Can You Wash Your Hair After Hair Colouring?

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We’ve got great news and after reading our short article you’ll not be confused with such questions when you have coloured hair. You may not know that this is a very common confusion that strikes most people after they colour their hair and they realize there is a very important meeting in the office or perhaps a romantic dinner with your loved ones and you also feel the urge to wash your greasy and dirty hair but are not certain if you are allowed to. You know the typical worries such as”OMG, the colour will fade out instantly if I touch my hair using a shampoo now” or even”oh, no, I just have this inexpensive shampoo, it is going to screw up my brand new hair colour big time”. For those who are finding yourself in a situation similar to this where you’re unsure and anxious if and when you’re able to shampoo your hair since you just started using it coloured. Then keep reading in order to discover all of the answers you will require.

This is a common question that gets asked several times and the answers differ among the experts in the hair industry. The best answer will probably be that from technically perspective, there is nothing to deter us from washing our hair after colouring however from most cases, we actually should try not to do it as much as possible.

It might seem being an strange and unsatisfying answer however it will make simple sense once you think about it thoroughly. Fundamentally, there’s not any assurance in the literature that your hair colour will certainly fade out if you wash your own hair straight after the colouring treatment. Thus, rationally, without such assurance, you’d like to become safe and care of keeping your brand new colour then it is wiser for you need to wait just a day.

Why Should You Wait to Wash Hair after Colouring?

Here is a simple explanation which we came up that does not comprise too many technical and scientific terms. Your hair is guarded by a coating identified as the hair cuticle and it regulates the overall look and texture of one’s hair. Hair colours comprise compounds which open the cuticle so when the cuticle remains open, your own hair is more inclined to fading and damage. Hence, this is the very simple reason why we ought to wait than rather taking such unwarranted risk.

Therefore, if you hope for your hair to fully absorb the dye, and then it’s also usually advised to stay away from washing it with a shampoo straight off but after draining with water. Most appropriately, you should apply the conditioner that often than not includes along with the colour kit.

How Soon to Wash Hair after Colouring

Till now, no one has a definite answer for the question. 24 hours should be adequate in the majority of instances, nevertheless, hair care professionals typically will advise to avoid washing after colouring to get as long as you can — that is the longer the better.

Additional Recommendations

It is very important that when washing coloured hair, always remember to use a shampoo meant for coloured hair. There are some shampoos which are especially manufactured for coloured hair of course in the event that you’re able to find one for your hair tone then it is really a keeper. Shampoos for coloured hair usually have lower concentrations of cleansing surfactants.

Do not use warm water when washing or draining your coloured hair as it is going to widen the hair cuticle much like the compounds present in hair dye.

There are few particular colours that always fade out faster than many others. People that fall within this category are all mostly the “vivid colours”, most especially purple and red.


Therefore, the query has been answered. In many cases you should not wash your hair using a shampoo directly after colouring it be it the colour has been done in a salon or in your home. The reason is because the hair cuticle opens up after dyeing so when it’s open, the colour will fade faster.

Nevertheless, the very first thing you should do would be to follow the instructions and do the necessary because there are many different shampoos and distinct formulations. If you still feel uncertain then do not hesitate to get in touch with your hairdresser straight away.