Recently, due to a new Instagram fad, spraying of sea salt is not the only real means to have beac inspired hair. This booming hair colour craze appears to be overpowering our social networking packs — at the time of June last year, #oceanhair was tagged on Instagram over twelve thousands instances. Therefore, if you are trying to bring some tropical vibes into your own style, this ocean blue hair colour may possibly be the next brand new style for you personally.


What’s Ocean Blue Hair Colour?

Blue Hair Colour

Ocean blue hair colour is not only the one colour of azure — this new fad is more sophisticated than you may think. Colourists make use of a combo of turquoise, cobalt, teal, and subtle traces of green to generate vibrancy and dimension together with all the styles and colours. This mix of colours provides the illusion of ocean-like movement on your own hair, and that means that you may get waves on your colour and style at precisely the exact same moment! For this particular ocean hair fad, there are lots of customers are asking blue hair colour for their ocean-inspired appearance. There are clients who often desire for the shore and ocean so they will hope to generate a hair colour which could get her feel nearer to the sea. The complete ocean blue hair colour procedure takes about 4 hours. To achieve the ideal base for the ocean blue dyes, the colourist needs to first bleach the customer hair, therefore be ready to wait patiently to get the ocean blue hair colour!


Maintaining Your Ocean Blue Hair

Blue Hair Colour

This hairstyle might appear easy on the outside, however resembles the ocean, the entire procedures involves a great deal of depth. The majority of people do not have the knowledge that vivid dyes such as reds and blues do not permeate all of the way in to the shaft of hair, but alternatively, stay above the shaft of the hair. Which usually means that such colours fade much faster compared to those ordinary permanent of or semi permanent dyes. For ocean blue hair care, colourists recommend using a shampoo that’s colour-safe and sulfate-free also to wash hair as seldom as you can. Therefore do not blame your colourist when you observe the dye is fading fast because fashion colours do not develop and process exactly the same way as natural colours do. Sustaining a vibrant colour like ocean blue hair takes time and investment.

Has the charm of this ocean inspired you? Before you decide on your choice to become the lady with blue hair, you can find a number of critical facts to think about.

Strategies for Blue Hair Colour transformation:

Do not simply count on the hair images. Although it is always crucial to bring photograph references in order for your stylist to be 100% conscious of exactly what color blends you would like on your own hair, but the colourist will have to think beyond the box. Besides showing photos of any particular hair colours, it is also advise that you provide photos fish, crystals, and on even denim. Each one these things will let your stylist create a customized colour palette for your brand new hairstyle.

Be cautious with pastels. Pastel blue hair colour will fade quite fast. Fortunately, ocean hair comprises this kind of vibrant collection of colors as it will not wash out rapidly as fast as pastel-rich colours. Nevertheless, as a way to stop your hair from fading after a handful of weeks, we advise that you wash your own hair with cold water to avoid bleeding and consistently to make use of a heating protectant when utilizing hair styling tools that produce heat.

Take skin-tone in to consideration. Not each colour of azure blue hair colour will perfectly match your complexion skin tone, therefore always be cautious when deciding on the ultimate colour choice. Lighter skin might seem washed-out using pastel-heavy mixes, also darker skin demands high contrast colours. If you’re not certain of exactly what colours to choose, then consult a professional colourist who will assist you to select an ideal bespoke ocean blue hair colours for you personally.

Choose Your Ideal Shade

Some of the amazing things about the ocean blue hair fad would be that you’ve got total control over the colours that you would like to have. Fortunately for you, there’s loads of inspiration out there!

Classic OceanOcean Colored Medium Hair

Our colour director, Rain from Hera salon mentioned that she utilizes royal blue, mint green, sky blue, teal to generate her version of ocean blue hair. If the dark to light blue hair coulor isn’t sufficient to convince one, Rain also declares this combination of colours and also the softer fade out flatters all skin tones. Additionally, in every of her photos, Rain comprises the particular dyes she uses with each hairstyle. Therefore once you goto your hairstylist, you are able to ask for those specific hair colours.


Deep OmbreLong Ocean Colored Ombre

There are colourists who adore the soft ombre style if she creates the ocean blue hair. This style reminds us of those varying depths of the ocean, with a deep, almost-black blue at the roots and also finish with a milder light teal colour at the hair endings. For those who have naturally black hair, this particular colour combination could be perfect for you personally.

Midnight MoonDenim Blue Long Waves

Wish your own hair to appear to be denim that is wet? Give this colour a trial! Mix silver and black colours with the ocean blue colour to provide its unparalleled dimension and vibrancy. Style this colour with natural, beachy waves, along with your own hair that will truly look as though it’s moving like the ocean.

Electric OceanTeal Hair With Highlights

Desire to test something that is lighter? This shining teal ocean look is also named as Electric Ocean and also green hues for a tropical feel versus darker colours which look like the depths of this ocean.

A Hint of GreenBlack And Blue Ombre Hair

A few colorists incorporate Blue-green strands to make the imitation of mystical seaweed. It’s possible to utilize green colour for hair highlights or peek a boo effect. Turn on your own dream and feel like a painter!

50 Shades of GreenBlonde Hair With Green Highlights

Sea Weed, pickle, sage, peppermint, parakeet, peppermint and olive along with other shades of green function together brilliantly. Subtle blue and blue highlight will frame the face area and also put in more ocean mood to a colour palette. Try to utilize calmer pastel colours in order to get this look somewhat casual.

Vibrant OceanAngled Bright Blue Bob

Bob and lob hairstyles are simpler to experimentation with and therefore what are you waiting for? When you’ve always dreamed of the ocean blue hair, then this ocean colour trend is ideal for you now. Mix your favourite shades that is lighter and darker blue and you will love appearing vibrant and fresh!

Whether a trip to the shore is in your schedule, you’re still able to bring the ocean to your life with this tropical blue hair fad. If you follow our suggestions abovementioned to discover the ideal ocean shade for you personally, and you’ll be excited for some sand and sun together with your nautical hairstyle!


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