Burgundy Hair Colour Ideas: Hairstyles & Shades of the Year 2020

Burgundy hair colour is a combination of purple and brown which make a deep burgundy red wine colour. Just like a fine wine, deep merlot, cabernet, oxblood and bordeaux hair colour shades shine in the smallest reflection of light.

The daring tones of this gorgeous burgundy hair colour provide excellent framing and contrast to each and every skin complexion tone. These colours are fantastic for the shy girl next door who would like a dramatic transformation or perhaps the carefree soul who only loves attention. This versatile colour is awaiting for you personally.

Burgundy hair colour is obviously an eye-catching selection and might be rich, edgy, or just plain pleasure. Darker burgundy hair is bold and sexy, indulgent just like your wine it’s known for. But, lighter colours, highlights, and accent colours make it a more versatile and exceptional alternative for women of each size, colour, and fashion perspective. Burgundy shades can vary between lively purples to decadent decadent rich reds, yet this new year also has a few surprising trends instore that’ll allow it to be tough to pick — not merely which to decide to try, but that to test first! Following are a few of the very gorgeous types of burgundy hair colour suggestions for the inspiration!


Bonjour, Burgundy!

This sable burgundy  hair colour with glowing highlights is ideal for the Fall season, it will sure to set of any outfit and make sure you shine from the light of a beach bonfire. This really is a simple transition to get a brunette seeking to bring a little colour for their own dark tresses, or for all those who have lighter hair that are prepared to modify to the darker side whilst standing out of the audience.


Burgundy Mermaid

This darker twist on the favourite mermaid hairstyle is likely making you drool. In the event that you thought the ombre was for blondes, reconsider, as this burgundy to teal and purple colour melt master piece demonstrates that red-heads have the greatest fun.


Falling for Fuchsia

This all over perfect dye project is really a daring and gorgeous statement for people prepared to take their colour game to the next milestone. A vibrant colour of burgundy that is bordering on fuchsia, along with really pops up colour and could match both olive and fair skin tones.


Sweet Dreams

This burgundy and violet gloomy fantasy resembles a cotton candy and bubble gum swirl — when bubble-gum were burgundy, that’s it. If you behave like small wild child in the heart, love to drink the Uni-Corn frappes for rainbows, or would like to bring the starry night skies together with you where you move, this colour miracle is possible for you.


Candy AppleBurgundy hair colour

Looking elegant and class, this burgundy hair colour is nearer to some CandyApple red hue. Highlights and lowlights make a warm gleam, using only the touch of darker roots for good contrast. The gorgeous way for almost any fashionista to walk in the season.



Jet-setters and trend-setters rejoice! If surprise is the Goal, this silver and burgundy half of them will say glam to the tee. Put on during winter and the belle of the ball will be you.


Check It Twice

For those who need a bit more intricate glamour, a subtle mahogany overlaid with vibrant burgundy hair colour is ideal with its drama of dark and light inter woven ringlets. This ideal balance of nice and naughty is that a wish come true.



Halloween may be over, however witchy and crazy remains in style, as shown by this custom made burgundy hair colour. Taking advantage of this purple facet of burgundy, it’s really a brilliant, fresh take on with this popular shade.


Class All The Way

This deep burgundy is understated in each of the appropriate manners. Worthy of all occasions, the snowy white background to the photo enables you to imagine just how easily the appearance would transit from Fall to Winter colour. Perfect for fashion-saavy sophisticates using the complete calendar whom want their own style match on point all year.


Crimson and Copper

Fiery, coppery deliciousness is exactly what this’do will be powering upward, With deep crimson wine on very top and flowing into a glowing and ruby red. Fun, flirty, with just a bit of edgy, this colour melt is for those who is undecisive on which colour they love best, or who only need the very best of both worlds.


Vava Voom

This burgundy provides a small gothic vibe to the celebration but would seem equally as good on a buying spree to Europe since it could for any holiday masquerade. Whether you are at the xmas spirit or attempting to conjure spirits, then this bold appearance is likely to soon be turning heads on the way for sure.


Cranberry Bliss

Only a hint of raven roots provides way to some stunning cranberry bliss waterfall. This subtle and class burgundy shimmers in the sunlight and will bring you from summer completely right through to the newest calendar year.



Only one you believe that burgundy could not possibly have something up the sleeve, peek a boo! All these honey blonde tresses have secrets underneath, which is too perfect a deal to stay hidden. This berry-tinted pop of colour may suit every angel’s rebellious streak without decreasing that halo shine.



An all-burgundy spin on mermaid hair really is slashed with red towards the floor, that remind us of Ariel however packaging alluring punch-like the wicked queen. Tones of plum and also eggplant around this out lovely colouration, also will certain to make an impression on your prince charming.


Season’s Greetings

Ease towards the season for this subtle and natural looking Burgundy with mahogany low-lights. Classy and pure, this colour is ideal for the ladies that are looking to try out something fresh without going off the beaten path. Touches of purple along with auburn represent the very most effective of all the colours.


Oh Lala

This pinkish purple burgundy hair colour is perfect for all those women who have never been bashful about attention seeking hair-dos. Perfect for ladies having a different sense of fashion or a free soul and cute in women of almost any size. This appearance is tame enough for daylight, but you learn the way you can have some fun and wont be staying when sun falls.



If you would like to bring your burgundy hair colour to the edge, this sexy, almost-magenta colour is photo-ready and looks gorgeous against the dark and light skin tones. Edgy and (some may say) bizarre, this jolt of electric burgundy will flatter your pals with envy all around.


Bring the Flames

The caption says”slaying using passion,” and she isn’t kidding. This bloodred burgundy is burning with a fiery passion for those girls who has put it on and looking the best. With sable roots along with some darker tones throughout, russet burgundy is guaranteed to keep you warm during the colder months.


Peek a Boo two

Yet another fantastic Peek a Boo burgundy hair colouring hairstyle, together with dark braids. Burgundy plaits are styled only on either side, front, and back once again to develop splashes of colour that accentuate the braided beauty’s mid night locks.



This ideal combination of red crimson and purple colours could be known as nothing but burgundy. It’s posh, it shimmering, and it’s really super-sultry. Rock it or glam up it — as it pertains to hair colour, this burgundy teaches you mean business, regardless of what the occasion.



Blonde and burgundy together have never looked this great. This low and high strip patterned hair-style will probably place any tigress on alert. For women that are adventuresome, deeply enjoying life, also certainly will carpe that diem like no one business. Would look great at the club on a platform, for the hip hop and rock the goddesses.


Sip of Wine

Go for this country style with this specific cherry wine-burgundy magnificence. This brightly coloured burgundy with cherry high-lights evokes pumpkin spice, toasted marshmallows, and a roaring fireplace. With this kind of a smokin’ palette, such hair colour is all you need to remain cozy and warm.


Cherry Cordial

Chocolate splashed with cherry, anybody? This delectably coloured hair is serving this glowing burgundy for dessert. A worthy ombre when there was one, such indulgent would be that the cherry at the top in a period filled of burgundy pleasures!



Pair of distinct shades of crimson red across your hair for a gleaming burgundy look.


Burgundy LobBurgundy hair colour

Lobs are a stunning hairstyle and it will always be enhanced with a burgundy colouring.


Burgundy Vibes            

Throw various tones of red on your hair to get an exquisite melt.


Deep Burgundy

Dip your toes on a dark burgundy hair colour to show off your special style.


Sweet Red

A “less is more” burgundy hair colour consistently looks stunning.


Sleek Burgundy

Satisfy your glossy style with a gorgeous burgundy hair colour.


Vivid Burgundy

Burgundy suits a range of bright and vibrant colours.


Burgundy Twist

Enjoy your burgundy hair and make an exceptional appearance.


Straight Burgundy

Show off your magnificent colour with a sleek and edgy appearance.


Burgundy Ombre

Dip your toes with this harmonious transition from a dark burgundy to a chic pinkish ombre appearance.



You will portray a sultry vibe with this stunning deep red colour.


Burgundy Pixie

Offer your pixie shots of colours using a wonderful burgundy hues.


Burgundy and Purple

Throw some purple on your whole hair to get a fun twist of burgundy.


Fall Burgundy

In case you are not prepared for dark hair, then choose this burgundy as an alternative option.


Burgundy and Brown

Coupled this burgundy hair colour with a brownish hue will create a lovely finishing for your hair.


Burgundy Ends

You can add touches of burgundy on your hair ends if you are not bold enough to do it on the whole head.


Messy Burgundy

Burgundy looks fantastic with a cluttered bob.


Spicy Burgundy

Heat things up with this fun burgundy colouring.


Soft Burgundy

A subtle burgundy through your hair can really amp up your appearance.


Burgundy Grapes

This profound purple and burgundy hair colour will look perfect for you.


Rich Burgundy

A rich burgundy hair colour is ideal in case you are seeking for a total hair transformation.


Fiery Burgundy

Turn heads with this magnificent fiery burgundy look.


Burgundy Melt

Transform yourself from dark to light burgundy to get a stunning hairstyle.


Burgundy Pony Tail

Show off your burgundy with a pony tail.


Red Galore

Adopt a reddish colour with burgundy roots.


Rounded Bob

Embrace your gorgeous burgundy hair colour with a round bob.


Curled Burgundy

Even a burled burgundy bob is everything you need for hair that is amazing.


Burgundy Sun

Take a few darker and light pieces sprinkled throughout your hair to get an remarkable appearance.


Mesmerizing Burgundy

Turn heads with this flattering magnificent colour of burgundy.


Light to Dark

The stunning finishing transit from the crown of light burgundy to some gorgeous chocolate brown at the hair ends.

Regardless of what you may have intended on this particular vacation, a change of season is almost always a fantastic motive to transform your hair colour and style. Whether you are a natural redhead, brunette, or blonde, moving on to burgundy hasn’t been more enjoyable than it’s right now.



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