Pure and intense, soft and delightfully, warm, rich, cool, highlighted, or as a block color. Everyone is different in sporting brown hair, and for good reason! Find out the perfect brown shade that will enhance your appearance by following our guide on various hues of brown.

Ebony or Dark Brown Hair  

The darkest brown that there is. Asians typically have this hair color, it’s a shade that’s close to pitch black. The 1930s saw it become famous thanks to the Vamp-actress Louise Brooks followed by the pin-up Bettie Page, who wore the jet black hair during the 50s. This color is the edgy brown of stunning and the independent woman beguile. Contrary to what you think, this shade with its aplomb and charisma, can be enjoyed by women of all ages, regardless of their complexion or base color. Incredibly deep and intense, this shade is suitable for any skin tone. It will make your eyes pop, more so if they’re light-colored. If you’re brunette, changing your hair to an ebony brown look is much more straightforward than if you’ve got blonde hair. A simple treatment to color your hair black is sufficient! For people with fair hair, a dyeing process to darken your hair’s base color is needed for this deep brown hue. The only disadvantage is the maintenance needed for the grown-out roots because of the stark contrast between your natural hair color and the dye. Therefore, you must carefully think about this before deciding to go to try this new color!

Copper Brown

Incredibly vibrant and shining This medium brown brimming with orange highlights is the perfect choice to brighten up dull or dark locks, without becoming blonde. It’s also the perfect option for brunettes wanting to transition to redheads gradually. The famous actress Bette Davis with her half-red and half-brown hair during the golden age of Hollywood, the color is vibrant and is a great choice for anyone, regardless of their base shade. Blondes can choose an all-over coloring process while brunettes are able to opt for highlights that can be varying shades to blend in with their dark base shade. Choose these vibrant intense brown orange highlights in a flash without hesitation! They can add some spice to your locks and match pale or golden skin tones, hazel or blue-green eyes. Be wary of choosing these highlights when you have dark skin tones, since copper brown could cause a clash. Instead, you may consider a caramel hair color.

Chocolate Brown

This is an extreme dark shade of brown that inclines towards an ebony brown. But, it is still different from ebony brown in that it has much more brownish than black. The easiest to style, this is the naughty brown hair shade that was a part of Audrey Hepburn, that has given her a stylish and intriguing edge. If you want to replicate this look, go for a permanent shade whatever natural shade you have for striking brown locks. This shade is an easy option to give those who have medium brown hair to chestnut fresh look. But, it may result in orange highlights on red or blonde hair. If this happens it is possible to neutralize orange highlights by using purple shampoo for a stunning shade! The cool shades of chocolate are perfect for all women and are an ideal match with dark and pale skin tones. In addition, it’s also the perfect shade to make sparkling brown eyes and popping blue-green eyes to create a statement!

Caramel Brown

The medium brown shade, illuminated by glowing golden highlights, can be the perfect shade to add shine and radiant to the locks. Caramel brown is much darker than the more similar honey brown or hazelnut and the rich shade is suitable for all hair colors. It appears more natural when paired with a dark chestnut or medium-brown base. Thanks to its warm pigmentation, caramel brown softens the facial features and enhances any complexion from pale to dark. For instance, this shade entails Eva Mendes with irresistible charm and making the shade one of her weapons for mass attraction! The color is typically achieved through a coloring treatment that lightens the locks. If you have dark hair, the bleaching process must be done prior for the perfect golden highlights.

Honey Brown Hair

A full of contrasts, the sun-kissed brown shade is the perfect choice for brunettes who aren’t sure about whether to go blonde or not. It’s also more rich with golden highlights as compared to caramel brown, however, it has a darker base than hazelnut. The process to achieve this shade is the use of a partial lightening treatment that is only applicable to medium to light brunette hair. It’s basically the Californian highlights that brunettes can apply to their hair. It provides an intense but natural lighter look to your locks. Perfect to add a sun-kissed-look to brunette hair. The honey brown shade is usually created by blending highlights of blonde into darker hair. This shade works well with all skin tones and gives the appearance of a radiant skin within the flash of your eye. This shade will allow you to be awestruck by a chic and cool sexy appearance within a matter of minutes!

Ice Brown Hair

Similar to ash brown this glowing shade goes well with ebony to hazelnut base hair color. It creates an iridescent layer on your hair, resulting in an elegant glossy look. It entails a distinct appearance and makes women with unique personalities like Eva Green, look even more attractive. She is a long-time fan of this shade. The tone-on tone color with a lot of purple pigments, the brown shade gives sparkling silver highlights. It entails a cool silver-like luster to the hair’s surface, which is why it’s called ash brown hair. Do not fret if you’re not brunette. If there’s fair hair on you, it just adds an extra stage to darken your base using the initial brown color process. Then those famous highlights in silver are added. Before cooling your brown, make sure you’re in the right complexion (with pinkish or gold tones) because the ice brown can make pale complexions appear dull.

Copper Brown Hair

This is another brown that has been warmed by golden highlights and it can be more extreme than honey-colored highlights. Actually this light brown incline towards blonde! Much like hazelnut, this is more light-reflecting than the caramel hair coloring. A perfect shade to enhance dark-toned skin as well as it matches fair skin tones with the hint of gold. This is a great chance and you can’t beat hazelnut to soften dark eyes and also make light-colored eyes pop for an incredibly attractive appearance! This gorgeous shade had been showcased beautifully by the actress Ingrid Bergman, the inspiration of Alfred Hitchcock. You can, of course, rock this hue regardless of your natural color. It’s simple to achieve it on medium to chestnut hair. A normal color treatment can be sufficient. If your base hair color is a chocolate-ebony brown, you must be ready to darken your blonde, or bleach your hair to achieve the desired look.

Chocolate Brown

This gorgeously rich color is a deep brown with glowing golden highlights and a hint of mahogany. It is dark and lighter than cocoa with glowing warm highlights, it entails an attractive look reminiscent of Claudia Cardinal for a mysterious attractive appearance. If you love this stunning natural shade of brown, that has a lot of depth and is suitable for all skin tones and complexions as well as eye colors all the way from the most light-colored to most dark! A further benefit is chocolate brown is obtainable by using a regular coloring treatment regardless of whether your color base is hazelnut, blonde, red or brown. For those with black hair, you need to resort to light bleaching in order to achieve this gorgeous color.

Ash Brown Hair

This cool brown, which is rich in highlights will give your locks an edgier silvery-grey hue than the icy brown hue. Ideal for softening brown hair without drastically changing the look and it’s made by using a tone-on tone coloring technique that cools the natural color. If you’re blonde or redhead, you must opt for a permanent coloring treatment that makes you look brunette, before applying gray highlights to create the appealing Romy Schneider appearance. While elegant when paired with the gorgeous features of the blue-eyed beauty, however, it isn’t an option for all people! Although it is a great complement to dark skin tones , and neutralizes pink and red complexions, it can also dull pale complexion. This is our warning again.

Mahogany Brown

It is almost similar to copper brown, mahogany is different from copper brown because of its red highlights paired with red-brown shades to create an amazing new look. The perfect blend of three colors to achieve a stunning vibrant brown color. This shade definitely will attract many turning heads due to it being intense and full of depth. This bold and warm shade is perfect for ladies with a strong personality like Sophia Loren, one of the first women to wear it. It is perfect for complementing dark or olive-toned complexions as well as brightening the appearance of naturally tanned skin. It is also suitable for the reddish tones of skin. Another benefit: the bright highlights of mahogany work perfectly with every eye color and it is a true blessing for a new easy-to-wear appearance! It is suitable for all hair bases and it’s easier to wear this shade if you are a brunette by adding natural brown with highlights in purple, instead of for blondes who need to use some coloring treatment prior to get the desired color.

Light Brown Hair

Light Brown Hair

Similar to dark chestnut, this brown shade is the lightest among all! It’s referred to as “light” even though it is dark because of its light golden highlights that are evenly lighting up the base hair color. It’s the perfect brown shade for those who hope to have hair lightening but without highlights! Natural and elegant, it makes women look more attractive, whom actress Raquel Welch understands all too well. Therefore, feel free to brighten your brown hair by applying a color lightening treatment, or, alternatively, darkening your base by one-to-three tones to achieve this easy-to-live with brown hue. It’s warm and glowing, this brown shade is perfect for every complexion in a variety of ways by adding shine and character to the lighter hair bases by beautifully toning the golden to dark skin tones. By using this color, you’ll put an end to dull locks that lack depth! It enhances the eyes and softens dark eyes by making their appearance more luscious and rich.