What to Do if You Regret Dyeing Your Hair Black?

Have you ever regretted dyeing your hair black? When you choose a hair dye that is essentially permanent and irreversible, going through a major colour transformation is even more of a death-five situation. While we may debate all day that inky jet black dye is the sexiest colour there is, not everyone can pull off the striking hue. Even the greatest among us have had major hair regret at one point or another, but what should you do if you have dyed your hair which is darker than nightfall and you need the black hair to be corrected by dawn? A complete hair colour disaster may be fixed with time and the appropriate techniques, even to you if it can seem like the end of your mane world. Becoming black can be very beautiful and stunning but it certainly is a major hair transformation. You may believe it would be very fun and entertaining for an event like Halloween because it may not be the best idea if you have lighter coloured hair.

Black hair dyeing requires a serious commitment and you have to think twice before going for it. In fact, it is a major decision to dye any hair colour which is different from your natural colour. You may also consider wigs before you consider dyeing your hair. Because you can quickly alter your hair without causing harm to your hair, wigs are a lot more fun.

When you wear a wig, you may visualize how your overall look will appear in a certain hair colour or hairstyle. It is simply more than just dressing up. Maybe it is not a good idea for you to go to work on a daily basis by wearing the pink wig with the sparkles you bought for your Halloween costume.

Wigs are far less expensive than visiting a hairdresser to have your hair dyed a whole new shade. They’re less expensive than the colour correction you’ll require if you have dyed your hair in black before knowing how it will first appear on your previous blonde hair after a few washes (think light gray).

Thus, it is recommended to purchase some wigs. There are good and quality wigs that resemble like real hair.

If you are regretting having your hair dyed black, what should you do?

Firstly, try to use clarifying shampoo to clarify your hair to get rid of most of the colour. A Malibu treatment may also be used to gradually lighten the hair.

Alternatively, to lighten black hair, you may also apply colour remover, follow by using the toner or bleach depending on the level of lifting you need. If you wish to maintain your hair dark, tone it first, then perform an ashy brown dye application to the hair and always prioritize hair conditioning in every step of the procedure.

It will be ideal to meet up with your colourist who can provide you with sound advice as well as help you to correct your dark hair without any further damage. That’s because each head of hair responds differently to the lightening process.

But if you need to have your black hair fixed as soon as possible, you may try Head & Shoulders shampoo. This may provide a hair clarifying experience which is also quite affordable. You may also purchase a stronger clarifying shampoo for washing your hair. After a few washings, it will certainly become much lighter.

Yes, effects won’t be seen right away, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. The stronger shampoos have the power to effectively remove that excess hair colour. Although they may be bad for your hair if you use them for a long period of time, it’s definitely a safer alternative than any chemical bleaching or colour remover process.

You may continue using clarifying shampoo even if you plan to apply the colour remover soon as the shampoo will serve as a preparation step. This will aid in the gradual fading of the black pigment.

Clarifying shampoos does, in fact, work very effectively. They are formulated to remove a wide range of stuff from your hair. That consists of dirt, extra oil, chemicals, hard water residue, and water-borne minerals. But since these shampoos may also get rid of the chemicals in hair dye, they’re perfect for preparing your hair for home bleaching or colour removal.

Make dark hair lighter by applying a colour remover

Black hair dye differs from other colours in that it is much darker and deeper than any of them, giving it the strongest pigmentation. The pigments hold on the hair more strongly than nothing else. Naturally, this also implies that removing it from your locks will result in significant damage.

You must open up the hair cuticle in order to lift the dark colour. This causes hair to become dry and brittle. However, compared to bleach, colour removers are considered a milder solution. You undoubtedly want this colour gone right now, but if you are not patient enough, you’ll destroy the feel and texture of your hair.

You must prepare the hair using nourishing conditioning hair treatments throughout the lifting process. This will assist keep your hair’s integrity from being harmed. Alternatively, you can bleach the dark hair to get rid of the black and lighten the hair. You’ll probably need both.

However, we strongly advised that attempting this on your own is certainly very challenging. By doing it yourself, you may believe you are saving money, but your hair may suffer damage. It will be worse than dyeing it black and then regretting it. Have a wig or two in the meantime to help you till you can get professional colour advice.

Going to the salon will allow you to handle this in a controlled manner. Please note that hair brassiness will appear when you start lifting the hair. And a professional can handle it like the back of their hand.

Colour removers as we have just discussed break down the molecules of hair colour, making them less damaging than bleach. The majority include a little amount of bleach in them, making them strong enough to remove permanent black hair colour. You must, however, still use them sparingly since they may still cause hair damage.

Perhaps most importantly, you should be aware that colour removal won’t miraculously restore the tone of your hair to when it was. Most likely, the hair will turn out to be a pale orange tone. Removing the black hair dye from your hair is the goal of this procedure.

This will enable you to dye your hair to the shade that you desire. However, it is important to patiently wait a couple of weeks before colouring your hair again, and you must also continuously condition your brittle, damaged hair.

Depending on the desired hair lifting level, use toner or bleach.

Your colourist may use a colour remover to help you get rid of the black dye from your hair. As mentioned previously, the black pigment will be effectively removed, but your hair may become brassier and perhaps have an orange or yellow tone. Thus, you must be aware of this to stay calm.

But if you don’t have any expertise, doing it yourself might be a challenging and difficult task. You don’t wish to botch this up, even if you’ve dyed your hair numerous times before as this is considered a more challenging major colour correction job.

A skilled colourist may help you to correct the shade into your desired hair colour so that you will not be ashamed to be seen. It can be performed by removing that unattractive brassy appearance and further bleaching it or using a toner.

Apply a dark ashy brown colour

The black dye’s pigment is particularly difficult to remove as compared to other hair dye. To get as much of those black pigments out as possible, it is recommended to start with a hair dye remover.

Do you want your hair to appear healthy and shiny? The application of brown hair dye we are discussing now will be very different as compared to the times when you were dying your hair with brown hue. This time, the brown dye is used as a corrective dye.

You definitely can’t disregard your hair’s condition in this situation. Don’t merely use these hair correction techniques to just remove undesirable colour. Examine your hair condition carefully. Be truthful about the condition of your hair. You should first take care of any hair damage or brittleness before deciding to continue on any hair colour correction process. Conditioning your hair is crucial throughout all of this process for this reason.

Because your hair will feel like hay on your head if you merely fix the colour and ignore the importance of the condition of your hair. Take care of your hair by conditioning it if you want it to feel and look healthy.

Each time you wash your hair, condition it.

We are going to highlight this as a separate topic since this is so important and critical. Please remember that it is definitely possible to lighten black hair, but doing so will damage your hair. Thus always condition your hair properly beforehand.

In addition to a deep conditioner, we will also advise using a leave-in conditioner. To maintain smooth, healthy hair, use as many moisturizing hair products as you can.

Without hair conditioning, your hair will feel awful to the touch and appear fried. Once again, if you’re unsure of what to do, just wear a wig for a while until you can seek expert assistance.

Be patient

When you have regretted having your hair coloured black, the toughest step of all will be staying patient. Since the dark hair lightening will be in the process of stages, it is very difficult to see it move from dark to light.

As the black hair lifts, the colour changes, going from red to orange to yellow. The colour of your hair before being dyed black, whether it is in dark or light shades, would also affect how soon it would lift.

For the majority of you, prepare for a crazy ride.

Thankfully, toner is useful in this situation. To neutralize and balance out any undesired hues in your hair while lifting a black colour, it is very important to tone your hair.

Try considering darkening your hair in a milder manner if you’re serious about dying your hair black but haven’t done it before. In this case, a dark brown gloss will be ideal since you may make the hair colour deeper if you want and it won’t deposit too much pigmentation.

Thus, even if you regret it and wish to alter the colour within the same month, it will be easier to fade and change.

Haste will create waste and this is a well-known word of wisdom which particularly applies in this case since removing black hair colour must go gradually and steadily.

You may not like your dark hair colour but if you did not remove the dye properly with care, the health of your hair will certainly be compromised. And it will ruin the condition and appearance of your hair much more than a colour you don’t like.

As you strive to restore and correct the hair colour, keep your hair healthy by moisturizing it. Once again, going to your colourist is definitely the best option for maintaining healthy hair and getting the perfect shade you desire.

In the meantime, wigs are always an option for quickly changing your appearance!


You can certainly correct your dark hair whether you made the decision to have black hair after seeing the Kardashians or because you thought it would be nice for Halloween. The removal of black hair colour, however, may be quite damaging and harmful to your hair. Every step of the process, you must condition the hair to protect it.

Your hair will be healthier if you take care of it during this black hair colour correction process. Your colourist will be able to clean up the hair colour disaster you’ve made. Even if it could cost a little more, it won’t be as costly as fixing another disaster in order to correct the first mess.

Wigs are a terrific method to experiment with a new colour or style without the concerns of unnecessary hair damage. They can help you until you can go to the salon if you’ve encountered a hair colour mishap.