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Get the information about what you need to do before dyeing and after dyeing your hair for the best result. Getting your hair dyed, is the most excellent method of renewing your physical appearance or a complete makeover with the best effect, so to achieve a coloured hair with a great look, and to keep it looking great even during the period of changing colours, then you can try these tips that are relevant prior to dyeing as well as after dyeing your hair.


Tips on what to do right before you dye your hair

-A good secret about a hair colour that looks great is ensuring that your hair’s condition is good. A hair that is healthy will readily receive and sustain the vibrancy of the colour of your hair for a long possible time. So it is advisable to handle the hair with care at all times, you should get the proper products for hairstyling as well as shampoos and also you should apply a treatment to the hair for a minimum of once per month.

-Before dyeing is done, you should use heated oil for your hair treatment for conditioning and also you will need to prepare the strands of your hair so as they can receive the new hair colour.

-Washing of your hair on the day that it is being dyed should be avoided and also avoid washing the hair just before dyeing it (You should do this a day after the treatment with the heated oil) so as not to get the available natural oils present in your hair washed away. The natural oils will assist in the hair dyeing by achieving a uniform effect.

-Use a shampoo that clarifies or detoxifies when washing your hair so that it can take out leftover materials from previously used hair products and to make sure that your hair strands are super clean. You should also try not using the conditioner.

-Make sure you go for the proper colour of hair. Whether the colouring is being done in your house or at a hair salon, going for a proper colour of hair really affects the final appearance of your coloured hair. When making a decision on the proper colour, you should use your original colour of hair as a reference and do not make your hair colour 2 shades lighter or darker than your original hair colour. This will ensure that your new hair colour will complement the tone of your skin.

-If you need a new style that is totally not the same as the colour of your original hair or more sophisticated as a hair that has two-tones or several highlights then you should contact a professional stylist so as not to do something disastrous to your hair.

-If the treatment is being done at home, you should keep in mind that the colour that is shown on the package might not be what you will eventually get and all instructions should be strictly followed. It is advisable that you first carry out a strand test on your hair so as to ensure that you don’t react badly as a result of the chemicals that are present in the colour pigment of the dye and also that you shall be satisfied with the final hair colour.

Tips on what to do right after your hair have been dyed

You should give a time lag of minimum of 2 days right after dyeing your hair to wash it, so that the new colour will eventually settle and also adequately stick to the strands of your head.

-To keep your hair colour after dyeing, you should hair conditioners as well as shampoos that are produced for hairs that have been colour-treated. You should also swap with other specified colour of shampoos which are meant to nurture and maintain the exact colour of your new hair. Numerous popular brands which deal in hair products have conditioners as well as shampoos that are targeted to people who have brunette, blonde or redhead shades.

-Use hair products that possess ultraviolet light filters or sunscreen protection to shield your coloured hair from the sun and to also protect the scalp from being damaged by the sun.

-Treat your hair weekly or use a conditioner that is meant for deep hair to keep in best condition your hair colour. For redheads, locks that are moisturized are vital and also locks that are well nourished will leave your colour looking vibrant.

-If your hair colour is dark, then products that enhance the shiny appearance can be used (like smoothing shine) to reveal the best of the colour of your hair. The shine is unbeatable.

-Colour glosses can be used. They are clear and irrespective of the shade colour of the hair can boost the hair colour. Find them in the place where hair products that are good are on sale or you can one produced in your local salon.

-You should be committed to applying colour regularly to your hair. If you dye your hair and leave it for a period of six months, faded colours and new roots will appear which will spoil your hair. This should be avoided. If you afford regular visits to the local salon then you should go for a hair colour that is of low maintenance. With this option, regular maintenance can be done at home.

Considering the help this information will give, you can do some hair prepping, select a colour that flatters you and then sustain the hair colour while making sure that the hair gets nourished. Try using the tips and select a colour for your hair by looking at the hairstyle ranges we have.

To see in advance what you will look like in any one of these salon hairstyles shown in this article about hair colour, click on the photo to see how the hairstyle which is virtual will look on your picture.