Who says having long hair prevents you from using extensions? Discover all there is to know about the many hair extension techniques accessible to women with longer hair by continuing to read.

Hair extensions appear to be the way ahead for many women, whether they’re searching for additional length for those gorgeous locks or a boost of volume to give their tresses their full potential. However, if you already have long hair, can you still use hair extensions?

As much as we would all want to think at Hera Hair Beauty that confidence comes from the inside, there are moments when having a nice appearance helps us feel a little better on the inside. Nothing screams confidence more than the sensation you get after a salon appointment, and we think everyone should have fantastic hair days every day.

Whether they decide to engage our hair extensions service or read our articles to better understand and take care of their existing hair, we’re dedicated to giving our clients confidence. And for that reason, we compose posts such as this one.

We can tell you right now that the answer to your question, “Can I wear hair extensions if I have long hair?” is yes! However, the issue becomes more complex if you include the word “how” in it.

This post will teach you how to hide hair extensions, what the best hair extension techniques are for long hair and the answers to other frequently asked questions regarding them. You’ll know what is the direction and what to do next on your adventure with long hair extensions at the end!

  • Can someone with long hair get extensions?
  • Which kind of hair extensions work best with long hair?
  • Are lengthy hair extensions available?
  • When using extensions, will your hair grow out even more?
  • Could long hair be harmed by extensions?
  • Hair extension concealing techniques for long hair

Can someone with long hair get extensions?

Yes, there are several options available to you when it comes to hair extension techniques and styles. You may choose to add depth and color, lengthen your hair, or boost your natural volume! The kind of hair extension technique you choose will often depend on your financial situation, degree of dedication, and the length of your original hair.


Which kind of hair extensions work best with long hair?

When it comes to hair extensions, long hair is highly adaptable. Since every technique has benefits and drawbacks of its own, the best kind of hair extensions will depend on you and the needs of your hair, not on what is “best overall.”


Tape-in Hair Extensions for Long Hair

For ladies with long hair, tape-in hair extensions are the most often used professional technique.

When applied by a skilled hair stylist, tape extensions are almost unnoticeable. They may be colored to match your original hair color or a complimentary color to enhance depth or dimension, and they add natural-looking volume and length\ around the head. Because of this, tapes work well for both thick and naturally thin hair.

Nevertheless, tape extensions need ongoing upkeep, which may become expensive and time-consuming. If you’re thinking about getting tape extensions, you should also consider the cost of the hair, blow-dry, installation, re-fits, removal, and fresh hair as necessary, in addition to the time required for each of these services.

You may simply need a bundle of tape extensions to cover up the scant regions in your long, thin hair. Surprisingly, thick hair needs more tape since the length and volume must be distributed equally across the head.

The ideal tape extension length for long hair

To begin with, measure the length of your natural hair by taking a measurement from your ear to the end. To get a realistic finish, we recommend adding 2 to 4 inches of extensions to give both volume and length.

Since tape extensions are made of human hair, the longest ones you’ll usually find are between 20 and 22 inches long. This is due to the difficulty of sourcing very long human hair, particularly of superior quality.

Are you finding it difficult to consider tape-in extensions? We suggest the 18 and 20-inch double-drawn, 100% Remy Human Hair. You may schedule a consultation with our hair extensions specialist to find out more!

Weft Hair extensions for long hair   

Wefts are the most widely used extension technique available, and they have been for the longest time. With good reason, they have always been very popular among ladies with longer hair!

Wefts are long sections of hair that are sewn into the client’s hair; they are usually sewn across a beaded section or into a braid. They may be combined with various techniques, used as a single, huge piece, or divided into smaller pieces and clip-in extensions.

They can also be found in synthetic fiber and human hair; however, we advise getting human hair wefts and having them professionally fitted. While synthetic wefts may come in longer length choices, human hair will seem more natural and last longer (even if it implies a maximum length of 20 to 22 inches).

Wefts do have a drawback, though: they may also end up being an expensive investment in terms of money and effort. This is due to the fact that they will need expert installation, fitting, and maintenance, in addition to the occasional need to purchase new hair.

Wefts may not be the best option for you if your hair is thin but lengthy. You could experience more tension with thinner hair when it’s sewn into a braid on your scalp, increasing the chance of hair breakage, and you might run out of hair to cover up the sew-in.

To uniformly distribute the hair for a realistic length and volume increase, you may need more weft tracks if your hair is really thick and long.

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weave hair extensions

The best weft hair extensions length for long hair

We recommend that your extensions be 2 to 4 inches longer than your natural hair length (after measuring from ear to end), as is the case with all extension procedures.

As was already stated, it is far more difficult to get high-quality longer human hair than shorter human hair, which is why most human hair extensions end at 20 to 22 inches. Longer synthetic weft extensions are available, but they won’t last as long as semi-permanent human hair. Ready to give it a go? We suggest our 18- and 20-inch original weft extensions, which are made 100% entirely of human hair!

Microbead and nano bond hair extensions for long hair

There is a vast selection of bonded and beaded hair extensions available. These techniques, which were developed before tape-in extensions, were very well-liked for a long time, especially by ladies with longer hair.

Bonded or beaded hair extensions may be installed correctly to blend in smoothly with your natural hair. They can also be fully customized to match the color and thickness of your hair.

Regardless of length, glued and beaded extensions may harm your natural hair since they put concentrated weight and strain on the hair follicle. In addition, they need a significant time and money investment since they must be maintained, re-fitted, installed, and have new hair as required.

Bonded hair extensions are the preferred option for very long, yet thin hair. Nano or fusion bonds are very tiny, distinct and almost undetectable. Additionally, the bonds do less harm than beads, which are less discrete and weigh more. Beads will function just as effectively as bonds for thicker hair.


The ideal length for bonded and beaded extensions for long hair

We advise choosing an extension length that is 2 to 4 inches longer than your natural hair, measured from ear to end, the same as you would with tapes and clip-ins.

Since these extensions are composed of human hair, the greatest length that is usually offered is between 20 and 22 inches. This is because it is harder to find longer human hair than shorter lengths—especially high-quality human hair.

Do you sense a connection to beads or bonds? The Double Drawn, 100% Remy Human Hair Nano Bond Hair Extensions from Beauty Works, which have a maximum length of 24″, are highly recommended! Make an appointment for a consultation with our hair extensions specialist!

Clip-in extensions for Long Hair

For any lady who wants to wear extensions for a particular event or who wants a daily boost anytime she wants it, clip-in extensions are a terrific, temporary choice. By using clip-ins, you may wear your extensions whenever you want and save money on salon re-fits.

Even if your hair is long, if it’s really thin, you can find it difficult to hide the silicone clips or support the weight of a clip-in set. As a result, we suggest using a single-piece clip-in that you may stack in between your hair.

To equally distribute the volume across your head, however, you may need to purchase a multi-piece clip-in or use several clip-in sets if your hair is thick and long. One-pieces may cause your hair to become very uneven in volume.

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The best length of clip-in extensions for long hair

In order to give length and volume to clip-in extensions without seeming unnatural, we advise making the extensions 2 to 4 inches longer than your natural hair. Measure your natural hair length, starting from behind your ear and ending at the ends.

The length of your natural hair will determine the length of clip-in extensions you may buy. Longer lengths are more readily available in synthetic hair (some manufacturers offer lengths of 30 inches or more), but human hair may be harder to come by.

 Are there hair extensions made for long hair?

To be honest, females with longer hair tend to be more suited to the hair extension market than those with shorter hair.

You may use almost any hair extension technique on longer hair as it has fewer restrictions; the only thing to think about is how the extension will fit in with your natural length. If your hair is 30 inches or longer, your only choice could be synthetic clip-ins. However, if you’re sporting 16 inches of hair, the world of hair extensions is all yours.

When using extensions, will your hair continue to grow?

Yes, hair extensions will support the growth of your natural hair when they are properly installed, worn and removed by a professional.

This is because, because you’ve made an investment in your hair, there will be a tendency that you’ll style it less and give it more care, which will shield it from normal damage.

It is a prevalent misconception, as we discovered in a previous post, that hair extensions slow down or halt hair growth. This theory is supported by evidence showing hair damage or breaking from improper hair extensions application or removal or over-excessive usage; as a result, individuals suffer hair damage associated with shedding of hair. Your hair will continue to grow even with hair extensions.

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Could long hair be damaged by hair extensions?

No, regardless of the technique you choose, hair extensions shouldn’t damage your natural hair when applied, worn, and removed properly and professionally.

Wearing hair extensions should require you to take additional care of your hair, adhere to aftercare instructions, and give your hair a rest. While certain techniques are more likely to cause breakage but they shouldn’t cause it. Wearing hair extensions that are inappropriate for your hair type may often result in hair damage.

Hair extension concealing techniques for long hair:

Before making a purchase of hair extensions in Singapore,

  • Measure your hair.
  • We suggest that your extensions be two to four inches longer than your natural hair (measured from ear to end) for a realistic finish.
  • To determine the quantity of hair extensions you need to balance out the length and thickness, take into account the thickness of your original hair. Thick hair requires more extensions than thin hair.
  • Select an invisible extension technique, particularly if your hair is thin yet long.
  • Choose the appropriate color for your hair extensions as well as for your color-matched beads (if that’s your preferred approach).