caramel balayage

Cold brew hair, which mimics your favorite cold caffeinated beverage, is a must-try trend. This colour technique is inspired by the amazing colour combinations created by adding milk to coffee and ice. The hair colour can be customized to look exactly like your coffee. If you drink your coffee blackened, the colour of your cold brew may be darker and the melted Ice has given it reddish hues. The cold brew you get if you drink a lot more milk and sugar will likely be sweeter and lighter than usual. It’s up you to choose the shade of cold coffee brew you like best for your hair!

Now that we are officially nearing the transition from beach to game days we are ready for some warm fall colour. We love the coffee-inspired colours for our hair, which can range from caramel latte to pumpkin spice. Which colour is your favorite? Cold brew hair colours for sure! You can now step into the season with a refreshing, long cooling sip of this warm brunette shade the provided the dull brunette hair a serious pick me up. This gives your hair a much-needed boost.

caramel balayage

After a series on Instagram featuring dimensional dark hair with warm highlights, cold brew hair has been a very popular trend that keep popping up on the Instagram. According to many colourists, a deep brunette with chocolate-red-golden hues is the best way to describe coldbrew hair colour. This hair colour trend, just like how we each take cold coffee brew differently, can be customized with milk, sugar or extra ice. It’s perfect for brunettes who want to add some energy and vibrancy to their hair. These are nine great cold brew hair styles that will be the trend for this fall. Learn how to make your hair look brew-tiful throughout the season by changing your hair care routine.

Mahogany Swirls

We would like a cold brew in a tall glass. Please add more ice. These rich red brown strokes blended into a deep mocha-based base. This is a tribute to the moment cold brew coffee touches those ices in the glass.

Coffee Melt

After adding a splash of almond milk, the mane will look like iced coffee. Then add a little more milk and ice and observe that it melts gradually to create a rich, ombre effect.

Hazelnut Balayage

Our brew will be accompanied by a few hazelnut pumps. These silky hair are cozied up just perfect time for autumn, with soft warm touches of highlights.

Cinnamon Sombre

This combination of deep cinnamon and dark brown curly hair is hard to resist. Although it looks almost like cherry cola, we will describe it more as a cinnamon mocha iced espresso to maximize our caffeine intake.

Dark Toffee

Toffee brown is a warm and rich bronze shade that captures the richness of cold brew. This toffee balayage makes us all ready for fall thanks to a Starbucks trip.

Golden Balayage

This particular coffee brew blending gets its warm from lowlights and golden honey balayage highlights. This is the caffeinated colour you should choose if you enjoy vanilla cold brew.

Warm Mocha

This mane is just similar to our coffee. It’s simplicity and dark. These dark brunette strands were given new lease of life with soft strokes of mahogany just in time to celebrate fall.

Caramel Melt

Let this be a confession that we don’t always enjoy black cold brew. (Gasp!) (Gasp!) We prefer a bit of creamer or milk and sometimes feel like having indulgence with some caramel flavour. This caramel colour melt is a definite favorite of ours.

Cinnamon Blending

Cold brew locks is the harmony of reddish and gold tones. We love this cinnamon flecked brownish shade that looks just like iced coffee if we are serious about it (read: only ice).