Precise cutting and Styling Advice for Curly Hair Bangs

Bangs. The majority of the people flaunting the fringe or bangs on social media are women with straight hair, but that does not imply that curly-haired women canโ€™t participate in the fun as well.

Numerous A-listers have worn curly hair with bangs and looked great doing it. Dotting your T’s and crossing your I’s is the secret to making your curly bangs look perfect. This shouldn’t be a spur-of-the-moment situation when you just take the scissors and cut your curly hair fringe. Please refrain from doing it at all costs.

You should put this task in the hands of a curly hair specialist with expert cutting and styling curly hair with bangs since curly manes have a life of their own. You won’t regret it later, we promise, since the last thing you want to do is have to clip those jagged, curling bangs back for the next six months to cover a poor haircut. We are here to assist you because of this. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of committing to curly bangs by reading on.

Should Curly-Haired People Wear Bangs?

The quick reply is “yes, yes, and yes”! Because your hair is curly, there shouldn’t be any restrictions on how you may style or cut it. In actuality, you might benefit from your curly texture. The combination of bangs and curly hair is an ideal match in heaven.

Don’t panic if you committed to having curly hair bangs but afterward changed your mind. While your bangs are growing out, styling them might be difficult, but it only takes time. You may be able to grow out your curly bangs in as quick as a few months, depending on how rapidly your hair grows and how short you cut them. Although it could take six months to a year for some people, it doesn’t imply that you will always have bad hair days. When in doubt, discuss hair styling options with your curly hair specialists while your hair is growing out. Don’t worry if you have a problem with your curly shag. Think of it as a passing trend and rock it to the fullest.

What Are the Best Ways to Style Bangs With Curly Hair?

Follow these easy instructions before scheduling your appointment to guarantee you leave with the ideal appearance you were going for. We’re giving you five simple steps to follow, from a dry cut to styling bangs fresh out of the bathroom, so you can effortlessly transit to your new look.

  1. Request that your stylist dry-cut your bangs.

You’ve undoubtedly heard that cutting curly hair when it’s wet instead of dry curls allows the stylist to better understand your natural curl pattern and, in turn, give a more effective cut. Curly hair tends to have a lot of weight in the front, and bangs help relieve that weight. Thus, it is preferred for bangs to be proportionate to the rest of the cut. Hence, for the best definition and shape, request your stylist to cut your bangs dry because of the actual shrinking of curls. Pulling out scissors on damp hair is a major guessing game since your curl pattern may vary significantly once dry. Request that your hair be trimmed dry for the finest definition and shape. The same applies to your bangs as well. Cutting your curly hair with bangs dry not only helps you achieve an appropriate bang length but also helps you predict how your curls will lay when they are groomed. Nothing is worse than trimming bangs only to discover that, after drying and styling, they are five inches shorter. Oh, let’s steer clear of it at all costs. Some mistakes that he sees people make when cutting bangs include cutting curly bangs in a straight line (as you know curls can shrink to different lengths) starting the bangs too far forward in the front of the hair so that the other hairs fall forward and over the bangs. It is advised to start the bangs where the head starts to curve downward. It is also recommended not to cut the curly bangs too short. Cutting just below the brow or longer is optimal. If you want curtain bangs, for example, you will want hair that is even longer than the brow. (Yes, curlies can do the trendy curtain bangs, too.)

  1. Longer Is Preferable than Shorter

Recall how we spoke about shrinkage. You should ask your hairdresser to start with a longer bang than you think you want only for this reason. You will have more flexibility to change the length of your curly hair bangs if they are first trimmed longer. There is the only time that can solve the issue if the hairdresser trims them too short. The best-case situation is to have your hairdresser trim longer bangs, wash, dry, style, and then make any necessary corrections. Once again, the objective is to leave oneself some wiggle room in case it is needed to make adjustments so as to have the curly bangs of your dreams.

  1. Having your bangs washed more often than the rest of your hair is nothing to be afraid of.

Avoiding daily cleaning of your curls is strongly advised, however, curly hair with bangs may be an exception. You could discover that newly styled and groomed ringlets will be appearing at their best. Therefore, you may wish to wash and reset your bangs even if you don’t wash your hair every day. This might include merely spritzing with a little water and applying a styling product, or it could entail shampooing, conditioning, and styling. True freedom of choice is yours. Limiting the amount of handling and manipulation once you’ve reset your bangs is the key to preventing frizz, regardless of how often you wash your hair.


  1. While your bangs are still wet, apply the product.

Although adding cream or gel to your second-day bangs can seem like a smart idea, you should always apply style products while you hair is still damp. Products with shea butter, macadamia, avocado, sweet almond, and jojoba oils give it hydration, hold, and help define your curls.

  1. Your friend is a curling wand.

There can be days when your curls aren’t cooperative, and a few strands in your bangs aren’t quite where they should be. Grab a curling wand with a barrel width that matches your curl pattern to fix this. Wrap your hair around the wand while it is on a low to medium heat setting to give those unruly strands definition. And presto! In a matter of minutes, you have flawlessly defined spirals.

  1. Maintain Your Trims Routine

If you have curly hair, don’t get into the habit of waiting to cut your bangs until they start getting in the way of your vision. Trimming them every four to six weeks is ideal. Regular curly haircuts will not only help you maintain the length of your desired curly bangs but will also guarantee that your long hair is healthy and free of split ends if you decide to let it grow out.

  1. Every hairdresser would advise you to take inspiration from Jennifer Bealโ€™s long bangs in Flash dance for the ideal bang style for curly hair overall in the 1970s. (More recently, Zendaya and model Mica Arganaraz also experimented with the look.) With a longer length, those with naturally curly hair have more styling choices, such as wearing it to the side or in the middle. It is advised to have a medium-length brow that progressively becomes longer as it approaches the temples. When your bangs are longer, you may also choose to pin them back off your face.


How Should Curly Hair Be Styled For Bangs?

How do you style naturally curly hair with bangs now that you have your new fringe? Furthermore, there isn’t a right or wrong method to do anything. If you’d like, you may wear them down, throw them to the side, or even pin them back. The truth is that there are no unacceptable curly hairstyles. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that you should stay away from heavy or greasy products while styling your bangs. Instead, use lightweight gels or creams that will hold them in place without changing the texture.

When your bangs are drying, if you see that they are shrinking more than you would like, try gently pushing on the ends with your fingertips. Once again, refrain from tousling your curls to prevent having frizzy, poorly defined strands. Instead, use a lightweight product to softly prolong your curls. Spray little water on the ends. Praecox oil, acai extract, and olive oil are used in their formulation to impart light definition to curls without weighing them down and to replace moisture in dry stands.

To sum up

Make an appointment for a new haircut with bangs if you’re eager for a change. Just keep in mind the advice for getting the best fringe possible. This brings up an important point: keep those bangs hydrated if you want a good curl definition. Even if you plan to pick and fluff them out, moisturize first before using your styler. In the example styles that Evan provided, you can see the bangs are perfectly moisturized with lots of sheen and bounce.

If you are ready to take the plunge with bangs, one last tip for those of you who have cowlicks in front of their heads. While these can be an asset when you are parting your hair against them (to bump up the volume at your hairline), they can also be a difficulty because your bangs may have spots where the hair sticks up. To prevent this, apply a styling cream through wet bangs with your fingers in order to weigh down the hair, and then shingle and scrunch the bangs. Then make a horizontal line of hair clips across the forehead. This will enable the bangs to lay evenly, and it also gives you a wave in the front of your hair.

Most importantly, have fun throughout the process. Girl, you look fantastic!