Do you ever dream of creating silky, big, smooth, and oh-so-juicy curls when needed?

Do your difficult-to-please locks make it seem impossible?

It is frustrating, isn’t it? Even more so, if there’s a lot of frizz.

Maybe it’s how you apply your product that is the problem.

You see, once you have found the right technique, all of your guesswork and frustrations are gone.

Then, it’s hello beautiful curls.

One of the most trusted approaches to apply gel to curly hair is praying hands.

It can be used to remove the suck from your curls with gel. It is the best.

We noticed many people use the term “praying hand” and we assume that they know what it means. If you are unfamiliar with the term or don’t understand it, let’s start by clarifying its meaning.

What is The Praying Hands hair method?

It is a technique for gel to be applied to wet hair by using your hands. Gently smoothen the gel over your curls after you’ve rubbed it between your palms. Gently press the hands together to lock the hair between your fingers, uniformly coat your clumps.

Many people who use layers of gel or gel, opt for a cast. Praying hands is equally effective for curling or wavy hair, creating the frequent needed definition.

You should not break apart your clumps. Or you might not achieve the endless spirals and curls you desire.

You can also use gel with cream, mousse, or leave-in conditioner for praying hands.

You may be amazed at how well-defined spirals you can create if you do it right.

This seems like a good time to do the first of two demonstrations. This video is only 15 seconds long. You can see what she is doing.

See? There’s nothing complicated about it. It’s as simple as pressing your product-laden fingers together and sliding them down the hair at each section.

Please be gentle.

You shouldn’t forcefully grip your clumps using your hands. It is important to use products, not “iron” your locks with your hands.

To prevent your clumps from becoming clumpy, you need to treat them with care.

Once everything is applied, you may scrunch the gel if desired. Because it helps mix the gel with water, many people do this. To spread the product more evenly, you can also use scrunching.

You can then plop to absorb any excess water you need for as long as you like. Plopping takes no time at all. Every hair is different, you should know.

Doing this will allow you to absorb gel naturally.

Then you can either air dry or diffuse.

Allow your hair to air dry after you have diffused it. This will help form the cast.

And if you want to learn more about how to diffuse curly hair, we have just the right thing. We examined pixie curl diffusing and found out what it is, as well as why it’s important.

Although this post isn’t meant to discuss curls diffusing, we hope you remember that there are still gentle ways.

If you do it right, you will be able to achieve bouncy soft curls.

Some people report their hair becoming less frizzy after following this method.

Others have found that praying hands gives hair a lasting style. Their hair looks so good that they are reluctant to wash it again.

You may be able to style curly hair in a variety of ways, but there are some nuances that you should keep in mind.

Are you having issues with the Gel Dispersal and Praying Hands Styling Technique

These are just three quick ways to fix it to ensure the gel is fully distributed throughout the hair.

First would be to use more gel. It is likely that you will need more gel than you thought. There is no such thing as excessive gel for some curlies.

The gel amount will vary depending on how long your hair is. (Also, it all depends on how long you have hair. For some curls, it may take a quarter-sized blob while for other curls it might take a larger or golf ball size blob.

It may also depend on the brand of gel that you are using.

You don’t have to be afraid to experiment until you find the right amount for you if you want frizz-free, long-lasting curls.

Water activated gels may also be available. You may need to use more water if you’re doing this outside of the shower.

Second, slow it down. You will avoid missing any section by doing this.

Final note: If you combine prayer hands with raking, make sure to complete the task with the former.

Here are some reasons.

Praying hands is a good way to keep your clumps in check. Raking has a tendency to break them down.

Raking is used for better distribution of the product. It helps increase the volume by creating a little separation. However, it can also help to break up your clumps.

If you do rake, you will want to style them using the praying hands technique to revive.

This is what it would look like.

Begin by using praying hands methods.

Do some raking to disperse gel since you are working on smaller areas of hair.

You can also finish by using the praying hands method, which will help any remaining clumps restoration.

Section and Conquer

This may be something you should try if your curls are quirky, spontaneous, and completely unpredictable then it will be worth trying.

Some people have found that it is easier to distribute products evenly by splitting their hair into sections.

A better spreading means less frizz and fewer clumpier curls.

All of this leads to more relaxed coils.

What is the Difference between Scrunching and Praying Hands methods?

Instead of “verses”, perhaps it should be “praying hands” and “scrunch” – using both those techniques together.

It would be more useful to check if you continue with scrunching. It might not do anything. It may be able to make your curls more dramatic, defined and more spiritual (that’s a term, isn’t?). You have to see them to believe.

It’s still quite interesting to see the difference that product application methods can make. Sometimes, it can make a huge transformation and difference. Your curl pattern can be affected by how you use your hands to rake, scrunch or pray, and how you deal with them.

This final video clip showing how it’s done in a shower will help you understand and guide you the praying hands method. This time you will be combined to scrunch.

This is not something too complicated. You are simply running your product over your hair. This is usually done when your hair falls over your head.

As a reminder, gel casts can be a great way to enhance your curls. Take a few minutes and get the whole story.

Tip: Doing most things with your curls upside down will result in lifted roots. More volume is often associated with roots that are lifted.

This is why you can have your hair upside down or drooping on the sides to add volume.

Another Use

Are you looking for something refreshing?

This technique can be used with only wet hands to restore second- or third-day curls that aren’t looking their best. You can activate products that are already in your hair.

You could also try a slightly more diluted version of the product.

But it is not always a guarantee. You may find better ways to revive your hair. We actually looked at how to make curly hair frizz-free after using pineappling and how to revive curls from the second day that got wacky as you slept.

For some, this may just be a doorway to frizz or flatten your curls

However, some curls are able to respond to this and will form again. If this is you, you have another tool that will allow you to return to the curly, bouncy texture as compared to the day before.