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We Embrace Your Blonde Hairlights

We are the BEST Blonde Specialists in Singapore

Hera Hair Beauty is the leading Expats hair salon in Singapore for providing blonde hair colour and blonde highlights services. We are proud to provide only the best, safest and up-to-date products and colour line available with the most advanced techniques.

One thing that separates us from typical salons is that we provide premium class advanced hair colour techniques that focused towards creating natural looks specialty techniques such as Ombre, Balayage, Advanced foiling, babylights, colour melting/shadowing which we will be elaborating. We have renowned international hairdressers hailed from London, USA, Dubai etc, who are colour directors and blonde specialists for more than decades.

When you come for your first colour or highlights appointment, it will begin with a thorough consultation which includes a hair and scalp assessment. Please note for all new clients a skin allergy test is required 48 hours before booking any colour service. The consultation will focus on your desired colour and if you wish for a subtle or more dramatic change. Our blonde specialist will also takes these into consideration your skin tone, facial features and eye color to select the your ideal shade. The hair’s texture is also evaluated and they will also take note on any gray hairs for covering the lighter strands.


Look no further, visit our Hera Hair Beauty salons and have a consultation with one of our highly skilled international colourist to discuss how our different advanced hair colour techniques will work for you.

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We are the BEST Blonde Hair Specialist in Singapore!

Our Int’l Blonde Specialists

At Hera Hair Beauty, our blonde specialists excel in creating elegant, dimensional highlights that enhance natural beauty and individual features. Their expert blend of technical skill and artistic vision ensures a sophisticated, personalized blonde hair care experience as well as setting new benchmarks in professional hair excellence.


We offer 100% guarantee on all services within 7 days after they were performed. We will either re-do the service to your satisfaction, or provide full refund to you if you have paid for the service.

In this world, there are too many shades of blonde colour and it is quite impossible to specifically explain to your hairdresser the colour that you desired during consultation. It is always the situation that we heard feedback that “I want platinum hair colour,” and it always turned out to be completely different.

Blonde colour is one of the most beautiful hair colours and it will forever be well sought after especially among the western. Creating blonde colour is like an art itself as there are so many shades of blonde and individual shade has its own beauty on its own way. Frequently, certain shades of blonde tends to be more fashionable and trendy, especially if its on some famous celebrities. The following is a brief description of popular shades of blonde in the market that you can explore for your next salon visit.

  • Platinum Blonde

  • Sandy Blonde

  • Ash Blonde

  • Natural Blonde

  • Golden Blonde

  • Caramel Blonde

  • Platinum Blonde

  • Sandy Blonde

  • Ash Blonde

different types of blonde hair

For every colour line, there is always a unique name for each blonde color tones such as the Image on left.

* Please note that there are different level of brightness and darkness of the colors as illustrated in each image as well.


During the consultation process, it can be complicating when you are trying to explain to your colourist the shade of blonde you desired. A client can request for a golden blonde colour but there are varying levels of golden blonde colour such as darker golden blonde, lighter golden blonde or even medium golden blonde. Thus, if you know the exact blonde colour tones that you desired, it is best to be more specific on the shades that you desired before getting your visit to your colourist, and if you have the desired pictures, it would be the most perfect. Nevertheless, the outcome may not turn out exactly like in the desired picture for different reasons but it serve as a great reference for your colourist.

You may not know that you can have fun by changing the tones of your blonde colour very easily. The simple way of varying the tones of the blonde is by using a toner or using a colour enhancing shampoo. However, occasionally, you blonde hair may need to be re-coloured totally instead of using toner.

What should you ask your colourist for the perfect shade of blonde colour?

Have you ever sit in your colourists chair having troubles describing to them on your needs? Both of you are working together to arrive to a perfect solution and you are feeling like “a deer in headlights”? There were clients who showed images of golden blonde highlights when they had description was related to the ashy tones. Some clients may ask for a balayage but showed a dual process platinum blonde images. These are very common situations in the salon as clients may misunderstand the correct technique and confused with the names of the countless blonde colours.

We will be elaborating on the proper known terminology for the different blonde hair colours and the right specific request that you should advise your colourist for your desired blonde colour or blonde highlights during the salon consultation. All the following terminologies are based on blondes which has a level 9 or lighter. Our aim is to educate and help you build a better mutual understanding between you and your colourist.

best blonde in Singapore

Please bear in mind that all the following photos and illustrations for every hair colour will not appear the same even when the precise technique, tones and formulas are employed. The fundamental reasons are because every individual hair is unique and thus will react differently and coupled with different background and history, the results will varying among different people.


If you prefer blonde hair that has pearl, ashy, gray, or icy tones, it entails a cooler tone blonde. When your skin colour has slight pinkish, bluish or rosy tones, such cool blonde hair will be the most perfect on you. If you have decided on a cool blonde colour, you may advise your stylist that you prefer your cool blonde hair color to be towards the “ash blonde” tone. This type of colour normally will take a few salon visits to reach the desire colour even if you are already blonde, as your stylist has to eradicate all warmth colour from the original hair.

In order to achieve the objective of cool blonde colour, there is always a need to perform intensive highlights to reach the colour to a high level of “10” blonde leaving no remain of any darker pigment. Thereafter the highlights are washed and rinsed, a toner is usually needed and such colour may sometimes be damaging to the hair as your natural colour is lightened as much as possible.

Photos of “Ash Blonde”

To achieve this pearl blonde color, heavy highlights are needed plus a toner with natural ash base.
The picture is slightly more ashy than the 1st colour and highlights with a ash toner is needed.
ash blonde hair singapore
The is another picture is more ash blonde.
ash blonde 4
This photo is the ashiest among all with a level 7 ash lowlights with heavy highlights. To acheive this tone, over compensation is needed to make the color as ashy as possible, almost towards the grey tone.


Firstly, it is always a misconception that warmer blondes have to brassy. Several ladies have the fear of requesting for a warm tone blonde due to nightmarish experiences or the phobia of getting the notorious nasty yellowish, orangey hair colour tones. Golden toned blonde hair looks very gland and elegant and look bright, and shiny than ashy blondes too. If golden, bronze, honey or buttery tones tend to appeal to you, this means that you prefer warmer blonde colour. These warm blonde hair colour works bland perfectly well with people of slight golden, peachy or yellowish skin tones.

When you are contemplating on having a such a bold warm tone blonde, you may also begin with a natural neutral blonde colour, with neither ashy or warmer based tones, which is right in between the two. Thereafter, your stylist may have a dab of golden mixed in or incorporate more of such gold each time till perfect. We advise to employ purple shampoo weekly or fortnightly with warm blonde hair to avoid the colour from looking over brassy.

“Warm” Blondes, from the Least Warm, to Most Warm

This is a perfect masterpiece of a creamy buttery blonde. This tone is right in the between the warm and cool blonde, yet still not super golden. Heavy highlights is need to attain a level 10 but not white and glazed with a level 10 natural blonde.
This results of blonde hair has slightly more golden tone than the previous colour. Blonde highlights with lowlights of a level 8 brown gold with glazing perform to a level 10 gold toner.
baby golden blonde
This last model certainly has the most gold with a slight honey tint to it. There are interaction with countless lowlights to create varying tones of gold (level 7), with a few highlights. and glazing with a “brown” gold (level 10).


Technically, neutral blondes colour are ideally in between the tone of warm and cool with commonly well-known names such as neutral with wheat, beige or creamy tones. Such perfect balance of cool and warm tones approach is commonly performed by having lowlights of a neutral colour on a light blonde or platinum blonde . Therefore, this blending of tones is a creative solution of deriving a fresh shade of colour.

hair salon near me
This is a demonstration of neutral tone of highlights and lowlights resulting in a variation of tones. The overall glaze was ash (level 10) to avoid unwanted warmth from her previous colour.
hair salon Singapore
This is a perfect representation of a light neutral blonde demonstration with resulting effect of beige tones from highlights and glazing of neutral blonde (level 9).


A high-lift blonde hair colour process involves using bleach and hair colour to disintegrate the natural colour in between the blonde highlights. Occasionally, there maybe exposed of darker warm tones as typical hair color is not capable of lightening the hair as much as compared to bleach. This high-lift blonde colour would be the perfect choice for natural color of level 7 or lighter. Transformation from darker tones should avoid this colour as there is higher risk of exposing unwanted warmth within the hair.

hair salon Singapore
A demonstration of high-lift blonde highlights and has dimension left at the root from the natural colour.
blonde highlights
A magnify view of the previous High-lift blonde highlights colour that looks natural and healthy as there is no natural colour residual even at the hair root from the intensive lightening.
hair salon singapore
A demonstration of natural colour (level 8) with blonde highlights all over and there are different variations in tones at the hair root.


This is the latest good technique for pursuance of most natural hair colour with certain sun-kissed blonde highlights and baby-like fine highlights all over. Babylights are the latest fashion and the easiest way to comprehend a babylights hair colour is to relate to younger girls tresses who have natural hair colour, resembling natural looking highlights that have brighter tones towards the hair ends. Babylights process are performed by weaving extremely fine ribbons of highlights thoughout the head, and also focus on the lighter pieces across the hair line and hair ends like sun-kissed hair. This typically follow suits a root shadowing process which will be leaving out the lighter pieces round the face and hair ends entailing perfect natural looking hair colour and most important it has a lower maintenance out growth.

full head blonde highlights
Demonstration of babylights results (before and after) depicting very fine highlights with the bits of the natural colour while retaining the light blonde at hair ends.
Another demonstration depicting a before photo of seven months outgrowth of babylights, and the after photo was performed with extreme fine highlights placed all over entailing the perfect natural blonde.
Exhibited a darker tones babylights demonstration with lighter tones gradient near the face and hair ends and natural colour kept at the base.


Dimension hair colour is perfect for the ladies who wish for more variations and gradient colours in their hair. Dimension technique will suit you if you like to have contrast, or different colours of blonde in your hair or if you do not like your hair to be one solid colour. Typically there will be shades within 3-4 levels of each other to achieve natural looks.

blonde hair stylist near me
The demonstration depicts the perfect outlook for a multi-dimensional blonde of different variations of blonde and all done with blonde highlights and lowlights
blonde highlights near me


These two services are the most commonly found in salons. A typical full highlight simply means that the highlights process starts at the back of the neck to the frontal of the head. A partial highlights will commence at the crown of your head to the frontal of the head. Full highlights versus Partial highlights is not about the blondness of your hair but the consistency of your hair colour from bottom to the top. If the bottom of your hair is dark or dull, then a full highlight will be the perfect choice.

hair salon near me
Demonstrations of partial highlights which the colour gradient is more dimensional underneath.
Best hair salon Singapore
Demonstration (before and after photos) of a full blonde highlights


The root shadow is a trending technique currently! This technique requires placing highlights all over and then shadows the hair root with a dark shades so as to soften the highlights near the roots entailing the shadowing effect. Part of the blonde are usually left out round the hairline and face to entail the vibrancy around the face!

root stretch
The demonstrations exhibited different shades and different levels of root shadows.
hair salon near me


The traditional blonde highlight which maybe a All-Time-Favourite of some blondies and the following is certain basic needs from this traditional highlights.

  • Tight foils
  • Round the face brightness
  • Around the hairline highlights
  • Highlights placing towards the root
  • A harmonious blending of natural appearing colour
  • The ideal hair shades of not too cool or too warm
hair salon near me
hair salon Singapore


A toner or glaze is commonly employed to achieve the perfect appearance. It is useful for optimizing the warm, neutral or cool tones. It is required when performing a root shadowing, and also prevent the hair from becoming too brassy between your colourist visits. Thus a toner or glaze is like a top covering for the hair that enhance the shine and softness.


Our Blonde Hair Gallery

Blonde Hair – Top Tips

If you’re thinking about going blonde, here are our top tips to consider…

When advising guests on their hair colour, the main factors we consider are their eye colour and skin tone. Someone with lighter eyes and lighter skin may find it easier to go blonde in comparison to someone with darker eyes and darker skin, as their natural base colour will be quite dark, making it trickier to lift. Whatever your natural colouring might be, we would always advise that you come in for a consultation to discuss your colour and to make sure that your desired outcome is achievable.


Do you want to go lighter but you don’t want people to notice you’ve coloured your hair? Well, you can always opt for a softer, more textured blonde and this can be achieved by introducing darker tones throughout the hair. We particularly like Fluid Hair Painting or Balayage for this. Have a look at our menu if you get a chance, it will give you more details on the techniques, the benefits and the upkeep.

Before colouring your hair it’s important to take into consideration the maintenance, especially when going blonde. As with any hair colour, after some time you will eventually notice your roots coming through. It’s important to know that if you naturally have very dark hair, it will be more difficult to lift, even when only doing the roots. Talk to us if you’re interested in any root touch up, we would be happy to advise if this could be good for you.

If you are looking for quite a noticeable change and you’re wanting to go really blonde, we have created the ultimate highlight service called Super Full Head. These are fine weave, high density highlights – perfect for any guest wanting to be super blonde. Another good option for going really blonde is Bleach. Although this is an amazing colour choice, you will probably have to tone the hair more frequently, as bleached hair is at a higher risk of being effected by elements such as the sun, wind and minerals naturally found in water.

The natural pigmentation of your hair will play a part in how well your desired tone will last. If you want more information on this, have a look at this article which explains the reason for toners.

The last point to discuss is the condition of your hair. If you’re going to be blonde you are going to need to invest in the condition of your hair. Nowadays, products and technology are much better than they used to be but there are still things that should be considered when thinking about the condition of your hair.

Things such as: Do you need to wash your hair that often? Do you need to blow dry it that frequently? Would you invest in an occasional deep conditioning treatment?

Making minor changes such as these can drastically improve the condition of your hair. We would advise speaking to one of our colourists on your next visit about conditioners and treatments that could be good for you and your hair.

We really hope you found this useful in determining if you should become a blonde bombshell! Personally, we love experimenting with colour and playing with the way we look. We have had many colour changes but we always come back to blonde hair in some way.


Which shade of blonde will suit you?2020-06-10T02:42:37+08:00

1. Discover whether the skin is warmer or cooler toned — that can determine which blond tones work great for you personally. To do so only examine the veins in your wrist; whether they are mainly purple and blue you’ve got a cool undertone, when they’re largely green you’ve got a warmer undertone and if they’re a combination of the two, you are in possession of a neutral undertone — and hence more option.

2. Broadly, paler, pinky skin tones match cool, delicate blondes; like ash, beige or baby-blonde.

3. Darker or more yellowish / golden-toned skins match honey or golden shades; like butter, caramel, golden tones.

4. Consider the your eye color depth— just how much contrast do you desire? Soft, multi-tonal colors complement lighter eye colors, whereas deep, intense blondes flatter a darker eyes.

5. Consider the hair care — a allover platinum blonde needs routine visit to the colourist, whereas ombre is considerably low upkeep. Just how much are you ready to devote to this hair care regime?

How long does it take to get highlights at a salon ?2020-06-10T02:45:14+08:00

Broadly speaking, taking all factors into account, a full head highlighting service may require anywhere from 2-4 hours. Obviously, the more the hair, the more the time that it will take.

How often should you highlight hair?2020-06-10T02:47:44+08:00

All colour treatments and procedures ought to be performed every 3-5 weeks to achieve the best results. Doing this earlier isn’t necessary at all. Additionally, foil highlights must be performed every 6-8 weeks based on how much gap between your highlights and natural hair colour.

How long do hair highlights last?2020-06-10T02:50:34+08:00

For the majority of individuals, they notice that they should touch up their highlights each six to eight weeks. Our hair grows an average of half an inch each month, so by the end of 2 months, you’ll get an inch of your natural hair colour.

Can you highlight freshly dyed hair?2020-06-10T02:52:22+08:00

If you would like to add highlights for your freshly dyed hair, you ought to wait a couple of weeks prior to doing so since the various colour treatments can harm your hair if the dates are too near together.

Are highlights permanent?2020-06-10T02:55:16+08:00

Highlights can be accomplished in unnatural or natural hair colours. Hair colour highlights include four kinds of dyes: permanent, temporary, semi-permanent and demi-permanent. Hair lightened with permanent dyes or bleach will be lasting until hair grow out.

Do highlights ruin your hair?2020-06-10T02:58:18+08:00

No, they don’t damage hair just as much. Highlights and semi permeable dyes are not damaging, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have any negative outcomes. Using them are able to change the inner hair structure, thus entailing your hair to look dry and dull, especially if you frequently color your hair to conceal white or grey hair.

Do highlights fade after washing the hair?2020-06-10T03:01:49+08:00

No, they don’t fade immediately after washing your hair but that color have a tendency to begin to fade in a month or two after application. This is because of the simple fact that highlights are employed with bleach.

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