The curtain bangs are enjoying a significant moment. Following its return at the end of last year the popular hairstyle inspired by the 70s was seen on the Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dynevor and Sex Education’s Aimee Lou Wood.

This is another popular trend of the 00s which is gaining popularity and, as this type of style usually requires a center parted hair, it’s an extremely flattering hairstyle that is symmetrical.

In contrast to the normal one that lies straight across, this style of fringe is cut in order to frame the face from both sides. It looks fantastic on both short and long hair.

We all know that acquiring a hair bang can be a risky agenda. However, the best part is that this fringe style is suitable for all facial shapes and hair types If you know the type you want to choose.

It’s the time of the year once again, when ladies from all over the world are seeking ways to alter their hairstyles to get ready for the colder winter months.

Incredibly versatile, curtain bangs can be used on all lengths of hair. But what is suitable for one may not be suitable for another because of different hair types and face shapes.

Do you want to refresh your hair with a new look? This is the thing to request when you visit your salon in line with your hair style and face shape.

Face Shapes

Square face

For those with the blessing of strong jawlines as well as large cheekbones, which is typical of a square face, you can choose a shorter wispy fringe and a centre part to make your face look longer and even out the angles.


Round face

Those who have round faces may want to emphasize their cheekbones by keeping them slightly longer.

It is recommended to have a fringe that is thin with a wispy texture and is textured with an off-centre split to give the illusion of an oval-shaped face.

If you break úp the face at the cheeks width and extend past the jawline, you’ll get an elongated face and a sharper appearance.


Rectangular face

The same goes for rectangular faces. They are best suited for long curtain bangs because anything overly rigid will highlight the harsh features on the face. Cutting one that is longer ending at or below your cheekbones will soften and enhance your face.


Oval face

It’s also a great thing for those with an oval face because it is likely that you will take off any kind of curtain fringe.

 Try adding a little drama by choosing a more short heavy fringe that touches the eyebrows’ tops and finishes at the top of your cheekbones.

Long face

It is recommended that a long face (slightly longer and narrower than the oval-shaped face) will require a blunt hair bang to decrease the length therefore, request for the fringe to be cut in straight across to look shorter.


Diamond face

For diamond faces, the illusion of width can be created by having a heavy short fringe that has a slight off middle parting. It will appear like you have a larger forehead. The middle part of your face will make your face appear more elongated. 


Heart-shaped face


The face of a heart shape has characteristics like a slightly more pointed chin as well as a wide forehead.

It is suggested to add the width of the narrowest portion of the face by using center-parting styles that drop to above the jawline.


Hair types

Additionally curtain bangs are very versatile that suit all hair types , meaning everyone can rock with it.

For hair that’s tight curled or curly, such as Afro hair, make sure your stylist cuts them in dry hair condition and request the length to be slightly longer (an inch or so longer than you want) at the level above cheekbones in order to leave room for shrinkage.

In the meantime, straight or fine hair can benefit from long, layered curtain bangs to frame the face and add volume.

For thick hair, heavy and blunt hair bangs are the best choice. However, if your hair is curly and wavy, it’s likely to require more maintenance to keep it in style.