What is a colour correction?

A “colour correction” is meant to fix a colour service that had undesirable results.

A “colour correction” is intended to resolve a colouration service which had unwanted outcomes. Most of the clients can comprehend that a colour correction is necessary for brassy, orangey highlights, or DIY box colour done at home which had a unexpected outcome. Occasionally, a colour correction is required in a complicated situation when a mixture of root regrowth occurred, accumulation of hair colourants as well as lightening caused by the sun or many several factors. 

Something which can seem to be a straightforward fix or normal colour service, however, it seldom so cut-and-dried process.

Some colour corrections could be simple, such as doing a toner to eliminate the orangey out, but the others may be triple-process to lift out dark colour. The latter is at which cost and time can radically increase.

Colour correction often involves the use of other types of dye and more to quickly correct some of the treatments that you may have had. It’s extremely useful especially if the colour of your hair looks a little bit too blonde or there is a need for colour correction on red or brunette. Using a light dye, other colours can be mixed into quickly create a more natural look through colour correction.

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Colour correction can also be a great way to handle hair colours that have changed over time. If the look of your hair or highlights has been sun damage or begun to wear out, our salon can work at producing colour correction that will get rid of stubborn or difficult to deal with looks for your hair.

Our hair salon can also work at hiding the roots that have changed colour over time. If you have hair dye that’s begun to grow out of your hair, it can be helpful to have colour correction that will improve the look and prevent the look of your roots showing.

One of the final improvements that can be made with colour correction is giving hair much more depth and a dimension. The big problem with many types of dye is that it can sometimes create a very one-dimensional and less natural look for a hairstyle. Colour correction can add more depth and a natural look for your hair.

“Colour correction is just that; Correcting colour”

What its initials?

To properly correct a colour issue you must first understand that because we are dealing with a multitude of issues it may take more than one session and even this does not always guarantee 100% success. Our colourists can come as close as possible but may have to stay within the bounds of the hairs particular reality.

What is successes sometimes limited?

When a colour goes wrong it can often mean that the hair is greatly damaged. This affects the porosity of the hair which in turn makes it difficult to reverse the process. It is crucial to fix the hair porosity issues because porosity may change the hair colour and over absorb causing black or dark ends or not absorb enough and become very pale gold.

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How do we proceed?​

First a very thorough examination must take place checking such issues as porosity, texture, elasticity, previous colour, home maintenance issues etc. It is extremely important that one is explained the seriousness of the situation and looks at the realities of cost verses grow out period. We must also examine the time involved and the fact that one session may not be enough. In reality it usually is not because the hair can only handle so much at one time.

Most colour corrections take a great deal of time and product. For this reason try and be clear about your budget and boundaries. It can and usually more cost endeavor to do properly. For instance this is a typical session of colour correction;

The Colour Correction Process:

1/2 hour consultation and evaluation
1/2 hour condition and pre-filler
1 hour application and filling time and processing
1/2 hour shampoo and conditioning process
1 hour application of toner and foundation colour
1/2 hour reconditioning service and steam treatment

1 hour-Optional if needed Highlight to add depth

1/2 to 1 hour-Optional colour removal service if needed

*This is a rough estimate only but can at least provide a close senario. We have also seen some colours that look much worse than they are and require much less time.

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Does this damage the hair?

The idea behind color correction is to ‘REPAIR’ damage, not cause more. However, colour correction is truly an art form and it takes years to become truly proficient at it. The process should always be combined with Reconditioning processes as well to treat the porosity and elasticity. Make sure if you are attempting this service with a stylist that they are EXTREMELY knowledgeable in the area of color and hair composition. This is a highly volatile process and if not handled properly could be very damaging. ​

Would the dark brownish colour which have been performed by your colourist for years will need to be corrected to achieve the cool blonde high lights?

Definitely. Though for the past several years, you’ve already been getting desirable results from your stylist, you want to bear in mind that changing up things could be harder than you believe. From salon perspectives, a stylist only acknowledged a colour-correction service when a client wishes to change the previously coloured hair or virgin hair at least two levels cooler (lighter) or warmer (darker).

What occurs throughout a colour-correction?

When hair gets lightened, colour is actually being taken out, not put in. Unfortunately, other things come out along with the colour, such as protein, leaving the hair damaged. If it needs to be lightened again and again, that’s more structural elements that are being removed, too.

When hair becomes lightened, colour is technically being extracted, and not inserted. Regrettably, other reactions happened together for instances, mineral like protein will also leave the hair resulted in your hair damaged. In case it ought to be lightened over and over, and this further results in more structural minerals being increasing eradicated too.

Those over-zealous colourists will frequently believe that they’re able to execute a colour correction in one single sitting session and eventually it turned out to be your hair structure being so badly damaged that the only real cure is really a big chop of your hair. For prevention of such severe damage, one option is to distribute the hair colour correction service over a few weeks. This will assure you to leave the salon with a simile as your hair still on your head rather than it being disastrously damage within a day.

Your hair may need to be “filled” in unfortunate situation that the hair colour appear too light or the client prefers to have a much darker hues. “Filling” means putting the pigment back in the hair and it is not as easy as finding a colour and apply it on the hair entailing muddy or green colour hair. Upon filling up the hair, it will need to be coloured for at least once more time in order to achieve the perfect colour. The reason that a colour correction service commands a higher service price is because it required a more qualified and technically competent colourist, the amount of time needed is substantial greater than normal colour service and the amount of colour products and mixture needed are much more.

Why do you need to give a heads-up to your colourist about your potential colour-correction?

Even though most colour corrections are not towards that extreme situation, your colourist will have to understand very well what to expect beforehand from client on their chair. In the event that you scheduled one-colour procedure and it ought to be always a four-process colour correction. Thus, this mean that the 2-hour appointment only double in span. In addition to that, the subsequent two hours of her day must be rescheduled with minimal notice. An excellent idea for anybody contemplating a radical shift (view: exactly what a colourist sees being a correction),” or anybody who had an unfortunate encounter with their colour service, would always try to get hold of their colourist even before they start to schedule an appointment with them. So that the colourist can have an image of your present hair colour that the colour correction expectation that your desired. An in-salon appointment for comprehensive consultation might also be needed before your stylist is ready for the colour correction service.

Professional colourist would always have a great variety of potential alternatives in regards to identifying the perfect hair colour formulation for every client. There will be ample of colour products, bleaching agents, toning / glazer and corrective tools to ensure that they have the full capability and resources to deliver the results to the client’s expectation or even exceeding the goals., while safekeeping the integrity and health of their client’s hair. There is a phrase from renowned hair artist, Vidal Sassoon,”If you don’t look good, we don’t look good!”

Nevertheless, many clients knock on us to “mend” what they have failed at home within the span of several months or two years, or a failed colour process by another colourist. In such scenarios, we normally able to locate numerous bands of various shades and tones, irregular re-growth, brassy highlights or faded low-lights across the whole head which will need to be corrected or “evened out”. Afterward, we have to explain to our clients or even to change their mindset that it may take more than a single visit or session to the salon to correct the failed colour that has been done to their hair over the course of weeks, months or even years.



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