If your hair extensions need a makeover, colouring them might be a fun way to switch up your appearance How about if you ask the question, “Can I colour my hair extensions?” The quick answer is yes, but before you go colour-crazy, there are several crucial pointers to remember.

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Although they are an investment too, hair extensions are a fantastic method to immediately add volume, dimension and length to your locks. It may be a bit difficult to colour them at home, so if you’re unsure of your hair colouring abilities, it’s advised to take extensions to a hair salon to prevent damage. The at-home dyeing method is the best choice if you’re feeling courageous and want to save money!

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Before colouring your hair extensions, you should be aware of the following:

Going darker is a different process than going lighter.

Hair extensions may be coloured whatever colour you choose, just like regular human hair. It is a straightforward operation that you may carry out in the comfort of your own home, whether you’re darkening extensions or altering the tone.

We don’t advise using hair extensions to lighten up if that’s what you want to do. When it comes to your hair extensions, we advise against using any form of lightening, bleaching or highlighting since it is a sophisticated procedure that might possibly harm your extensions. If you want to go lighter, we advise bleaching virgin hair (hair that hasn’t been coloured previously), but always check the colouring instructions provided by the brand you’re using and get advice from your hairstylist.

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You must use human hair for any extensions you may have.

It’s crucial to confirm that your extensions are made of real human hair before donning the rubber gloves. Artificial hair has been chemically processed and is typically not dye-resistant; thus, experts advise against colouring it. If you’re wondering if our Hera hair extensions are composed of synthetic or real hair, we’re delighted to inform you that all Hera hair extensions are manufactured from premium, 100% Remy human hair.

Once you’ve decided whether you can colour your extensions or not, there are a ton of enjoyable colouring options to take into account. You may experiment with an ombre look in addition to colouring your hair extensions to match your own. Ombre colour often starts off lighter at the ends and progressively turns darker from the roots to the midshaft. The top half of extensions should be coloured a few shades darker than your hair to mimic a natural dark-to-light transition. This indicates that you should choose a set of extensions that resemble the tips of your ombre.

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Choose your ideal hue first. As over-the-counter boxed colour does not allow you to choose a developer for your extensions, it is recommended to use colour from a professional hair colour and developer brand. Typically, a 10-volume developer or demi-permanent colour is advised. If this is your first experience dying your own extensions, professional stylists advise choosing a soft colour change to minimize any hair breakage or damage. You may need to leave it to the professionals if you’re dreaming of white-blonde or platinum highlights appearance.

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You’ll also need some a colour bowl, hair colour gloves and tin foil, brush, a wide-tooth comb, plastic wrap and a towel, in addition to the hair colour and developer. You will want a deep container, such as a mixing bowl, sink or storage or plastic bucket container, if you plan to colour using the watercolour technique. Once you have everything you need, it’s time to set up your workspace. Spread sheets of tin foil over surfaces to shield them from unintended colour stains after dyeing your hair, which may become messy.

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Remember that most hair extensions are pre-conditioned and that, in order for the colour to soak evenly, the silky coating must be removed. Plug your sink and add lukewarm water to it. After that, add a couple of dollops of shampoo to the water and swirl it around until it becomes nicely soapy. We advise cleaning one weft of your hair extensions at a time (1-clip wefts may be bundled together). With one hand at the top of the weft, gently wash the hair while immersing it in the water. Be extremely cautious not to twist the hair and avoid rubbing. Once you’re finished, air-dry the hair extensions and make sure they are totally dry before you start applying colour. Before placing extensions on the tin foil, gently comb through them to eliminate any knots and wash off any styling products.

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Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions while preparing your colour. You’ll normally need between three and five ounces of hair dyes for your extensions since most hair dyes are made up of both colour and developer. Before you begin colouring, make sure you have sufficient hair dye on hand to prevent it from running out. Having too much is preferable to not having enough.

If you want to colour your blonde extensions a trendy or vivid colour (pink, blue, grey, etc.), you may choose to use the watercolour technique, which involves soaking the extensions in a solution of water and colour rather than applying the hair dye directly to each weft. To guarantee you have enough colour for the whole set, we advise purchasing two bottles. You’ll need the sink or deep container for this. However, we only recommend doing this with stainless steel sinks since bright colours might discolour white or porcelain ones. A quarter-size quantity of hair dye should be added, along with hot water (not scorching or boiling hot water), to your container of choice. Mix the water carefully to ensure that all of the colour is dissolved and that there are no little bits floating about. Continue adding hair dye after that until the water has a vivid, brilliant hue.

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It’s time to start colouring now! But always do a hair strand test before applying the colour. Before applying all over, paint the last few inches of a very tiny section of hair or the one clip weft.

If you’re using the watercolour technique, fully submerge the weft in the water and let it sit there for a few seconds to a minute. After that, remove it and carefully squeeze any residual water into a deep basin or sink by beginning at the weft’s base and gently squeeze downward towards the hair ends. You may see how much of the colour the weft has absorbed after doing this once. We advise immersing the weft in water and squeezing the excess water out multiple times if you still feel that the weft can be more vibrant. The hair will absorb more colour the more often you do this. Depending on how that goes, you may want to add extra hair dye to the water or soak the weft for a while in the water before using it. Additionally, keep in mind that the colour may seem lighter after drying.

Then, proceed as you would with natural hair by letting it rest for the specified amount of time, rinsing, shampooing, and drying. Avoid shampoo while using the watercolour technique since it might cause the semi-permanent colour to fade. Even though it may seem like a lot of effort, this test will allow you to determine if the hair will turn out the proper colour before dyeing the whole head of hair.

If you’re pleased with the results, don your gloves and paint each weft individually with the dye using a colour brush. From the top of the extensions, slide the colour brush downward to the very end. Upward colour application might cause damage and make hair seem frizzy. The colour should thoroughly cover the hair from top to bottom on both sides. Repeat the procedure for the other wefts in the water colour technique, and then put them aside when finished. You’ll see that when you add the remaining wefts, the water will gradually get lighter in colour, or you may run out of water altogether since each weft will absorb the colour. If you see this, just add additional colour or water to the mixture to dilute it once more before moving on. You may go directly to step 7 after finishing all the wefts.

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After all of your extensions have been coloured, loosely wrap them in plastic wrap. By doing this, the colour is kept from drying out before penetrating the hair. How long the colour should process for should be specified in the manufacturer’s instructions; this time frame is often between 20 and 40 minutes. By gently running a paper towel over a little bit of hair while the extensions are processing, you may verify the colour. After these inspections, reapply the colour using the colour brush.

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Once the processing is finished and you are happy with the colour of your extensions, rinse the hair well. While rinsing extensions with cold water under low pressure, massage any remaining colour out of the hair with your fingerS. Make sure to allow water to flow freely through your hair, from the top of any extensions to the bottom. To ensure that all of the colour is removed, continue rinsing for at least 15 to 20 minutes. After that, wash your extensions with a sulfate-free moisturizing or colour-friendly formulation. If you’re using the watercolour technique, skip the shampoo step since it may fade the semi-permanent colour. The next step is a sulfate-free deep conditioning treatment to replenish any moisture the hair may have lost throughout the colouring procedure.

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It’s time to comb and dry your extensions after giving them some TLC. Apply a leave-in conditioner to your extensions and spread a towel over your work area. Once your hair is nearly dried, gently comb it with a wide-tooth comb to reduce shedding. Before you style and wear the hair extensions, let them air-dry (do not use a blow dryer). It is also crucial to ensure that extensions are completely dry and that you apply a heat-protectant spray if you wish to use a heating tools, such as a curling iron.

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Your extensions are ready to be styled after they have dried. From the traditional long waves to the very high ponytails, there are many different methods to use extensions. Whatever style you decide on, it’s better to begin with your natural hair. It would be easier to mix the hair extensions if you gave your hair waves and curls.

We advise using a curling iron on one-inch sectioning of the hair, wrapping your hair around the barrel away from your head for gorgeous, natural-looking waves. After curling your hair, smooth it out with a brush.

The wefts may be dragged out of position, so curl the extensions before you clip them in. Then, for a seamless mix, clip them into your hair that is already styled. Clip in a three-inch weft at the nape of your neck, then section hair one or two inches above that to clip in a four-inch weft.

As you go upward, use bigger wefts on the broadest section of your head. To add length and fullness to your face, use the one- and two-inch weft towards the end. Finally, apply a light-weight layer of hair spray to your mane and add hair oil to the ends and any frizzy areas to give it a glossy appearance.

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Why not colour your own hair extensions at home if you feel like doing some DIY colouring? Just make sure they are made of genuine human hair and that you are dying them a darker colour before you begin. However, we advise seeing a professional hair colourist if any of the instructions seem overwhelming or you don’t want to take the chance of damaging your hair extensions.

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