In search of your next hair colour? Blonde is always going to be a winner, but where do you start? Blonde hair colour is tied with radiant beauty for a reason. The shades on the blonde spectrum of the colour wheel are an easy way to feel lighter, get in the mood for springtime, or simply give yourself a makeover. From Old Hollywood golden blonde to cutting edge platinum blonde, there’s a blonde shade to match every personality. Hera Hair Beauty has plenty of blonde hair colour shades to fit every skin tone. Ahead, the most popular blonde hair colours.

Platinum Blonde Hair
Platinum Blonde HairThis Look Brings Platinum Blonde Perfection To Life
Platinum blonde hair color is the lightest of all the blonde shades, and is best on fair skin tones or medium skin tones with a yellowish tint. But this palest of blonde hues looks fabulous with any eye color, and is particularly striking with bright blue or brown eyes.
Creamy Blonde Hair
Creamy Blonde HairLight, creamy blonde hair colour
Creamy blonde hair colour is a cool, whiter shade of blonde that looks best on medium to dark skin tones with darker eye colors such as brown or black. A cream and butter balayage highlights over your darker roots is a perfect blonde hair colour for dark hair.
Silver Ash Blonde Hair
Silver Ash Blonde HairSilver blonde hair color is a cool, ashy shade
Best on lighter complexions and light eye colors such as blue or green, this shade is a fabulous option for naturally graying hair. For darker complexions or eye colors, add some warm honey tones to avoid looking washed out.
Golden Ash Blonde Hair
Golden Ash Blonde HairMix of butter, gold and honey hue
Golden blonde hair color is a natural-looking, multidimensional mix of butter, gold and honey hues that looks beautiful paired with fair complexions and lighter eye colors such as pale blue or hazel. This natural-looking sun-kissed blonde color is best achieved with balayage highlighting.
Beige Blonde Hair
Beige Blonde HairA darker base with lighter, cooler highlights.
Beige blonde hair colour is best on medium skin tones; just be sure to maintain some warmer tones to match your skin if necessary. Ashy or orange-ish tones could make you look washed out. This is a terrific option for those with darker natural hair color and darker eye colors.

Sandy Blonde Hair
Sandy Blonde HairSandy blonde hair is quite a rich shade of blonde with a subtle warmth.
This blonde shade pairs best with fair skin tones and light eyes such as blue, hazel or violet. For a lovely sandy blonde look, ask your colorist for a dark blonde base with cool, beige–toned balayage highlights on the mid-lengths and ends.
Natural Blonde Hair
Natural Blonde HairThis baby blonde color is multidimensional
Natural blonde hair color is as it sounds: blonde hair that looks like you were born with it. This looks great on any skin tone, as long as the shades mimic skin color: i.e., for lighter skin, keep the color shades lighter, and for darker skin, darken up the shades to keep it natural-looking.
Light Blonde Hair
Light Blonde HairLight Blonde Hair with pearly tones
All eye colors look great as light blondes, especially when rocking pink makeup looks with beige or brown undertones. Light blondes hair generally go with fair to medium skin colors with pink to yellow undertones.

Buttery Blonde Hair
Buttery Blonde HairWarm hue with splashes of honey-yellow.
Buttery blonde hair color is a warm hue with splashes of honey-yellow. This sunny color is best with pearly complexions that are light to medium in tone, and look stunning with any eye color.
Pearl Blonde Hair
Pearl Blonde HairA blend of natural and cool tones that help control unwanted warmth.
It works best with light to medium complexions. Especially if you have brown or green eyes, complement the look with a rich brown eyeliner smudged across your top eyelid.
Golden Blonde Hair
Golden Blonde HairAdding shine to your hair and warmth to fair and olive skin complexions
The brighter and lighter hue of golden blonde will add shine to your hair and warmth to fair and olive skin complexions. Pair this sun-kissed hair color shade with a peachy blush that will complement its warm tones.

Bronde Hair
Bronde HairA rich dark blonde hair color that perfectly combines blonde and brown.
A warm, natural-looking blonde hue that looks lovely with fair and medium complexions and light to medium eye colors such as gold, light brown or blue. Ask for a dark blonde base with cool-toned, buttery balayage highlights on the mid-lengths and ends.
Champagne Blonde Hair
Champagne Blonde HairA light blonde shade that’s not too warm or too ashy.
Champagne blondes should ditch their iridescent highlighter — you don’t want to get too washed out — and swap it out for a shimmery golden bronzer.

Dirty Blonde Hair
Dirty Blonde HairThis natural-looking shade is a mix of brown and blonde.
The wheat-colored look will look natural on fair to medium complexions and lightens up your look without too much drama. Accessorize with gold jewelry to bring out the hair color shade’s lighter tones.

Honey Blonde Hair
Honey Blonde HairA sweet classic shade of blonde to keep the look warm.
A sweet shade of blonde, this bright hair color evokes a deep yellow anyone with a sweet tooth will recognize. This shade is a classic blonde look that works well as highlights or all-over color. Pair it with your favorite peachy blush to keep the look warm.

Dark Blonde Hair
Dark Blonde HairHair that falls close to the brunette spectrum is classified as dark blonde hair color
Hair that falls close to the brunette spectrum is classified as dark blonde hair color. For natural brunettes, dark blonde is a great way to lighten up your look. This shade works all year long, just be sure to accessorize with greens and blues to complete the rich color.

Strawberry Blonde Hair
Strawberry Blonde HairOne of the most unique natural-looking, warm red-blonde combination
Strawberry blonde is a warm red-blonde combination that will leave you looking like you spent all summer on the beach. It’s a happy shade that looks best on anyone with a fair complexion and green or blue eyes. Pair it with your favorite pair of sandals and you’re good to go!


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