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These four fundamental haircut designs are the foundation for all haircuts

Blunt Haircut (Zero Degree Elevation)

  1. One length haircut, ends hang together
  2. Creates a weight line or “visual line”
  3. Zero-degree elevation cut or No Elevation Cut
  4. Cutting line can be horizontal, vertical, rounded, or diagonal
  5. Excellent for finer and thinner hair
  6. During haircut, please keep your head upright and straight.
  7. Your hairdresser will hold the sections either with fingers or using the comb.
  8. If you have very long hair, the hairdresser will have you to stand up while they will sit on a cutting stool for precision cut.

Graduated / Wedge Haircut 

  1. Graduated shape or wedge
  2. Results from using tension, low to medium elevation, or over-direction
  3. Most common elevation 45 degrees


Layered Haircut

  1. Graduated effect achieved by cutting with elevation or over-direction
  2. Generally have less weight than graduated haircuts
  3. Ends appear farther apart
  4. Can be created with a stationary or traveling guide


Long Layered Haircut

  1. Cut at 180 degrees
  2. Gives more volume to hairstyles
  3. Can be combined with other haircuts
  4. Shorter layers at the top, with increasingly longer layers at the bottom

Your hairdressers should always take consistent and clean hair partings during your haircut with consistent tension and paying attention to your head position. It is also important for them to maintain an even amount of moisture in the hair and cross check the haircut on both sides while using the mirror to see the elevation.


Other Blunt Haircuts

The classic A-line Bob (with Diagonal cutting line)


Blunt cut with bangs (with Horizontal cutting line)


Blunt cut on curly hair (The hair will naturally “graduate itself when dry)


Classic Blunt cut pageboy or “bowl” (curved perimeter using a combination of horizontal & curved lines)


Other Graduated Haircuts

Graduated haircuts typically sight a center hair parting although side part or bangs can still be applicable. The graduated haircuts weight lines or visual lines can look diagonal or rounded.


Other Layered Haircuts

Layered haircut is precision cut with elevation of 90deg and above and such haircuts have less weight than graduated haircuts. The hair ends of layered haircuts tend to appear farther apart.


Short Layered Haircuts (The “Pixie” or “Caesar” look)


Shag Haircuts

Shag haircut involves cutting uniform layers at the top with the side and back at elevation straight up to 180deg and blending to top lengths.


Long Layered Haircuts

Long layered haircut is most suitable for ladies who want groove and movement while keeping the great length of their hair.


Cutting Curly Hair

Curly hair behaves in its own unique way especially after it is dried. Ladies will get very different results with curly and straight even when the haircut is at the same angles. Curly blunt cuts will appear graduated when the hair drys.


Now Let’s Look at Different Types of Bangs!

Layered Bang


Short Bang


Long Bang


Wispy Bang


Hera’s Best Haircut Singapore Ideas

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