A bob for fine hair makes sense. A cut that removes dead-weight and encourages growth is a smart option if your hair is a bit limp or lacking volume. Yes. However, the pros suggest being a bit more strategic. The illusion of more body can be created by clever cutting techniques, while the opposite (haphazard snipping) can make fine hair appear even wispier.

Tactic layers are the best way to make fine hair appear thicker. This works regardless of whether you choose a longer or shorter length. It’s worth looking at a softly-stacked or graduated style. Gradually bobs have a longer front and then a shorter back (like an A line bob). Stacked bobs are cut at a slightly angle at the nape to give it a rounder shape at the back. The A-line bob, also known as the “It Girl” cut, will give your hair more structure.graduated bob haircut


The A-line bob, also known as the “It Girl” cut, will give your hair more structure. A bob with a slight graduated cut is the best way to make fine hair look fuller with body. It helps to shape the head by removing bulky hair around the nape and lower portions of the cut. This creates a fuller and more volume hair at the crown and head. If you are concerned about your hair looking too dated or drastic, this bob cut can be updated by wearing your hair longer than usual and less steep graduation. This haircut looks modern and cool when it’s done in a subtle way.

graduated bob haircut


graduated bob haircut

The razor-cut bob is another option. This creates a choppier, and the sliced hair ends that results in the texturizing look. You may choose to take it easy with super fine hair when it thin it out. However, if you have very fine hair, it will work well with a textured hairstyle that creates more movement.

For styling, you should first turn on your hairdryer at full speed. The goal is to create the illusion of thick hair. People with bobs believe it’s easier to just blow dry the hair with blasting air and then smoothen the hair with a straightener until it looks sleek. However, this is not true. Start at the top and work your way down. Blow dry your hair smoothly and lift your hair directly away from your head to the sky. When the section is dry, move the warm section to the opposite end to match your natural hairstyle. Continue this process until you reach the bottom. You can create more volume and structure in your bob by starting at the top and working your ways down.

Side partings can be a great way of adding instant lift to your bob haircut. You can create a fuller, more detailed bob by using the length that the bob begins to have grown out. To create the perfect boho bob, curl your hair for some soft waves addition with a curling iron. Don’t be too tight with the curls as always remember that less is more.