The very first time that we first came across balayage, it changed everything. This means that we would not have to go through the gruelling process of getting the wrong hair dying style anymore.

The Balayage is the preferred hair dye style that revolutionised everything.

Whether they prefer the styles of Rihanna or that of Alexa Chung, most famous A-list celebrities were opting for that fantasy sunny island caramel hair colour.

However, can we explain the idea behind the balayage and what the meaning of Balayage and why they are so popular.

What is Balayage?

In French, Balayage means either to paint or to sweep, said Howard. It helps create a sun-kissed organically looking hair appearance, which is similar to what we have as kids.

What does 3D Balayage mean?

Indeed, all hair appears as 3D. The thing is if you get a dodgy dye hairstyle, it could make the colour of your hair appear lifeless and flat. This is where the 3D balayage becomes relevant.

The most recent update on the classical Balayage technique for hair dye which is 3D Balayage involves the addition of the multi-tonal dimension. Just approach this like you were applying contour to your hair.

We love the 3D balayage as it uses the traditional balayage and turns it to a multi-tonal style rather than flat or streaky. Instead of getting the hair dyed with just one lighter colour, you get to make use of two shades, which means one of these colours always appear somewhat darker.

What do you have? You typically get an Ultra 3D-like shadows and lights which create impressions of thicker and increasingly voluminous hair which is devoid of streaky highlights or harsh lines.

Knowing when your Balayage has been adequately done

Your Balayage pieces need to be pretty close as well as soft in the root. This should result in more voluminous highlights located at the hair’s ends. Balayage should always be put on the section’s surface and not get saturated through this section until it gets to the tips because you may end up with hard hair colour streaks.

What does Smoky Gold Balayage mean?

Smoky Gold is the 2020’s the most luxe version of the trend involving the Balayage trend; Smoky Gold is that moody new hair version which is needed by your hair for this winter.

Certain people prefer specific cool colours at this time of the year; however, this style of the dark blonde can be just as comfortable since it uses both the espresso and ash tones, but using the subtle gold lift at the ends and frames of the face. The outcome is a blended and soft – plus a gloss finish that makes it shine gorgeously.

How to know when your Balayage was wrongly done

If you have had the wrong products applied and not monitored, or similarly if you get the products rinsed off rather quickly this may affect the lift quality of the hair, and it will end up looking orange in colour.

It is essential that during bleaching that whoever is applying this knows the right time to get it of – this depends on what hair type and colour you have. If your Balayage appears rather patchy, this means that it has wrongly been placed and applied.

Just recall that Balayage is more of an art, this means that you may need an expert to do this or prepare yourself by watching lots of videos before doing this in your home.

Things to do in the case of a wrongly executed Balayage.

Those who have Balayage but do not like what they have should not worry about this. This is because this defect quickly gets fixed and often involves colour correction, which depends on the extent of the hair damage.

This simple method may involve different techniques which include melting the roots and getting the Balayage blended or getting it toned down and beginning all over again. You should regularly consult a professional to get their opinions.

Knowing the difference between Ombre and Balayage

Balayage in French means to either paint or to sweep. This means a highlighting technique. Ombre is a word for shadow, and involves a smooth transition from the darker section to the lighter section. While they can both appear confusing to people, you can additionally use a merged technique to get them combined and can end up looking pretty.

The sombre is a somewhat softer variant of the ombre style and is also popular, particularly with the charcoal grey style.

Knowing the difference between highlights and Balayage

For Balayage, you have softer and less visible regrowth lines compared to traditional highlights – the basic idea here is to achieve more with less in trying to create natural and soft looks. With the foil highlights, you can never get a stripy look, but the Balayage imitates the sections of the hair which would lighten up naturally when in the sun.

Furthermore, Balayage comes as a freehand technique which does not need any meche or foil to get the highlights created.

Why does the Balayage style seem a lot better?

Ever since 2010, people have always spoken about the declining popularity of the foil highlights – this is a look that would resonate with people in the ’80s and indeed not the modern woman would aim for. ‘When you observe most of the A list celebs, you do not see them rocking any foil highlights, instead what you see is Balayage and merged variants such as the Balayage and ombre, or the balayage and babylights.

To get a completely customised finish for each person, the applied technique has to work according to the natural growth of hair and haircut of the person. Furthermore, it has to blend well with the variances in the person’s hair tone. Since this technique involves painting applied with the hands, the colourist has to choose the placements system that complements the person’s skin, haircut, plus features. This is so that the result ends up looking natural instead of looking rather coloured.

The technique also gets done pretty quickly, which means that you do not have to sit on a chair for such a long time. Furthermore, the hair tends to grow out fantastically. This means you do not have to schedule appointments with your hairstylists to get it maintained regularly.

Things to do before you get your Balayage

1). Let people know about it

Consultation is an important part when trying to get your colour done. About two days before your appointment, you should consult your hair colourist. They will have you take an allergy test and provide several options for you.

2). Go along with photo samples

You should present pictures and images of what you mean when you are choosing for a particular style of the balayage, either from the phone or a magazine. The hair colourist will let you know whether this fits the tone of your skin or not. There are numerously available open for you to choose from which some are either cool or warm. However, this needs to be done correctly.

3). Looking for the right salon

Before you head out to the salon, you should do your research. Try checking the social media pages of your chosen salon; all colours should be different. If you discover that past clients seem to have the same colour of Balayage style, then they do not offer unique Balayage styles. Every client should spot a unique style that appears to work with the type of hair cut that they seem to have on.

How does Balayage work applied on kinky, afro, and textured hair?

Balayage is a style that works with all hair types and appears to work in individual curly hair since it is easier to pick out every curl to apply colour. The bleaching method or choice of colour depends on your chosen final look instead of the texture.

Does Balayage have any colours that it does not work with?

Balayage, which is a highlighting procedure, can be applied to any hair colour.

Can those with short hair get Balayage?

Completely. People with short hair still need to undergo similar procedures. However, your haircut dictates the application. This should flow naturally all the time.

What are the types of Balayage you can get?

If you have contouring hair, you should ask for pieces which frame the face, across the parting as well as touching the hair’s root. This would take only 30 mins.

Those with blonde hair that want it to become blonder, they can add up super blonde parts which combine with root touch across the face and appear livelier in every other place. Something known as a base break gets used to lifting off the natural base to get the natural colour softened while making look much blonder.

The most recent balayage style which we have is the ideal summer blonde colour – which is a much intense variant of the classic Balayage which has a somewhat lived-in hair root while most of the hair gets coloured. This style can be fitted to match any tone of the skin – which ranges from the pale icier looking blondes to the more golden shades. The style is a pretty and easily maintained colour which will last you for the whole summer since it will begin quite heavily and then grow to become a lived-in final appearance. This means that the way you maintain it is dependent on you.

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