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Let Your Natural Beauty Shine Through with Brown Hair

Brown is such an ordinary word, and it doesn’t begin to do justice to the incredible and beautiful range of brunette hair color shades. Whether you are a natural brunette or you have coloured your hair to attain the ideal shade of brownish, figure out strategies to improve, style and care for your distinctive hair requirements. You will find the brown hair care tips and hair colour trends only for our brunette besties.

shades of brown hair

For every colour line, there is always a unique name for each brown color tones such as the Image on left.

* Please note that there are different level of brightness and darkness of the colors as illustrated in each image as well.


Even though there are lots of strategies to have fun with shades of brownish hair, both of these techniques are a perfect place to get started.

Ombres on Brunettes: This technique produces a transition of hair color from brown to blond, beginning from the roots. For those with dark brown and light brown hair, this honey blonde ombre with red undertones will look fantastic.

Balayages for Brown Hair: This hair color technique demands a colourist to paint hair or bleach color on the hair, freehand. The result: subtle, natural-looking highlights. Considering that the highlights in this technique are normally a soft blonde, and also the base color is a slightly darker colour, it is fantastic for all those who have lighter brownish hair. This dreamy rose gold balayage demonstrates brunettes look equally like blondes do if sporting the metallic hair hues.

Keep It Natural: Not seeking to change your hair color, but still wish to present some TLC to your brunette hair?


While not as significant like leaping from brown to blonde, a transition from darker brown hues to lighter brunette certainly need serious thoughts. As lifting of hair will cause an impact on the quality of hair, our colourists will ensure you leaving the salon with a long-lasting colour and healthy hair quality. A toning during the colour process will assure that we will achieve the exact shade.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Brunette Shade

Every new hair color journey commence with selecting the perfect colour. Ranging from hair  of caramel brown which is the lighter end of this spectrum to hair of chestnut brown over the darker other side, there is a large varieties of brunette color shades to select from.


Selecting a color of brown which flatters both your complexion (fair, medium or deep and undertone warm, cool or neutral) is crucial. On this particular page, Hera’s artist proposes your perfect brunette hair color based on both considerations. Get a few additional suggestions from our Hera’s artists as they discover the well sought after brunette hair color trends according to your own undertone, from caramel copper brown for a warm subtle appearance to lived-in bronde to get a trendy, edgy effect.


Colour-treated hair is not the only kind of hair which requires more attention. If you are now rocking the brown locks you have been born with, it is well worth spending some excess time looking for the ideal products, remedies and approaches, in order for your hair to maintain the healthy and stunning appearance. Below are some simple ways to do this:


If you have natural brunette hair, you don’t need to be concerned about your hair color fading issues, concentrate on washing hair using products which works with your hair texture, and can achieve the outcome that you desired, such as softness or volume.


You may be surprised that not only blondes, even brown hair also turns brassy and your fun-filled summer holidays can hasten that process. To avoid or stop your hair from turning orange due to sun exposure, use products with UV protection When you know you are likely to spend hours out –and do not forget to reapply. Better still, wear hats or scarves to protect your locks, and also prevent becoming hair wet from the pool, because chlorine can dry your strands out and also lead to hair color changes.


Which shade of blonde will suit you?2019-12-12T14:55:39+08:00

1. Find out whether your skin is warm or cool toned – this will decide which blonde tones work best for you. To do this simply look at the veins on your wrist; if they’re mostly blue and purple you have a cool undertone, if they are mostly green you have a warm undertone and if they are a mix of both you have a neutral undertone – and therefore more choice.

2. Generally speaking, paler, pinky skin tones suit cool, delicate blondes; think ash, beige or baby-blonde. 

3. Darker or more yellow / golden-toned skins suit golden or honey hues; think butter, golden, caramel tones.

4. Take into account the depth of your eye colour – how much of a contrast do you want? Soft, multi-tonal shades complement lighter eye colours, whereas deeper, richer blondes flatter a darker eye.

5. Think about maintenance – an all over platinum blonde needs regular trips to your colourist, whereas ombre is far more low maintenance. How much are you willing to commit to the upkeep?

How long does it take to get highlights at a salon ?2019-12-12T14:47:25+08:00

In general, considering all the factors, a full highlighting service can take anywhere from 2-4 hours. Of course, the longer the hair, the longer the time it will take.

How often should you highlight hair?2019-12-12T14:45:55+08:00

All color treatments and processes should be done every 3-5 weeks to get best results. Doing it sooner is not required at all. In addition, foil highlights should be done every 6-8 weeks depending on the difference between your highlights and natural hair color.

How long do hair highlights last?2019-12-12T14:44:52+08:00

For most people, they find that they need to retouch their highlights every six to eight weeks. The hair grows an average of half an inch per month, so at the end of eight weeks, you will have an inch of your natural hair color.

Can you highlight freshly dyed hair?2019-12-12T14:43:42+08:00

If you want to add highlights to your newly dyed hair, you should wait a few weeks before doing so because the different color treatments can damage your hair if they are too close together.

Are highlights permanent?2019-12-12T14:42:48+08:00

Highlights can be achieved in natural or unnatural colors. Hair color highlights have four categories: temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent. Hair lightened with bleach or permanent color will be lasting until hair grows.

Do highlights ruin your hair?2019-12-12T14:41:57+08:00

No, they do not damage hair as much. Highlights and semi-permanent dyes are not harmful, but that does not mean they do not have consequences. Using them can alter the inner structure of the hair, thereby making your hair look dull and dry, particularly if you often color to hide white or gray hair.

Do highlights fade after washing the hair?2019-12-12T14:40:33+08:00

No, they do not fade after washing your hair in a way that color tends to start fading in a month or two after applying. This is due to the fact that highlights are applied using bleach.