Just because we girls get old, that doesn’t mean we don’t still need to look stylish! We want all of the fun of owning a fresh haircut but all the minimal maintenance as well. That can be when bob haircuts for older women be convenient. They are brief, flattering to all face shapes, and are easily styled whether you have bangs to go together.

Bobs for Elderly Women

Find out how great old women can appear classy with a bob haircut by checking these 15 appearances below!

1. Short Bob

short bob haircut for older women

A classy brief bob that is one of the most popular short hairstyles for older girls . This blonde bob with bangs is layered so that they lay across the brow at a gentle angle. There is plenty of volume in the back however, the general cut is simple.

2. Medium Length Bob

medium bob for older women

The above medium blonde bob is filled with waves, perfect for elderly girls whose hair may be thinning out. A little bit of hairspray will thicken locks up along with your bangs will remain in their place all day.

3. Long Bob for Older Woman

long bob haircut for older women

A long platinum blond haired is ideal for keeping you feeling youthful and fresh. Long angled bangs are a classy option for girls who do not enjoy a blunt bang.

4. Inverted Bob Hairstyle

inverted bob for older women

The inverted bob starts long in the front and makes shorter in the back so everyone facing you will think you have long hair. This beautiful cut will keep hair off the throat.

5. Long Bob for Older Woman over 60

bob hairstyle for women over 60

Prefer something super simple? Straight and easy remains classy! See your stylist every couple of weeks for small trims to keep this brown-grey bob looking great.

6. Layered Bob

Layered bobs are ideal for displaying natural colour, like those greys and whites that combine together. Use a little curl creme to form bangs off the brow and keep everything together.

7. Curly Bob

This coiled bob is full of curls that you’re able to keep in shape with curl enhancers. A few highlights will guarantee your bob is anything but dull.

8. Bobs for Older Women With Finer Hair

To get fine hair, a layered bob gives a fuller look. Not looking for something fancy? A centre part is all you will need to be prepared for the day.

9. Graduated Bob for Older Women

Graduated bobs are a favorite among women on the hunt for a flattering hairstyle. Highlights in many shades will match your skin tone for a gorgeous appearance.

10. Bob with Bangs

bob with bangs for older women

When it’s a lunch date with all the women or weekend errands, wavy bob with straight bangs is the very versatile haircut you can have.

11. Stack Bob for Older Women

A fantastic hairstyling option for women over 50. Gradual layers are what kind a stacked bob. The rounded shape gives the appearance of a complete head of hair. With streaks of highlights near eyes, you are always going to have a glow.

12. Bob for Older Women with Glasses

If you have glasses, a bob of any sort will look good. Shapely curls or dreamy waves which graze your specks are intimate and flirty.

13. Gray Bob Haircut

An easy center-parted bob is still filled with lots of style, especially when you let natural grey hair color shine through.

14. Blunt Bob Hairstyle

blunt bob for older women

This dull cut bob might have directly angles, but the smoothness and glow of a rich almond colour will show you get a soft side too.

15. Bob Hairstyle for Older Women with Round Faces

bob haircut for older women with round face

If you are an older woman with a round face, a platinum blonde haired will bring you fresh life! With a heavy side and part bangs, it’s a flirty hairstyle you will love waking up to in the morning.

Clearly, bob haircuts for older women are available in many lengths and colours. You can take bits of each bob you prefer and combine them all in 1 hairstyle for the greatest look you’ll love!

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