How to give your hair more texture.

Visiting a hairdresser is a luxury because while you are there, you are expected to be made comfortable and catered for. Most salons offer massages and other relaxation forms as an aspect of their styling services nowadays and it is possible to get a cup of tea or coffee while your new hair is being done.

All of these features come at a price though, and from the time you step in to the salon, you are made to pay for much more than your hair do. Stylish haircuts and other hair types that can include hair layering and hair texturing increases service duration and the charges to you. You can decide to save all this money and the journey to the hairstylist if you learn the process of texturing your hair.


What is the meaning of hair texture?

A hair type cut without a sophisticated technique appears unattractive as well as unnatural. To avoid this, Stylists use various techniques for the texturing of hair. These techniques bring in lots of flow and design to the style.

This way, the cutting style on your hair is described by the texture. A hair that has patterned cuts is said to have more texture than a hair type that have parallel cuts.


Equipment for Hairdressing

Texturing of the hair cannot be done without using the proper equipment. The most important tool you will be needing for this is the scissors, however, there are specific types of scissors to be used.

Hair stylists use specially made scissors due to the fact that they are adaptable, are considerably sharp and are of the required size for easy usage.

Scissors such as the ones used in the kitchen or for sewing are not what you should use. To achieve best results in texturing your hair, you should get the scissors that are meant for hairstylists.

A pair of scissors with the intended quality can be obtained for below $100. Besides hairstylists spending huge amounts on buying scissors they should get the type that can work for extendable time periods, for every day of the entire week.

You can purchase cheaper scissors which will still give good results, if you decide to cut your own hair every 2 months or 3 months at home.


Use of Scissors Versus use of razors.

Depending on your intending style, you can choose to use the razor instead of a pair of scissors. The use of scissors for hair texturing uses particular techniques and offers a wide range of hair texturing. But using a razor for texturing, however, involves hair text by creating results that are softer by feathering up and thinning down your hair as it is being cut. In this method, your management of the process of texturing is minimal but overall it is still an easy one.

If a razor is what you want to use to texture your hair, the razor is quite affordable. Razor blades should be purchased separately and ought to be replaced as they become blunt. Depending on how you use the razor and your hair thickness, you may need to reuse the blade over again. They are affordable and you have to think about dulling of blades when they are been used.


Using the thinning shears technique

Thinning shears involves using a particular guard attached to a single blade that prevents all of your hair from coming off during texturing. They can possibly be used in thinning hair equally and easily or you can combine this with Twist cutting, which is a technique for texturing.

Point cutting texturing techniques.

There are lots of different techniques that are used for hair texturing. These various techniques leave you with a unique hair design, which leaves you with a range of hair designs from the choppy type along with the heavily layered down to the feathered style that is smooth.

-Point Cutting



-Twist Cutting


-Smooth Cutting


What is point cutting?

It is a hair finishing technique that is used for shaping the hair tip. It is done by cutting sections of the hair with scissors held in a vertical way to the direction of the hair to snip away little chunks of the hair. This gives a result that is smoother because your hair layers look as though it was finished like a blunt edge.

The manner in which your scissors is inclined is what determines the extent of the style effect you are trying to achieve.

If you want your texture to be more noticeable your scissors can be used at an angle of 45 degree while minding the hair so as not to cut off large pieces.

In order to achieve a layered cut that seems choppy, you can use a higher angle value.

If you want an effect that is subtle, you can straighten the scissors and this is capable of creating Styles that are softer. This approach still takes out surplus hair and also makes the hair look better for styling. Even though your fringe is straight, a slight point cutting that is subtle can improve its physical appearance without moving away too far with the style.

In order to get the best effect out of point cutting, if your hairstyle is shorter, use this technique all over your hair so as to improve your hairs look. For Styles that are longer, you can decide softening your hair fringe and lower your hair layers by using point cutting.