With different types of DIY color and hair dye treatments available, we change our hair colors as often as beauty regimens like getting our nails painted.

Trying to color a darker hair could be easy, but this may not be just as simple for people with lighter hair color. We have way too many bleaching hair routines gone wrong that most people will not want to try it.

However, we got you covered because you can easily have access to brilliant highlights of pastel tone. We got in touch with different hair professionals as to the numerous ways that the hair can be colored plus how you can put this to work.

Ways to add color to the dark hair

Firstly, we would like to answer several questions:

Why does it seem challenging to dye an already dark hair?

Asian hair has far more product resistance than western hair as Asian hair comes with a healthy cuticle and is among the few hair types to see the black hair color easily.

In terms of color, hair texture can also be a challenge. Many people see the Afro Caribbean type of hair as thick and coarse; however, this is among the hair types with the most fragility when working. There is a difference in the hair shaft between Eastern hair and western hair.

There is a difference in thickness from the tip to the base. Textured hair comes with undulations across the hair’s length, and this leads to weak points. This makes it vulnerable to getting broken easily.

How come the color of our hair turned out to be different from what is shown on the box?

Even if you do not have damaged or stubborn hair, you still have to leave back visible traces of color in the hair. Girls with dark hair are familiar with the scenario when you have the same shade of hair as the “before” picture, while your “after” hair lacks the same vibrancy as that of the hair shown in the product box.

The hair comes with a base color which is only visible after lightening. When you strip off the tone in your black hair, you might end up with the intense red-brown hair color. However, you will not see any bright colors. As the dark hair is bleached, the color will move progressively from the red shade to the copper shade, golden, before you finally get a yellow color. This is when you can now decide to dye the hair with vibrant or blonde colors.

Ash purple hair

Five essential hacks you need to know when coloring your dark hair.

1)         Make an effort to tint your hair

If you want a more concealed hair color wash instead of bold hair color, your first option could be a tint.

Since the bleach helps to strip off pigment from the hair, the tint helps lift the hair while having to e deposited in the hair’s shaft. This is used to get the result that you so desire. The tint will generally lift the hair for 50 minutes. It will then use the final 10 minutes to deposit the tone. With this, you shall get a less damaging effect in comparison to bleach. This is because bleach works until it is washed out thoroughly.

If you want to go several shades lighter, tinting is such a great option. A high lift tint usually will lead to close to 5 different levels of lift. Also, you need to examine your hair’s color history because you cannot use tint to lift a pre-existing tint in your hair.

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Reach For The Bleach

If you prefer to go for the bright and pure shade or color that is a few levels lighter, you will have to choose the bleaching treatment. When you bleach out your hair, you remove the natural pigments present in the hair’s shaft. This makes the color of your hair lighter. A hair with a lighter shade can be bleached easily because it contains fewer pigments since the pigments contained in the hair with the darker shade have more intensity.

Based on the hair’s color history and condition, the bleaching procedure usually varies based on these two elements. If you are lifting a hair for the first time, this could be easy while hair that is colored previously needs a much longer bleaching routine, since you need to lift old colors which you still have in your hair – even though you thought that these have all been washed out.

You should know that this is not an instant process. You could use about two applications until you get the needed color, and your hair designer might suggest having to wait a while in between the applications. But, when you get a suitable blonde level, you can then apply your chosen color.


Coloured Hair Extensions

Because we now have various quality hair extensions available, experienced hairstylist can now create your color blends to suit the look and color you desire. And we do not mean just colors with a natural appearance anymore.

Famous people like the Kardashians, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, and Katy Perry, continuously change their hair color by turning to hair extensions. They could choose to get the caramel lo-lights or blonde highlights today and then decide to have the rainbow-bright hair color the next day. When you have hair extensions, you have numerous options of color to choose from. You could decide to go for something bold or natural; you will also have the matching hair extension.

The benefit of using colored hair extensions or getting your extensions colored includes the opportunity to get unlimited styling possibilities, plus the fact that it prevents your hair from becoming damaged irreversibly when you get your hair colored.

Extensions are made to have different textures, colors, and lengths. They also tend to vary from synthetic hair to genuine human hair. To try doing this yourself at home, there are certain styles that you can get. You could get wrap around ponytails, fringes, clip-on buns, and clip-ins. You buy these in the market.

You should get a professional to fix this if you want a more permanent hair extension. Poorly done hair extensions might lead to traction alopecia. They also cause bald spots. If you place them very close to your parting or hairline, you could end up exposing the attachment.

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Change Your Colour Tone

There is no need to color up your entire head and use permanent color for this all the time. Having dark hair does not mean that you can not change the color of your hair as you wish. If you have lighter shades in your hair already, pastel shades can even be an option for you. Pastel shades help you refresh your color shade. You might also use them to revamp a previously styled ombre hair without getting a new hairdo.

People with previously dyed hair might see that the old orange hair undertones will begin to become visible during the hair’s fading phase. People should try having on the icy blue option to help tone down the tips of the hair if they appear rather brassy.


Trial A Temporary Colour

For many decades, we have had hair mascara; however, instead of adding more vibrant hair color, they are more useful to cover grey hair. For people looking to get a damage-free and rapid color burst, they can decide to get color sprays or hair chalks.

When you use hair chalks, you can add different types of color to your dark hair by having the chalk run down the slightly damp hair. Whereas they can stain any hair with a lighter shade, this will not be an issue for dark hair since you can wash out the chalk with just several washes.

This is ideal if you want to color newbies because hair chalks also give you more control to determine the final appearance. We highly recommend that you run color splashes across your hair ends, or you could get a large piece colored just beneath the layers at the top of your hair.


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