Choosing between curly or layered hair is one of the trickiest choices you can make for your hair.

The curly hairdo is trendy right now, and it looks terrific. Your hair gets a lot of volume & bounce from it. How about the layered hairdo, though?

Is layered hairstyle more preferable than a one length curly hairstyle? If either, why? These and other pertinent issues will be addressed in this article. It will also provide you with some excellent insight into how to choose the layered or curly hairstyle that is ideal for you.

V shaped Layered hairstyles vs V shaped curly hairstyles

Curly Hairstyle

Wavy hair is another term for curly hair. It is made up of a random collection of waves, loops and coils on the surface which often resembles spiral-like shapes. It will take a longer time to weave and straighten as compared to straight hair.

Layered Hairstyle

Layered hair is totally different from curly hair. It has a straight, smooth look, is simple to style, and has a strong resistance against wind. Individual strands of the layered hair are combed in various directions to give it the illusion of having layers.

What Sets Layered Hairstyles Apart from Curly Hairstyles?

  1. Layered hairstyles lacks volume unlike curly hairstyles

Because curly hair is often dense and heavy, it has a greater volume than layered hair. You don’t need to put any effort into making your curls appear voluminous when you have curly hair since the volume is already there and permanent. In contrast, you must raise and separate the strands of your layered hair if you want to add volume to it.

  1. Layered hairstyles is simpler to style than curly hairstyles , which requires more attention

One of the simplest hairstyles to maintain is a layered hairstyle. It can be easily styled in a matter of minutes, needs little effort to maintain, and can be washed in the same manner that you wash your hair every day. It is ideal for those who have a busy lifestyle or wish to have a casual appearance. On the other hand, curly hair needs extra care. It requires more time to dry and takes longer to style.

  1. Layered hairstyles needs regular trims, as opposed to curly hairstyles

Similar to your present hairstyle, layered hair can be easily styled and trimmed. However, since it is made up of separate strands of different lengths, you will need to handle them with greater care and trim them often. Curly hair, on the other hand, does not need any trimming since it is all of the same length as your existing haircut and has no jagged edges.

  1. Curly hairstyles looks glamorous, while layered hairstyles makes you seem younger

Layered hair seems to be more popular among mature ladies. All of this may be attributed to the layered curls hairstyle, which are seen as more youthful than straight or wavy hair. The long, curly hair which reaches their lower back or bottom, on the other hand, gives young girls and teens a very glamorous appearance.

  1. Generally, Curly Hairstyles Need More Styling Products

Unruly curly hair requires a lot of hair care. You will need to use a lot of styling products since it is so fine & textured to get the desired appearance. Layered hair, on the other hand, has less volume than curly hair and needs less styling products. Layered hair can be easily styled with a dry shampoo or round brush, while curly hair needs a curling iron or other tools to appear as natural as possible.

  1. Contrary to layered hairstyles, curly hairstyles may sometimes seem unkempt.

Because curly hair tends to be so unruly, it might sometimes appear messy. However, this does not preclude you from wearing it as your regular daily hairdo. Layered hair tends to complement and look nice with every attire and is much more elegant than curly hair. It may be styled to have the look that you desired.

  1. Curly hairstyles allows for more movement when compared to curly hairstyles without layers.

Naturally smooth curly hair may flow as freely as you wish with little effort. For layered hair with several separate strands, this is impossible. Since it curves in every direction, it could seem stiffer and denser to the eye.

  1. Layered hairstyles is appropriate for both informal and formal settings.

Most women choose layered hair because it can be dressed to meet both formal and casual settings, while curly hairstyles are difficult to maintain and manage.

layered hairstyle vs Curly Hairstyle

The Best Aspect of Layered Hairstyle

You could be tempted to go with the layered cut for yourself if you wish to look more youthful or especially if you have a round face. There are several fantastic things you should be aware of if you decide to adhere to this hairstyle:

  1. There Are Several Choices

There are several ways to style layered hair. They may be worn straight and the curls can fall naturally. You may experiment with various hairstyles or add some hair product for a little wavy texture.

  1. They Fit Any Face Shape.

With hair layers, almost every face shape looks excellent. Any layers will look good on a round or oval face.

A choppy bob haircut with short sides would look excellent on a square face. Long side layers haircut with a blunt cut will appear good on heart or diamond face shape, while longer layers that are styled forward will look best on faces with a triangle or pear shape.

  1. They Add Natural Volume to Your Hair

The best and immediate solution for avoiding the flat-hair problem is to go for a layered haircut. A layered haircut will entail a natural appearance and add volume to your hair.

  1. They Last Much Longer Than Straight Hair

Layered hairstyles may last longer than straight haircuts, which need frequent trimming since they become longer over time. Additionally, because layered hair requires less maintenance and care, you will spend less time in front of the mirror.

  1. Bangs Make the Layered Hairstyles Look Amazing

If you have a square or rectangular face, layered hair with bangs is the best style for you as it will give the impression that your face is more rounded as more attention is drawn to your eyes. It will help to achieve a more feminine appearance as well.

  1. They are appropriate for all ages and hair types.

Layered hairstyles can be worn on any type of hair texture. You may wear practically any kind of layered hairstyle, whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly. You may even consider getting your haircut into a long bob with many layers if you are having long curly hair.

  1. They Work with Any Day Look

Layered hairstyles look stunning at any time of the day and you may style your hair the night before and wake up with stunning curls, or you can style it in the morning and your overall look will appear flawless.

layered hairstyle vs Curly Hairstyle 2

Best Aspect of Curly Hairstyles

The fact about curly hair is that the natural curls or waves often do not fall in the same direction which causes the styling to be more challenging. There are still several things you should be aware of if you have curly hair type:

  1. Curls should be placed right around the face.

Curls which fall directly in front of your face resembling a flowing waterfall wave will certainly look very stunning. To give the curls more definition, it is recommended to separate them apart and add curls on top.

  1. You Can Have Different Curly Hairstyles

You may style your curls in different ways and it will still look stunning. Having curls on your hair will give your locks more body and volume as well as have the most glamorous appearance.

  1. Curly Bangs Make Curly Hairstyles Look Even More Amazing

Bangs are an effective and ideal method for defining your beautiful face and enhancing your beauty. This is a great way to have your curls placed perfectly so you can get to appreciate and enjoy them always.

  1. You can explore Different Curly Hair Looks

You shouldn’t always be wearing your hair in a typical curly style just because it is curly. There are more ways of styling your curls such as putting on stunning highlights on the curls or having loose beachy curls or waves that reach the lower back and get the ultimate glamorous appearance.

Curls are suitable for Thin or Thinning Hair

If you have thin or thinning hair, curls are appealing possibilities to get the perfect look. They’ll help you appear younger by effectively covering up any bald or thinning spots on your head.

Curly or layered: Which Is Better?

As you can see, every hairstyle has its benefits, drawbacks, and occasions when it is preferable. Your hair type and personal preferences will determine everything.

The layered hairstyle is the one to go for if you want to be free from any continuous maintenance. They don’t overgrow and often don’t need any particular maintenance; thus layered haircuts tend to last for many months.

However, if you don’t mind spending hours looking in the mirror and want to seem like a Hollywood actress, or want a refined or edgy look, consider a curly hairdo. It may be challenging to style and needs extra upkeep, but not if you have the appropriate hair products for curly hair.


It all comes down to personal preferences and liking. There are no good or bad choices. You may wear your hair in a layered or curly style and still look stunning. Whatever you decide, be sure to style and maintain it appropriately.