There are always new hair colour trends, but naturally, there is a desire for natural hair colors that are easy to maintain.  This warm-toned balayage highlighting is the newest must-have when you want to have summer-ready strands.

Some might say that no energy or lack of time shouldn’t affect one’s beauty, but stylists argue otherwise. Thanks to the dyeing process that is now back in fashion, just in for the warmer seasons, the sweet colourway has been revived.

Caramel balayage consists of seamless, but high-contrast highlights with a warm gold undertone. Caramel Baalayage looks best on dark brown and light brunette bases. The shimmer and dimension it adds to the hair and it will upkeep and not affect your natural root colour. It gently blends in natural and light brunette shades, often into a darker hair base, to achieve a naturally sun-kissed finish.

The caramel hair color and highlights can also be combined with dark chocolate, like candies. No matter what skin tones, natural hair colour or hair type you have, warm caramel colors can complement your appearance. There’s always a way for you to add highlights to any part of your life whether its a subtle pop of caramel or all over colour. It doesn’t matter if you want to add a touch of warmth or something more striking, these caramel highlights are easy to incorporate into your look. This trendy balayage technique produces a stunning multi-dimensional look, easy to style and less maintenance.

There are many options for caramel balayage colors, from lighter and cooler tones to darker, but warmer shades. Caramel balayage can be done on darker hair colours, or lighter ones and it is “dependent on how effective your hair is lightened. The results will also vary depending on the base. Lighter bases colours will entail a lighten caramel easily while darker hair bases may show a darker result. It’s then up to you and your stylist, to determine the perfect caramel shade for you based on the hair base that you have lightened on.

different shades of caramel

A great idea is to show your stylist photos or visuals that depict the exact tones you love. Your stylist and you can both interpret any specific caramel shade you suggest, but a visual will make it clear that you agree on what to do. It is a good news that it is very easy to maintain a caramel balayage, especially during summer months where you might prefer to spend weekends in the sun than with your stylist.

Another reason to love this trend is the way that hair texture appears more enhanced and defined under natural, bright lights. To create a beautiful voluminous style, curl your hair or straighter hair to show off a smooth colour transition.

You can keep your hair lightened for up to four months due to the seamless, sun-kissed caramel balayage. It all depends on what caramel shades you have. We recommend having a treatment and toner appointment every eight to ten to twelve weeks to keep the colour vibrant and your hair silky soft and moisturized.

Are you ready for a new colour scheme? Scroll down to see our top-rated ‘Caramel Balayage’ photos to inspire you during your next salon visit.

Brown with Strawberry Blonde Balayage

caramel balayage

This rosy color melt will brighten up your brunette hair and make it even more shiny and beautiful! This paint job can be used on straight hair or wavy.


Dark Caramel with Honey Highlights

caramel balayage

This gorgeous chocolate-colored hairstyle will give you a refreshed look. No matter what hair texture or length, this color is perfect!


Golden Brown Highlights for Light Brown Hair

This beautiful, buttery blonde hue is silky and smooth. It gives hair a healthy and natural look.

Caramel and Ash Blonde

Other Shades of Caramel Inspirations



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