Bob haircut: you either embrace them or you detest them. Only at Hera Hair Beauty, we’re just here for these bob haircut, and also we endorse that this 2020 year is opportunity for you to become gutty and adopt an short bob haircut.

If the idea of lobbing off the vast majority of your hair fills you with fear (dw, we hear it), be aware there might be tonne of various approaches you’ll be able to rock the haircut, also it will not need to become super short.

Long bobs – or well known as lobs – certainly are a more secure and subtle way put on the bold bob haircut, without directly venturing into something fearfully short. Whether you’ve got delicate, thin, thick, curled or straight hair, we’ve compiled all of the star inspiration you ought to take the courage to take on the bob right away !


Keira Knightley bob haircut

Dishwater blonde and darker hair-roots of Knightley is really in trend. With the tousled waves and you will have yourself a lewk.


Zendaya bob haircut

Zendaya has hair winning nowadays and this is our favourite curved bob haircut as fringe with layers will drop effortlessly while framing your face gorgeously.


Hailey Bieber bob haircut

Hailey loves experimenting with pastel pink and this sunkissed colour that fulfilled all the criteria. These subtle waves along with such vibrant colour will complement your short hairstyle perfectly.


Kelly Rowland bob haircut

Have your bob styled using a hat entailed a complex look such as Kelly! The will assure you to be the coolest person in the room.


Emma Roberts Image result for When Roberts wore this cool-girl style to Refinery 29's "29 Rooms" event I immediately saved it to my

Emma put on this flattering cool girl hairstyle to this event that caught the eyes of everyone! This hairstyle entail a sleek and also a trendy bouffant golden hair!


Charlize Theron

bob haircut

Our jaws are still on the floor from the second Charlize turned up at this Academy awards wearing a sleek dark brown bob haircut looking as a completely new lady. This A line haircut and sultry shade is exactly what you would name as a mature lady style.


Jenna Dewan bob haircut

Yes, this beach waves blend perfectly well with this stunning blunt bob haircut. All you will need is a reliable sea salt spray to hold this hairstyle for long. Take this Jenna’s effortlessly tousled texturing for instance.


Tessa Thompson

Image result for Tessa Thompson Thompson's wet texture has a glossy shine that's practically blinding. The S-wave swoop in the the front gives this style a timeless, old Hollywood vibe.

Tess’s moist texturing includes a glistening glow that is practically blinding. The S wave swoop at the front gives this style a more classic, old Hollywood vibe.


Dua Lipa

bob haircut

An easy flipping of hair and tucking of ear is what transform Dua’s bob from simple to sophisticated effortlessly. It’s a simple method to maintain your front and centre look without sacrificing the life of your hair.


Yara Shahidi bob haircut

Let us put the record straight: Firstly, bobs are not just for straight hair. Secondly, curly bobs are unquestionably stunning. Lastly, curly bobs with curly haired are next-level, making this a stand out style for Yara.


Jourdan Dunn bob haircut

Having volume and breathe life into your bob. When you have naturally sparse hair, you shouldn’t be scared to have some hair extensions to achieve the fullness. Having deeper side-parting such as Jourdan’s can offer your style more contour and structure.


Chrissy Teigen Image result for Chrissy Teigen bob

2018 has been Chrissy’s season of the bob, and we are still alive for this particular not-in-office style coupled with caramel highlights to get a simple allure.


Viola Davis

2017 American Music Awards - Press Room

Glamourizing your bob with amorous curls is obviously a fantastic idea. Feathered curls, such as Viola’s, will collapse in all of the proper places.


Cara Delevingne

bob haircut

Even though It’s impossible to catch up with Cara’s everchanging hairstyles, her platinum bob was clearly one for the book. Just incase you needed further evidence that daring colours and bobs could complement each other.


Bella Hadid

bob haircut

Keep this classic bob haircut just like Bella using a centre parting and choppy endings. To replicate this reflective finish, you cannot scrimp out on shine. With this glistening appearance, lather some smoothing oil from the roots to ends.


Amanda Brugel bob haircut

A blunt, sleek bob haircut may quickly sense stiff, however Amanda retains the movement perfectly by having longer layered bangs that skim her brows.


Bebe Rexha

bob haircut

For all who attempts to claim bob is of high maintenance, we show Bebe’s bob whose straightened choppy haircut is a voluminous and texturing master piece.


Elizabeth Debicki

Image result for Elizabeth Debicki bob

Debicki’s deep parting sleek bob haircut demonstrated that you’ll get your Old Hollywood waves short of the hair length. Curls only at the ends under and up, then gently smooth down the borders with hair spray and also a cleaning toothbrush to get a polished shiny finishing.


Kacy Hill

bob haircut

You will certainly say ,”I cannot take on a bob with curled hair!” “Bangs appear bad with curled hair” you exclaimed. Welp, please gaze up on Kacy’s very perfect triangular bob haircut with baby bangs, which divide all the dummy hair”rules” at the very best of tactics.


Nina Dobrev

bob haircut

S-waves using ultra-short hair may sense juvenile on a sweet face such as Nina’s, however a thick layered of piecey, feathered bangs will add a unequivocal advantage.


Sibley Scoles

Image result for Sibley Scoles bob

Finally, this bob haircut which will cause your geometry tutor happy with you: Sibley’s pin-straight and blunt bob is all angled and lines, which equals 180 degree of trendiness.


Tao Okamoto

Image result for Tao Okamoto bob

If You would like to pretend to have a bob haircut with a bit longer hair, such as Tao’s featured here, you can curled the endings loose, spritz them with hair spray, then roll and then snare segments of curls into the nape of your neck.


Taraji P. Henson

bob haircut

From the words of change, Singer,”Henson, you are fox.” The beach curls and caramel high lights are all.


Christina Ricci

bob haircut

A platinum blonde colour is not for the faint of heart (particularly For those who have naturally black hair such as Christina will ). Nevertheless, while your breakage becomes awful, ask your stylist to create some feathered bangs for you to conceal the imperfections.


Vanessa Hudgens

bob haircut

Hudgens appears just like the fairytale princess with a subtle, wavy blow-out and a whitened, ribboned dress.


Katie Holmes

bob haircut

The timeless bob haircut: beautiful and not difficult to pulloff, and readily improved your look by tucking you hair beneath your ears. Pinning back your hair with bobby pin when you’d like to keep layers firmly.




Marissa embrace a cool-girl posh and chic image, due to the blunt bob haircut and ashy blonde colouration.


Naomi Campbell

bob haircut

This super-model’s solution to add personality to a bob haircut? Maintain it cropped extremely short and add a few angular bangs.


Marion Cotillard

bob haircut

When you are born with a fine, straight hair, then the perfect solution to include volume would be always to lop off abit of length (the bob is significantly lower-maintenance with this specific hair type compared to the lob).


Lucy Hale

bob haircut

Get inspired by this straight, sleek and single length, elegant bob like Lucy!


Alesha Dixon

bob haircut

If you are natural born brunette, choose a dramatic style by getting a platinum colour (short hair length is likely to make it a lot easier to take care of this lighter shades, and thus there will be less breakage).


Christina Hendricks

bob haircut

Hendricks knows how to pinpoint a radical time and also the Old Hollywood curls are not the finish yet with this retro hairstyle. Take on your bob haircut by having a stylish small pill box hat such as hers during the cold months.


Nina Dobrev

Image result for Nina Dobrev bob

The way to make your Bob 101 fashionable: Firstly, take on an angled bob haircut by having blunt bangs with gradient layers along the face (take a glance at the long, triangular sides on Nina’s bob haircut).


Milla Jovovich

Image result for Milla Jovovich bob

To put much more volumes to some wavy hair strands, select a deeper parting, burst you hair in the roots, and then around brush the segments closest to your face.


Karrueche Tran

Image result for Karrueche Tran bob

Get inspired by this Karrueche‘s blunt bob haircut that appears much more stunning in this buttery platinum shades and beachy curls.


Sarah Jessica Parker

Image result for Sarah Jessica Parker bob

Featured here is Sarah who has forgoes her signature Carrie Bradshaw curly hair to have this shorter, bouncy hairstyle (the centre parting is the emphasis).


Jessica Chastain

Image result for Jessica Chastain bob

Jessica has her hair strands wrapped around a curling iron to attain this Old Hollywood waves.


Katy Perry

Image result for Katy Perry bob

Kate portray this finest ever Cleopatra impression by having a round bob and blunt, eyebrow-skimming bangs.


Ashley Benson

Image result for Ashley Benson bob

High Lights and absolutely manicured curls resulted in Ashley appear like royalty.


Lily Collins

Image result for Lily Collins bob

We are enjoying this slick and brushed-back hairstyle noticed on Lily here.


Rose Byrne

Image result for GETTY IMAGES Rose Byrne bob

Rose looks gorgeous with her crop bangs and curl-under edge. To achieve this look, blow-out your hair using a round brush.


Alexa Chung

Image result for Alexa Chung bob

Alexa prevent her bob from appearing dowdy by having a blunt haircut and also an ombre slope.


Kate Bosworth

Image result for Kate Bosworth bob

Gearing up the parting in your bob can achieve this trendy Asymmetrical bob appearance, particularly in the event that you ask your stylist to get long layer at front and also shorter ones at the back.


Emilia Clarke

Image result for Emilia Clarke bob

This time, Mom Dragons has never fail to surprise all of us with a sleek classic shoulder-length bob.


Kerry Washington

Image result for Kerry Washington bob

Get inspired by Kerry who enjoys wavy hair texturing that is simple and a bit lesser “Olivia” than we’re familiar.


Sienna Miller

Image result for Sienna Miller bob

The British blond lady generates a faux bob haircut by yanking her slight longer hair into a lower bun and letting her bangs to frame her face perfectly.


Keira Knightley

Image result for Keira Knightley bob

A long haircut at front which will taper from the back and this will technically keep your rounded bob appear fresh–also maybe not too matronly.


Kristen Stewart

Image result for Kristen Stewart bob

Kristen’s side-swept bob haircut, coupled together with her trademark smoky eyes, will result in avoiding being overly treasured or ideal look.


Rosamund Pike

Image result for Rosamund Pike bob

Rosamund’s asymmetrical bob has been everchanging. Wavy just one day, sleek-straight the second. She demonstrates there was nothing boring about this classic bob haircut.


Kirsten Dunst

Image result for Kirsten Dunst bob

Kirsten’s angular sharp face feature have been accentuated by this bob haircut with chin length and frame framing effect.



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