A year older, another year more mature. So goes the old saying. Although your birthday is certainly an occasion to celebrate it’s also a fact that aging does damage to your hair. Like skin, the hair that you will alter as you get older. It can go from coarse and unruly hair which look like they might cause a brush fire to noticeable thinning hair, and bald spots that are undesirable, we all know the difficulty changing the texture of your hair can be.

As time passes your hair can get more curly, thin, straight or coarse. A lot of the changes in your hair are caused due to the process of maturation however, there are numerous reasons why this might be happening that do not have anything to do with the aging process. Stress as well as diet and hormone changes all play an important role in the texture of your hair.

If you’re experiencing a change in the texture of your hair, we’ve all you need to know about the changes happening to your locks. Check out this article for a detailed breakdown of the possible causes for hair texture changes and a variety of options to tackle the issue.

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The Reason for Hair Texture Changes

Although changes in the texture of your hair may be a bit frightening, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you’re not the only one. The texture of your hair changes over the course of your life, as the hormones and metabolism, as well as general internal health shift. Here are a few typical causes for changes in your hair’s texture.


Genes play a significant influence on how the thinning of our hair as we get older. If you’re trying to have a clear picture of the way your hair will alter over time, simply examine your parents. If you’re born with an inherited predisposition to thinner hair, a decrease in the volume of your hair could occur at the time you reach puberty. If you do not have any genetic predisposition to hair thinning, the change can be much less severe.

The most frequent cause of hair loss is Androgenic alopecia which is a hereditary condition and can cause a decrease in the amount of hair in the course of time. This type of genetically-determined hair loss usually occurs at the crown of your head where hair follicles that are extremely sensitive to the normal concentrations of androgens (male hormones) reduce, making the hair become thinner with every cycle of hair growth .


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Hormones can have a significant impact on hair. Menopause specifically is a cause for hair texture changes because it triggers androgen hormone levels to rise. The estrogen that is beneficial for hair (female hormone) levels fall in the body , while as a result, androgen levels rise. While androgens aren’t the only thing that diminish hair, they also decrease the diameter of hair, resulting in an undesirable reduction in volume.

Hormonal fluctuations can impact your hair both throughout and after pregnancy. If you’re expecting, you might observe that your hair becomes longer, more shiny, and thicker. This is due to increased levels of estrogen and increased blood flow that occurs naturally throughout your body when you’re pregnant which reduces your normal speed of hair shedding. When you have given birth to your baby, estrogen levels decrease. The sudden shift causes rapid and severe postpartum hair loss which usually begins about two to four months following the birth of your child.

Although it’s scary to find large chunks of hair floating in the drain of your shower Do not panic! Women typically do not lose more than what occurred in the nine weeks of their pregnancy. The loss of hair is more dramatic due to the fact that it’s occurring at the same time. As per experts, mothers who are new may lose as much as 400 hair strands in one day!


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Our daily activities have a significant impact on the overall health of our hair. If you’re observing thinning towards the ends of hair instead of at the root, heat might be the cause. This is due to the fact that we are prone to running the flat irons or curling irons across our hair ends, which causes dryness and the appearance of brittleness. Luckily, this kind of texture change is easily prevented. Cut back on heat styling and apply heat protection products like for thermal sprays for styling.

Diet plays an important role in the hair’s texture. If you’re not getting enough iron, protein as well as essential fatty acids such as omega-3s in the diet, hair strands could become thinner. This is due to the fact that your hair requires a high amount of nutrients to grow and reproduce. Make sure you have food items in your refrigerator like avocado, oysters, eggs, and salmon for hair that is healthier.

Another main reason for hair texture changes is stress. In our busy personal and professional lives, we all go through tense moments from time-to-time. Stress can increase amounts of the male hormones in our body, which can cause the hair’s appearance to be thinner due to hair shedding. Because the average person sheds 50-100 strands of hair each day, the process of shedding is only a problem if you notice an increased quantity of hair loss. One of the easiest ways to ease stress include getting enough sleep and working out at the gym often.

Overcoming the changes in hair texture  

Do you notice how your hair is getting thinner? Do you observe strange texture changes? Don’t panic. There are a variety of solutions which can do wonders to your hair. In addition to managing your stress and overall mental well being as well as eating a diet rich in protein, it is also recommended to apply oils for hair. One of the best known solutions for hair aging as well as hormonal change in hair growth is casting oil, as it is very high in Vitamin E and proteins and minerals. The caster oil also moisturizes the hair, and improves blood flow to the scalp, which could result in faster growth of hair.


While we don’t have any choice when it comes to the aging process, there are many options for styling your hair to make you look younger. Refresh your appearance and you can look younger by trying out different hairstyles. Whether you choose trendy face framing highlights or you decide to experiment with hair bangs There are plenty of options to conceal thinning hair or undesirable texture changes using hair extensions.


Bangs are having an absolute moment nowadays. From wispy and soft to feathery and blunt, there’s a wide range of fringe and bangs styles that you can try. If you’ve had bangs before, you’re aware of the fact that they can cause an emotional rollercoaster. They not only require lots of effort to maintain, but they also require a long time to grow out. Fortunately, there are some clip-in bangs that will provide you with enviable bangs without the commitment. The hair bangs are an excellent idea for women who are scared to dive into real hair bangs. Hair bangs can also provide extra volume to those who are experiencing hair thinning issues.

Gorgeous hair regardless of age

The relationship you share with your hair is a lifetime journey. For better or worse, the changes in the texture of your hair is a normal common process of ageing. However, the good news is that smooth, beautiful and full hair is achievable to attain regardless of any age. No matter if you’re experiencing texture changes or hair loss and hair thinning, these changes could provide a chance to experiment with a different new appearance and alter your hairstyle to make it more appealing.