• If you have bad highlights because they’re too yellow, you need to apply a blue toner in order to neutralize the undesirable hue.
  • If your highlights are very orange, then you must select a blue toner. No worries. we’ll demonstrate the steps in the following article.
  • All you need to do is to mix your toner with 20 volumes of developer and then adjust the time of exposure.
  • If your highlights look shabby because they’re too light or dark, toner unfortunately will not be the solution. In this situation you’ll have to be bleaching your hair a second time in the event that they’re too dark or use a new colour when they’re too light.

Toning before and after

When your highlights appear dingy because of the presence of undesirable tones, this is among the most simple problems to fix. Don’t worry, because today we’ll demonstrate how you can solve it easily.

Why would we say that “it’s” one of the most simple challenges to tackle?

The reason is if your highlights are too light or too dark, the solution unfortunately may be more complex.

  • In the event that they appeared dark, it means there was not enough bleaching. The toner product is a neutralization product and not a discolouring agent. This means that you’ll have to go back to your salon.
  • It is the same if your highlights are overly light. If that is the scenario, you’ll have to apply darker pigments using dye.

Toner has pigments that neutralize complementary shades, however it doesn’t deposit any new colour pigments onto hair fiber. It neutralizes the colour which is present already in hair. In this instance it could be either orange or yellow.

Do you wish for us to share the secret truth?

hair toner

It’s quite normal and common to get orange or yellow hues to appear when you use the highlights technique as the hair is bleached. The most simple solution is to apply the toner. All you need to do is select the correct colour that neutralizes the undesirable shade.

  • If your highlights are too yellow, apply a purple toner to neutralize the hue.
  • You can apply a blue toner in order to neutralize the hue, if your highlights are too orange.

Toner applications are very easy. All you need to do is carefully control the time of exposure. If you exceed the time, your hair will become entirely blue or purple. Additionally, you must mix the toner with 20 volume peroxide.

Since toner’s effects begin immediately and you’ll see your hair’s colour change completely in just a short moment.

If your highlights are too yellow or orange, don’t worry because we’ll be able to tell you the solutions.

  • How do fix yellow highlights using purple toner
  • How can you fix very orange highlights using blue toner

Today, you can bid farewell to the unwanted hues that linger in the highlights of your hair.

hair toner


As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the technique of highlights is accomplished commonly through bleaching the hair. It is therefore normal for tones of orange and yellow tones that appear after bleaching.

Why do these tones come up?

Since dyes leave a remnant and the bleaching mixture is unable to eliminate it. But, don’t be concerned since toner is there to help.

We often mention the colour wheel. On the wheel, yellow is neutralized by purple since it’s the opposite colour. Thus, the purple toner will remove those yellow tones that are unpleasant.

hair colour wheel

The first thing to get is the toner. We suggest looking for it at salons because it’s an important instrument for the hair colour professionals.

After you have the toner as well as the 20 volume peroxide, begin the application process.

  • Comb your hair using a middle parting.
  • Mix the toner with the 20-volume peroxide in a plastic container.
  • You could add a few drops of coconut oil for your hair to remain hydrated.
  • Wearing gloves, begin applying the mixture to your hair lengths, and then progress to the roots. Allow the mixture to be in place for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Make sure to constantly check your hair. Keep in mind that within only a few minutes, the colour will transform completely. Make sure you don’t put the toner on for too long, as you’ll risk getting hair to be purple.
  • When the toner exposure time is up, wash your hair thoroughly with warm water.

Now that you’ve got your highlights with the colour you’ve always dreamed of There’s a second method you can do to keep the yellow-toned tones away from your hair.

We are now talking about the violet or purple shampoo that you need to apply when you shampoo your hair every time. This will substitute your regular shampoo.

So, you can prevent having your highlights from becoming yellowish.

If you have orange highlights, then you need to use a blue toner.


If your highlights start appearing orange, blue toner will be able to correct it completely, as it is able to neutralize the orange tones which appear after bleaching.

The application method is similar to the method we have explained previously for the purple toner which means you are required to mix the toner with the 20 volume peroxide in a plastic container and begin applying the toner to the roots.

Then continue application on the ends and lengths that always require more time for colours to be absorbed and then let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Once again, don’t let the toner stay for too long!

In this instance, to ensure that the orange hues aren’t recurring, we would suggest you swap your regular shampoo for a blue shampoo whenever you shampoo your hair.

What is the reason we would recommend blue shampoo?

Since toner has a shelf life of only two-week. So, if you don’t intend to apply toner too frequently, then you should make use of the blue shampoo.


If you are not happy with the finishing look of your highlights, because they appear too orange or yellow, then what you need to do is to apply toner.

Purple toner should be applied to highlights that are yellowish and blue toner is for highlights that are too orangey.

It is recommended to mix the toner with 20 volume peroxide and let it sit for a maximum time of 5-10 minutes. It is important to bear in mind that you must control the duration of exposure strictly.

If you want the desired toner to stay in your hair for a longer period of time, you should wash your hair with shampoo of the same colour as the toner that you applied onto your hair.