We all know what it to get a typical haircut is. However, it seems that not many of us know what it is to get a trimmed haircut.

However, as a matter of debate, certain hairstylists will be quick to say that there isn’t any difference between both haircuts, since you get to cut the hair in both cases.

This article aims to provide a suitable answer to what the meaning of the trim haircut is as we compare this to a normal haircut.

Usually, the trim haircut is the cutting off the hair ends to remove both the frayed and split ends as you also maintain the same style of hair. You could get about 2 or more inches of the hair removed which depends on the needs of the individual as well as the total hair condition of the person.

The Normal haircut vs the Trim – Understanding the difference

There is a clear difference between getting a trim and a haircut, however, what does getting a trim haircut mean?

For trim, you usually get a hairstyle that maintains the same shape but appears to come with a shorter length. This means that trying to cut off a suitable amount of the hair to keep the style healthy without compromising it.

Naturally, if you have a customer that gets into the hair salon and asks the hairstylist for a hair trim, you do not give them a different style. The customer prefers the hair trim to look the way it does before but more in a neater way.

Alternatively, if somebody needs their haircut this usually means that they want a substantial part of the hair to be removed, rather than just a few inches gone from the hair.

This means that they might need a new hairstyle which would be nice for people that have extreme hair damage. However, we do not consider this to be a hair trim.

The Trim Haircut – How much do we take off?

We now explain the meaning of the trim haircut. But this could come with a complicated answer. Every stylist that we ask this question will give a different answer to it since for one person this trim might be as simple as a half-inch and to some other people, we might be talking about 3 or 2 inches. Technically, the reason why we get our hair trimmed off is to get rid of the split ends.

People whose split ends are over 2 inches long usually get bigger trims. This might result in a full haircut which depends on the actual damage of the hair.

Certainly, the customer usually decides the number of inches they want off the hair. a huge factor is usually the health of the hair.

The trim usually involves the removal of dead ends and not changing the initial style and shape of the hair. But this is not always the case.

The customer may get into a salon and be intending to get off only an inch, but they could end up getting more inches off than necessary.

Why the decision is usually hard, your hair health should be a high priority in this regard. Then again, at times, if you take just one inch off the hair, this might not be sufficient to bring back the full health of the hair to make it look healthy.

The Trim Haircut – Benefits

The primary advantage of the trim haircut is to get rid of annoying split ends. Splitting might be able to go up the strands of the hair, to create a weak, fragile hair that could easily snap off.


Getting rid of the split ends

People usually get split ends as certain people tend to have more split ends than most other people. However, this is not likely to result in any problems, if you cut them off immediately you spot them. This is why the key to making your hair look healthy is to regularly trim it.


Promotes the growth of the hair

Dead ends are strong enough to stop the hair to grow. The moment that you get rid of the dead hair, you then get rapid growth of fresh hair. Naturally, your hair grows fast if they look healthy. Alternatively, weak and dead ends tend to break away, which completely prevents the growth of the hair.

Prevention of Frizz

Frayed and split ends usually causes an increased amount of frizz, which is very particular during colder weather cases. With this, the hair tends to look dull and damaged. To eliminate the frizz that has resulted due to split and frayed ends, you should get a trim haircut, which is your best solution.

When you cut off the ends of your hair, you could see that your hair has become shinier, feels softer, and looks fuller. This is what results in eliminating several hair parts that are dead to create a way for a stronger and healthier strand of the hair.


You can manage the hair

It might become difficult to style the hair that has been damaged since the hair will not do what it is expected to. When you apply different styling options, the hair could be responsive while looking frizzle and frayed.


People with ends that are damaged should avoid applying any form of heat to this. One of the most effective and effective ways of treating this condition is simply to cut off the ends and start all over again. You will be able to get the hair that can be managed easily while you shall have more options for styling at your disposal.


Reduced tangles and knotting

If you have damaged hair, this will be very difficult to detangle and can easily lead to knots. Detangling your hair will not only consume time but might lead to more damage to the hair that results from pulling and tugging at it. You could prevent this if you get a frequent trim haircut since less damaged hair ends usually leads to a lesser chance of them getting detangled.


The signs which tell you to trim your hair

The split or dry ends

One of the most visible indicators that you need to trim your hair is when it has split or dry ends. Moreover, your hair might also appear to have a rough texture, which makes them look fuzzy and dull. If this happens, you should cut off the neds without delay, as they might travel up your hair shaft and cause more damage.

The hair breaking off

If your hair is damaged, with time, it becomes weak and fragile until it breaks off ultimately. It could be seen that the ends easily snap off during combing and styling; this shows that your hair is not healthy.

However, if you trim out the neds regularly, you will prevent further breakage and restore the strands of the hair.

The hair looks dull or seems to lack volume

People who split ends are more than one inch could end up having hair that looks like it does not have volume, looking frizzy, and full. The hair that is damaged lacks sufficient bounce and body because it appears weaker, thus, you will not be able to style and keep the hair fresh. You could be up for a hair trim, once you see that your hair lacks its usual voluminous or shiny look.

How frequently should you trim your hair?

The number of times that you cut of your hair depends on how much money you have and what you want on your hair. A majority of hairstylists have recommended that people should get their hair trimmed a minimum of once every 6th week. But for most people, this might not be possible since they might not need it.

One way to check if you need to trim the hair is to inspect the ends of the hair. the moment that you notice split ends showing up. You should consider cutting off the hair.

For some people with healthy-looking hair and minimum split ends, they could go for several months without getting their hair trim.


Normal Haircuts and Trim Haircuts – Which is cheaper?

People commonly assume that normal haircuts are pricier than trim haircuts. It is usually the job of the hairstylist to cut off your hair, and whether they fully restyle your hair or take off some inches, you often get to pay them the same amount of money. This happens since they use the same amount of energy and it is roughly the same technique. Thus, you get to pay the same costs.


Is trimming the hair always necessary?

Some stylists usually think that it is key to prevent hair damage and you could trim the hair to get rid of split ends at first, whereas other stylists usually tell customers to get the trim anytime they see split ends.

Eventually, this is all down to the person. You could opt to trim your hair every 6th and 8th week or you could just wait it out until they cut off the hair. But, if you have frayed, split, and dry ends, then you should get your hair completely cut to ensure healthiness and strength.