How does this present COVID19 pandemic crisis influence the future of beauty and fashion? It is a question we have been thinking ever since the real scale of the pandemic first started to evolve.

Even though this COVID19 epidemic will gradually be contained, some habits of us will continue and it is becoming more and more obvious that the outbreak will probably leave a deep and lasting effect on the society, even on the market too on the beauty industry. As we progress, these are the ten trends that are most probably to change the beauty and fashion industry.



The 1st trend is that the sharp growth in need for beauty products that have to be known as preventative and secure. Hand sanitizers and antibacterial cleaner are all sold out on the eCommerce in a matter of couple of days. The present situation reminds buyers the importance of personal cleanliness and hygiene.

Hence we could anticipate the crucial need to redesign the packaging and products types with greater appeal for sprays, pumps or single usage type, along with a continuing desire for sourcing  and ingredient transparency in addition to satisfaction on flawless production criteria, due to the increased consumer anxiety.

The requirement for safe, effective products will continue growing strongly with customers even more conscious and aware of their health dangers, putting priority on the safety of formulas and ingredients in the skin.


Consumers are adopting more healthy practices and lifestyles, looking for food and products able to boost their immune and health system. Immunity boost super foods have not been so well sought after viewing a further increase in demand after the spread of this virus began.

These products aren’t just regarded as a source of nourishment for a more powerful immune system with a well-balanced diet, however, also have transitioned into appropriate beauty needs. The healthier beauty food notion, which motivates people to consume more nature, organic foods which help encourage better health and wellbeing, is forming a fresh fast paced trend: that the convergence of nourishment and beauty.


Working at home has become a significant shift we’re living and hasn’t come without difficulties. However, what about its consequences on beauty and hair habits, if our social connections are confined to a few daily videoing?

As a dominant part of our lives are currently occurring in the home, relaxation is becoming vital: body and skin care in addition to hair masque are much more popular nowadays. But are products which can make us feel nice and comfy on our computer screen in addition to home-use beauty equipment to acquire salon-like outcomes. This tendency also provides the opportunity for brands to match the demand for some motivation through purposeful initiation. Isolation is giving chances for companies to join and build important connections with their communities, because of a growth in the usage of social networking. Live beauty tutorials, unique insights on merchandise and Do it Yourself beauty hints: the beauty & fashion calls for digital, real beauty encounters and network with customers.



Self care beauty is getting a wider meaning nowadays as it isn’t just connected to our physical look. During this isolation period, certain people discover relaxation in music or baking, the others turn into self care like home work outs, podcasts, meditation, along with DIY beauty remedies.

Physical and psychological well-being which have been very important fundamental long before COVID-19, have seen a flourish on each social networking platform, quickly turning into a pillar in post coronavirus content plans for many companies. People today find themselves pressured to slow down their pace, and in a number of instances to cohabit with feelings of stress or anxiety. Hence during this period, physical and mental wellbeing is prioritized more than look, making individuals eager to spend more time into their own personal care rituals. Consumers are searching for “easy and quick” luxuries” or even”small delights” and finding happiness in tiny moments.

Daily workout, healthy foods and superior beauty remedies: manufacturers need to consider rituals which may help customers to relax in after work to get “me-moments” of both personal indulgence and comfort.


Doing your shopping online and especially the online shopping mall encounter will play a very crucial part also, as individuals will probably be asked to steer clear of crowded areas like shopping centres.

This will prompt these brands to improve their existence in eCommerce platforms and to keep on to re-evaluate their functions too as the new immersive beauty experience provider.

Augmented reality digital system is going to be an integral technologies to go for to get a much improved and ultra-personalized customer online experience. That is believe to be the future route for the beauty business — our purpose of pride, also. Introducing this “Virtual Try On” by our supplier Redken in January, we wanted to provide to our clients an entirely new adventure of hair colour consultation through attributes like live AR along with 360° video catch, hair colour in Singapore try-on and facial recognition.

As customers need to be compensated for a lack of real shopping, hair & beauty players will nevertheless be expected to provide equal and sophisticated online experience to cultivate customer loyalty.



Putting on safety masks will turn into an essential habit to safeguard ourselves and many others . Because of this we can anticipate they’ll shortly be part of our beauty patterns and outfits. Let us see the way the fashion business going forward?

Now for the beauty business and perspective, this may mean hair and eyes would now be the focal point as customers wear masks. Hence hair and eyes beauty are expected to grow even more quickly which is ideal for individuals at the hairdressing business, whilst lip products are becoming more about health and treatment, instead of cosmetic and colour impact.


Our hairdresser in Singapore are being seriously hit by the closure of hair salons. But this horrible tragedy along with the forced lockdown are revealing how importance they truly are by their clients.

These clients are –and very desperately– searching for strategies to handle their own hair while not able to visit the salon. Home Box colour is just one of those beauty categories that’s flourishing throughout the quarantine. “How to cut my own hair” has been trending on Google, and also the hashtag #quarantinehair and #pandemicbangs are going viral on Instagram and Tiktok, in which a great deal of users posting their clips doing live, haircut and response at home.

Consequently, some stylists started, nearly from the onset of the lockdown, to intervene and help their customers. Online tutorials, consultations through Skype or Facetime, or live video advice through their at home haircut and colouring procedure: these stylists’ professionalism and abilities are becoming more valued and appreciated than ever.

After just a couple of days of confinement, numerous ladies started to be worried about their roots or bangs. This fear was partially irrational as women on average color their hair in salons each 6 months, but that is exactly what’s touching, and sometimes even intriguing: Ultimately, hairdressers can actually realize today they are a lot more essential than they perceived in their customers’ eyes. And the customers can truly appreciate what hairdressers can do. The worth of the hairdresser’s artistry and craftmanship has been rediscovered, as well as the salon experience, formed on the individual connection and feeling of trust involving the stylists and customers, has shown yet again to become irreplaceable.