cooler tones with the colours for a softer or more dramatic outlook.

Furthermore, Balayage works miracle in covering grey hairs without the traditional needs to apply full head of colour, thus more cost effective especially it work perfect for those medium to long hair.

balayage singapore

Intriguing Brunette Balayage


After your balayage, the next aim is to ensure that your colour stays vibrant and lasts for longer and the X-factor is to have the right treatment and the ultimate approach if to use a good colour protecting shampoo and conditioner.

In Hera Hair Beauty, we strongly recommend Olaplex treatment for any hair colour services and Olaplex is a bond multiplier which permeate into the hair body to connect internal broken bonds resulted from the usual negative effect of hair colour, bleaching, flat irons and curlers etc. It is most ideally to have this Olaplex treatment to be done before, during and after your hair colour service to further nourish and strengthen your hair from the inside out.


If you have a nightmarish hair colour experience or your re-growth needs professional attention, please visit us to have one of our hairdresser to perform a colour correction and watch your hair transforms into its natural beauty with Balayage.

balayage singapore

Balayage colour corrections


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