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Different blonde hair shades

If you have been nursing the ambition to go blonde, you have various options to select your color. However, there is more to just choosing a color. There are different things to consider, especially how far you are willing to maintain the hair. Other determining factors include your general looks like your eye color and the tone of your skin.

There are some shades of the blonde hair color range that will fit you over other options. You could appear pretty odd or washed out if you do not correctly match up these colors. However, you can easily match up your features using the right blonde hair color shade, though. If you follow specific color rules, you could find the best shade to help transform your appearance.

The different blonde shades

Various blonde hair color shades range from the cool spectrum of the ash tones down to the other warmer end of the spectrum, which features the strawberry blonde. There are darker shades of the blonde, similar to the brown shade you could choose. Or you could select the icy cold colored platinum blonde to go pale. From these tones, you could select:

  1. Pearl blonde
  2. Natural blonde
  3. Ash-blonde
  4. Golden blonde
  5. Beige blonde
  6. Strawberry blonde
  7. Caramel blonde.

Apart from these natural-looking shades, we have various other modern styles, such as the metallic blonde variant or the pastels variant. There are some other methods that you can improve your blonde hair shade by using such techniques as the balayage. Such techniques can minimize the needed maintenance for a specific style.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty’s touches of gleaming beige blonde

Tones that match

You can either have wither warm or cool-toned eyes and skin. If you know your skin tone, you should select the right color that fits the skin to avoid looking washed out or odd.

Following the rule, cooler skin tones seem to be perfect for cool blonde tones, such as the pearl and ash blondes. People with warm skin will look ideal with a warmer shade of blonde. This works since lookalike tones tend to suit each other; however, at times, you could try out two contrasting tones to get a stark contrast and make it look presentable also.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty’s long, rippling beach waves shot through with face framing ashy beige blonde.

How you can examine your physical features

When you look at the color of the veins underneath your skin, you could get a good display of the dominant tones you have as part of your complexion.

People with blue veins have a pink undertone as their skin tone. This is categorized as cool. If you have gold tones in your skin, you will have green veins. This is grouped as warm.

The eyes are analyzed easily since it is evident from inspecting them, whether green, blue, or grey, indicating the cool tone. People with brown or hazel eyes are known as warm-toned. This tone is best highlighted with the warmer hair color shades.

The moment you are aware of the eyes and skin tones you have, you now have the needed foreknowledge to select from various blonde color shades without risk of making any color mistake. The colors of your hair and body features will either clash or complement each other.

During dyeing your hair color, you should always select the hair color tone to match the skin tone to get the ideal result. You would perfect for the shades of cool blonde if your skin tone were cool. The warm blonde shades will be perfect for those who have warm skin.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty’s marvellous ash beige blonde with babylights to achieve the beautiful sheen and endow the hair with a preternatural movement and dimension.

The blonde with a cool tone

The cool blonde tone color shades are the pearl blondes, ash blondes, and relatively less intense, the natural blondes. The given shades come with the violet or blue base tones that form the hair color’s base tones and adequately fit the cooler features.

The ash blondes tend to give the most intense result of all the colors and have an appearance that ranges from silver to gray blonde. On the other hand, the pearl blondes tend to produce a clear platinum style. The natural blondes present a neutrally balanced shade, which means that its result is neither extremely warm nor cool.

The blonde dyes from the cool-tone hair group properly match with the green or the blue eyes. The eyes which have this color tend to become highlighted and will look increasingly vibrant and appears colorful if paired alongside these blonde hair shades. The pearl dyes are beneficial in this case, but they tend to appear suitable if they are matched with either hazel or brown since these shades tend to bring in v slight warmth to the hair.

When the hair fails to match, it is still possible to have cool tones and always look rather impressive, only if you have cool-toned skin. This is one of the essential things that should be considered when selecting the hair color since this is one most noticeable features of a person’s appearance. At the same time, you will detect any given clash.

The blonde with a warm tone

The warm blonde shades seem to have copper or gold as the base color. The shades will end up fitting the skin with warm tones and highlight warmer eyes. The colors often begin from the beige blonde, a subtle shade of golden blonde, down to the strawberry blonde that is mainly copper.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty’s magnificent light ash blonde that looks soft and airy as a cloud. A few streaks of deeper ash brown help reinforce that effect while also warming up the overall cool style.

People with brown or hazel eyes will look much more stunning and vibrant with a warm blonde hair shade. If you have green or blue eyes, they will appear duller in this regard.

People with eyes with a cool tone should stick closely to the cool shades according to how much of this skin tone allows. You will look good in beige blonde if you have fairer eyes, but it will still appear suitable if you match this warm skin tone.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty’s luxurious shiny golden blonde with vintage hollywood curls

If you have such warm shades, such as the golden blonde, tend to work well with the sun-kissed or golden complexion, and a piece of vital information to make your shade lighter to match these features is to accentuate the area of the darker shade. Alternatively, if you use the warm lowlights mixed with cooler or lighter shades, this could help match the colors to your physical features.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty’s harmonious blend of multi tonal beige blonde transformation wrapped in luxurious waves

The Fashion Shades

These shades are pretty much any shades of the blonde hair color, which appears less traditional or natural. Such colors involve pastels, metallic greys, and a multi-dimensional appearance which mixes subtle color pops such as the mauve or salmon with an increasingly natural color base.

Such shades undergo specific trendy periods and appear to need an increased level of upkeep, however; this depends on what style you choose; therefore, you will never have to spend so much time on maintenance if you choose carefully. Generally, the highlighted and metallic shades appear quite easiest to maintain since they tend to gently fade into increasingly natural looks with time until they get retouched.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty’s dusty and muted blush rose pink hair colour feels urbane and elegant with dark roots and the bombshell blow-out as well as the soft waves create supermodel volume and bounce.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty’s shimmering rose gold bob that is cool, edgy and with a hit of alluring feminine glamour and youth.

Other hair designs such as the rose gold blonde, the pastels, or other extreme styles such as the lavender and lilac blonde tend to fade quickly and will need more time to help them maintain their excellent looks.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty’s shimmering electric blue with a touch of teal just the barest hint of oceanic warmth and the result is astounding.

Matching colors

The different fashion shades come in diverse forms; therefore, it becomes more difficult to specifically give instructions on how to get them to suit your physical features. generally, when working with colors, ensure that whatever color you choose fits your appearance.

The rose gold color generally appears correctly with warmer physical features, for instance, since it comes in red and golden tones. In contrast, lavender is suitable for the features that have cool tones since it has both dominant violet and blue tones.

Dyeing your hair blonde

When you dye your hair to the blonde color, this proves somewhat more complicated than most colors out there; however, if you prepare correctly and if you know the right thing, natural and beautiful hair will be your result.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty’s radiant pearly champagne blonde tone that melt effortlessly into a dusty brunette base and paired it with soft waves as a lush and subtle way of re-energizing and revitalizing your hair.

Toning your blonde hair

Your blonde hair will look best if you tone it properly. discover the best way to tone out your blonde hair and to maintain the appearance.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty’s contrast of beautiful smoldering silvery ash balayage with sooty brown coloured hair base looking very cool and ethereal! It’s a great way to keep balance with dark, natural ash brown roots, while still enjoying the pearlescent finish of ultra-light ash blonde on the bottom half of the hair.

Dyeing your hair

This will show you all you need to know about getting your hair dyed. Discover how you can get the best hair dye results that will rival that of your salon.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty’s seamless blending of the natural dark roots and the highlights begin very high near the scalp entailing a harmonious transition to a gleaming golden honey hue that has a lot of naturalness and warmth.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty’s warm natural looking bronze tones that melt effortlessly into a dusty brunette base.

Color Depth

Your blonde hair color shades are defined further by how intense the present color is. We call this the level, which is used to indicate the level of darkness of the color. The range begins from level 6, the dark blonde level, all the way to level 10, being the lightest blonde.

People with darker complexion are best suited to darker levels for people working with the dye levels. You look washed out if you choose the darker shades while having a pale skin complexion, whereas the pale shades tend to contrast rather intensely if used with dark skin.

People with cool skin tone are suitable for the lighter shade, or people with a warm skin tone can choose the darker shade since a lower contrast happens; this allows you to make any change before you begin to notice the clashes.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty’s angelic shimmering ash beige tones

The Balayage Blonde

The balayage is a technique of application that is useable with any blonde hair shade to add a slight dimension while you naturally blend out and minimize the maintenance.

His style is obtained when you get the dye painted across the hair in such a manner that divides the demarcation harsh lines when the regrowth begins to grow long, which means touching it less frequently. This technique tends to give out a naturally sun-light look, but it also users other styles up to some great extent.

You should give this a thought if you need multi-dimensional blonde color hair with a minimal amount of hair color retouching or toning time.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty’s ash brown balayage with chunky money pieces.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty’s drizzle of dark caramel balayage for a dazzling mane.

Mushroom Blonde

This style is quite a popular one, scattering multiple ash-blonde shades with light brown hues all over the hair using balayage, plus additional subtle warmth to avoid it appearing drab.

Since there is an addition of different color levels, this color shade tends to look brilliant on a majority of the skin tones and depths through an adjustment of the warmth used plus the balance of the blonde to the brown shade. It also has low maintenance since it can grow longer or fade without looking bad between maintenance retouches.

One of the perfect ways of ensuring that you have an excellent new hair color is to select the shade of blonde that suits your skin. There are lots of blonde hair color shades capable of bringing out your eye colors and clarifying your complexion when done the proper way. The important thing here is to consider your physical features before deciding and planning to complement your natural features rather than counterbalance your natural features.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty’s earthy ash mushroom brown base gets this flawless angelic finishing from fine highlighting and lowlighting.  It’s made even trendier with a perfect sleek blunt bob.