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Where are the naturally curly hair women? Should you raised your hand ✋ then you certainly must test these out stunning photos of curls that are layered. Adding layers to curly hair is really a excellent solution to retain the form of your own hair and boost definition. And as always, layering your own hair will bring texture and volume and produce more movement. Layered hair cuts for curly hair hair works together almost any hair size and face-shape, nevertheless, you are going to want to check over those photos and reveal your favourite ones into your own stylist so as to think of the great layered curled hair for your own features.

Probably the most popular buzz talk on the web is “which are the very best curly hair cuts”.

Here is what we presume will be the most useful hair thinning methods and styles to curly hair thinning hair, and some popular techniques to cut curly hair we believe that you ought to avoid at any cost.

THE Finest Hair-cuts FOR Curly Hair

Strategies FOR A Fantastic CURLY HAIRCUT1. YOU Do Not Frequently NEED to visit A CURLY hair SPECIALIST

Indeed, there are various standards that hair dressers are trained in, while visiting a curly haired hair pro might help, it will not necessarily assured that you will definitely receive yourself a excellent hair cut.

Many curly haired training skills appear to become a bit obsolete. Therefore going to observe a hair dresser that chooses the opportunity to obey you and know that your curly hair is a lot more valuable than the specific specialist.



From the haircut technical perspective, it’s fairly normal to cut hair if it is wet. There will be definitely more movement during a dry curly hair cut. This is really where your hair will be cut “curl by curl”. Hence, for both methods, there are pros and cons. Personally, we prefer wet cuts due to the fact that the results are more even and it provides the hairdressers the versatility. And because in dry cut, the curls are always not precisely the same and the results may be something irregular.

Determined by every individual own curl shape, the preferred methods may be different.


This design of curly hair is named DevaCut which was launched from the “Deva series of salons in the New York”. This was formalised by Lorraine Massey within her publication “Curly Girl”. This method is a dry-cut technique in which they will precision cut your hair “curl by curl” and also analyzing your curly hair as they move.

The good thing about this Deva-cut is that it’s less risk of you’ll end up getting a curly haircut that too short as it takes into account how in which the manner that curls will shrink after they become dry.

But when you have far thicker hair with also your curls may differ everyday, this kind of trimming produces an extremely uneven and irregular outcome. It is often a rather time consuming procedure and such curly hair specialist may charge more expensive for this kind of appointment.



The “Ouidad” methods of curly haircut (pronounced “wee-dad”) features a type of hybrid theory. They focus on a wet-cut, then cutting your curls to design your own hair into shapes. Subsequently they will dry-cut and then also do a re-check and cut when it’s eventually dry.

Most hair dressers follow with this fashion of procedure — or along those lines, if your hair is straight or curly. Cutting it wet and , once its dry, re checking to ensure its precise and even seems to take the advantage sense.

We actually don’t observe this procedure mentioned just as far on the web, though we believe that it will get an even versatile hair cut which may suits several unique kinds of curls hair and — styles generally.



Should you’ve seen these kind of unique scissors in the salon or needed them for your own hair, then you know instantly that why you should be saying no to such thinning scissors. Highly well known from the’80s for this Farrah Fawcett movie, these aren’t the sort of scissors you need to trim the volume of thick curly hair. These thinning scissors include a blade that has a normal retractable blade along with a “comb-like blade” on the opposing hand. They cut half of the hair since they move through.

While they’ll thin your own hair, they’ll even leave it appearing very nice on the endings, which is able to get your hair seem shinier and thin.

THE’Uni-Corn CUT’

We have seen this said alot on YouTube recently and also a large amount of curled girls from the discussion on having a home hair cut by performing a’unicorn cut’.

We really don’t want to get to it because we really don’t desire to encourage one to get such a haircut, but in short, this is everything you can do: about put all of the hair up like a pony tail on the top of one’s face and cut directly .

The notion of this methods will be always to create a dry hair cut where most the layers would be exactly the exact same length. The majority of the time, however, it’s rather tricky to cut your hair equally — and sometimes maybe some one else if you aren’t even a trained hair dresser.

What you will be ended up with some thing which looks a lot more like a mullet. Try this at your own personal risk.


There are reasons why hairstyling scissors will cost tens of thousands of dollars. They truly are incredibly sharp plus so they’re a precision tool.

Do not presume you’re able to execute a home hair cut or trimming your split ends in the comfort of your home with a normal set of scissors. There will be a strong likelihood to create even more serious split-ends using blunt scissors which are not incredibly sharp.

Scissors that are blunt will result in a blunt border in your own hair strands, that may consequently cause more split-ends.

In Singapore, hair dressers perform a few decades of apprenticeship training, and thus do not discredit their job by wanting to do yourself in your home using a YouTube Video.