The Best Haircut in Singapore – Where to Get Them?

There is Something wonderful about matters that can make it through the trials and tribulations of time with no scratch. It demonstrates not only are they here to stay, but which they’re a cut above the rest. Require hairstyles, for instance. In the event you had to pick between a traditional bob and also a feathered mullet, what type would you pick? Exactly.

There Are some traditional hair cuts which just don’t neglect, every year, decade after decade. These fashions have managed to produce it on the roster of legendary beauty heavy hitters that’ll not be retiring any time in the future. Whether you want a short cut or want more locks, these basic hairstyles may offer you what you require without another notion –because they’ll never go out of style.


Perfect Pixie

It is Chic, ageless, as tasteful as it’s. We love a female that isn’t scared to kick long locks to the curb to get a simply perfect pixie. We’re getting big Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow believes out of this cut.


Classic Bob

Now you Can’t defeat a classic bob–ever. When we had to pick one MVP in the underwear world, it would always be the bob. Keeping it simple with minimal layers and glossy locks makes it about the easiest cut to have that is always on tendency.


Side-Swept Bangs

We Really like a short side-swept bang to provide some personality and fun to some cut without a lot of hassle. Our favorite leading lady, Reese Witherspoon, knows the ability of this haircut, and it has rocked it for years.


Layered Crop

Jane Fonda takes the cake to get this classic harvest style. Loads of layers add mega-volume, particularly if you have some hair spray on hand (as all Southern ladies do). This trimming is full of style, however low maintenance enough to make it a lasting go-to.




The Various lengths, hair texture, and face shapes use the design style, and also the ultra-layered look, most often with a centre area and bangs, frames the face area and looks instantly cool. Stevie Nicks is one of our favourite ladies to stone this style for a time.



French Bob

This Deviation from the classic Rolex gives Western, mussed effortlessness which makes you the point of curiosity about any room, solidifying this like a traditional cut from any standard. Often accompanied with brief temptations, the French bob is mostly about looking unkempt and put-together at the same moment. From drifting round the Louvre for attending a swanky partythis cut works to it all.



Bold Pixie

This Tousled cut exudes confidence and just a little sassiness for the daring girl. The piled volume gives life and energy into the super short style.


Blunt Lob

This Popular cut is newer on the hair scene, but it’s bound to be an age-old classic. The blunt ends, glossy feel, and also face-framing shape look chic and amazing. Every time we see this cut, it leaves us want to journey to the salon ASAP.



Full Bangs

Full Bangs will always withstand trends and time. They truly are the easiest way to look charming and stylish whatever your hair type or span, but we can’t get enough of dull or thick bangs on long hair.



Center-Parted & Layerless

Now you Can not get simpler than this one-length long cut, and that’s probably why it is a classic selection. A center part gives it a small poise and frames the face area. For those who have naturally straight or thin hair, this particular cut makes it possible to utilize it instead of try to alter it.


Side-Swept Crop

This Style is simple, elegant, and fresh all at one time. This harvest with smooth side-swept bangs and deep negative facet is great for highlighting the cheek bones (and oval faces particularly!) . It’s today’s, mature cut which we just love.


Curls Gone Wild

Ladies Are allowing their curls move crazy, and we can not get over how bold and fun the natural curl looks. Curly-haired girls have not always had the many tools and products we now have to switch things up, therefore au naturel could be your original icon, really. When trimming for a curled’do, you need to have plenty of layers to create the hair lighter and able to get some good fantastic volume.


A Lot of Layers

Our Go-to keyword when sitting in that salon chair? Layers. There is a reason they are the universal trick to voluminous, defined, and hair thinning hair–and that’s because they rarely neglect us. We like to believe that this is simply an even modern variant of this”Rachel” cut!


Royal Volume

Duchess Kate has got stolen the title for imperial beauty and elegance. Her hair has rocked the world, appearance after appearance; and women follow her own hair changes closer than we follow our mama’s biscuit recipe. Her own hair is going to become classic in its own right.


Center-Parted Bangs

Brigitte Bardot made this cut iconic. Center-parted bangs grab attention and look absolutely glamorous. We love putting some significant volume within this style for much more personality. You ought to stagger more layers down across the face area, therefore that the bangs may combine.


Angled Bob

This Bob is ever-popular as a result of the way it’s piled in the rear and angled at the front towards the surface, which makes it incredibly flattering on many women. The definition that the angled clip gives works equally to face-framing layers, however on a cut. Bangs or no bangs–that’s up to you!


Mid-Length with Sudden Waves

This Cut is more concerning the lady who’s wearing it. She’s laidback, low care, And stylish; so she desires her scarf to be too. For supreme waves and body, Keeping the cut right below the shoulders is best. As usual, throw a few layers in!

Look No Further!

You do not have to construct your glam group from ground up in your beck and call like these actors merely to achieve the ideal hairstyle. Best haircuts are accomplished through picking only the very best hair pros – an experienced stylist along with a salon that is well equipped and is particular about customers’ needs and preferences.

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With this listing, we hope you find the very best one that suits your own perfectly! Go ahead and take the plunge! You are reading this now since you know that your hair needs a makeover. Reserve a consultation here!