If you’ve bleached the hair into blonde colour, you’ll discover that it requires an enormous amount of effort to maintain it. Also, because of the rapid hair growth, you’ll find that the roots appear as you get blonde hair.

Most people will think that their hair root colour appears out of tune as compared to their bright blonde. In order to ensure your hair appears more natural, there are generally two affordable and simple methods to achieve this. The first option is to blend your roots into the bleached hair. The second alternative is by bleaching your hair roots to be a blonde colour. What we’re going to guide you in this article is the former.

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How To Pick the Roots Colour?

In order to blend your roots with your blonde hair entailing a natural finishing, you must follow certain techniques. Performing the dye application in a neat fashion to your roots is certainly not a good technique as it will form an obvious colour-dividing line that appears extremely abrupt and distinctive.

The only thing you have to do is to make an effect of fading that harmoniously transits from dark to light. You can then ensure the gradient and contrast between your roots and blonde is as natural as it can be. To achieve the best natural blending, during dye application, make sure to brush certain parts shorter and certain parts longer into the blonde, entailing an irregular line finishing.

Here are two techniques to select the right colour for your dark hair roots. The first one is to pick the colour to be the same as the hair’s natural colour. If the hair colour is deep brown or blonde, or around that range, it’s perfect. The other option is to select a colour that’s two shades darker than the blonde colour in your hair.

For instance, if the hair colour is light blonde, then light brown is preferred. If the hair colour is extremely lighter blonde then medium blonde may be ideal for you. If the hair colour is medium blonde in this case, you can opt for brown.

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Steps To Blend Dark Roots to Blonde Hair Harmoniously

Prior to dyeing the roots there are certain materials you’ll need:

Colour kit: get your developer and hair dye set ready

Bowl: You require it to mix the dye in it.

Dye brush: Mixing the hair dye as well as apply it directly to the hair

Old t-shirt: To avoid staining of clothes by the hair dyes

Gloves: Protecting your hands from the chemical damage caused by the dyes.

1. Perform Preparations

Be sure that your hair is free of dirt, grease and products as leaving serums and hair masks on the hair can form an obstruction which prevents the hair dye from penetrating into the hair. Then brushing your hair gently to get rid of the hair tangles. Lastly, sectioning your hair to ensure that the hair dye has been applied evenly to the hair’s roots region completely.

2. Hair Dye Preparation

As an initial step, you need to review the instructions on hair dye carefully. Then mix the developer and dye in the bowl. Don’t use the dye straight from the tube, because this will create the chance of spotting on your hair. Mix them together using hair dye brushes.

3. Colour Application

Now, you should brush the dye through your hair in a uniform manner. Apply the hair dye along the line between your natural hair colour and blonde hair colour divide. You should sweep the colour downwards towards the blonde section and upwards towards the roots with the application brush. Do not draw any straight line, but try to achieve more of an irregular line so that you will get an overall finishing look that is more natural.

These irregular lines enable you to create a melted and well blended look in your hair. Be sure to apply this shading technique on all hair’s roots before you leave.

4. Hair Dye Processing

Read the instructions before applying your hair dye. After that, you will obtain information on how long you can leave them on your hair before you rinse them off. In general, leaving it for 30-45 minutes is enough.

5. Rinsing The Dye

You hair should be rinsed thoroughly and ensure that there isn’t any hair dye left behind in your hair. This will prevent chemical damage to your hair and scalp. During the washing process, make sure the process is gentle enough and do not use hot water. Cooler or Lukewarm water is better.

In terms of conditioner and shampoo, select the best products for the coloured hair to maintain the shininess of hair for a longer period of time.

6. Hair Drying

Don’t forget to dry your hair. You blow-dry your hair with a lower heat setting or can air dry it naturally. High heat can eradicate the moisture from your hair, making it drier and unnecessary damage.

 FAQ When You Blend Dark Roots with Blonde

1. Is it possible to colour the hair roots with a shade of blonde?

If you prefer to colour your roots blonde since the hair has their own growth cycle. After you colour your roots with blonde, they will certainly grow out again after sometime. If this happens, you are required to bleach your hair’s roots every time, which will damage your scalp and hair.

2. Do I have to go to a hair salon?

Yes! If you’re capable of it, mixing the roots at home is certainly much cheaper. However, if you are unsure that you’ll be able to blend them correctly, a professional colourist will determine the most appropriate colour for you as well as create the most beautiful and natural appearance for you.