It’s great to have a style that has been around for thousands of years. You will be able to learn so much from it. What does having long hair tell us about men? A guy with long hair can indicate confidence, rebellion, a willingness to take on responsibility, and a willingness to accept criticisms. This can also indicate a relax and laidback character type. While that’s the general idea, this article will be exploring deeper. Without us realizing, long hair speaks volumes. It is what we see and how we perceive it. At times consciously or subconsciously.

It all depends on the culture or religion that you are from, but certain aspects are more personal and down to your individual preferences.
It’s important to remember that not everyone will agree with these points. There are many people who do agree with all these aspects and they’re definitely worth learning about. Enjoy!


1. He is full of confidence
A guy with long hair will likely have confidence. A guy who has great confident is one of the most attractive traits. It’s something you can teach, but it comes more to certain guys naturally. Long hair is one way to exude confidence and it really make you stand out. It stands out from the crowd and attracts attention. Modern, main stream western culture has made short hair a common norm for men. Anything that isn’t in line with this norm will be considered special or unique. To stand out in this way, you need confidence. Therefore, having long hair is a great way to show confidence.

2. He is not fearful for commitment
A guy with long hair will not be afraid for commitment. Growing long hair takes time – about half an inch in a month is the average growth rate of hair which majority of people should be expecting. It doesn’t matter what it is, this isn’t fast. The road to get there is filled with knots and tangles and split-ends. There are also awkward experiences and an increase in the quantity of grooming products and tools. It is alright to say that a buzz trim would reduce on hair maintenance and time required to get up every morning.

A guy with long hair will not choose the easiest path. He will endure hardships in the hope of one day becoming a real long-haired greatness. He is in it for the long-term. But is there more to go? A guy who is able to dedicate his long hair grooming with unwavering determination can perhaps do the similar things for his friends, girlfriend and his job. It wouldn’t be prudent to assume all this. It’s safe to assume that character traits can be well represented in all aspects of a person’s life. Why wouldn’t someone take care of their other belongings if they are willing take care of their long hair?

3. He’s not likely to be a corporate executive
Many workplaces prohibit long hair. It can make sense at times, but sometimes it is not always easy to understand the reasons. Long hair can pose a danger in mines, labs and factories. It is sensible to ban it. Majority of corporate work places have been avoiding long hair for many years as well as it’s not likely to change anytime soon. Guys who work in environments that prioritize regulations, rules and and conformity will prefer to have their hair cut short. This alone could deter some from opting for careers that require strict dress codes.

It’s safe to make assumption that long-haired guys won’t work for corporations if they have long hair. This is not a rule but you can just safely make this assumption. For example, a guy with long hair is more likelihood to work in the tech or artistic industry than in a corporate kind of job. These industries tend to have a laidback and relaxing attitude towards dress codes, including hair length. However, this is not the reason why a man having long hair opting a profession. They are likely drawn to workplaces and industries with more relaxed attitudes. For ladies, guys with long hair will be a good choice if you have an anti-corporate edge.

4. He is unafraid of insults
Long haired guys often fall under the “hate it” or “love it” category. There are many people who love it. But there are also plenty that don’t.
However, these long haired guys they do not care much. They don’t usually do it for others, and when they do it, it’s for those they care about or give focus to like friends or loved ones. They either ignore or learn to ignore the passing criticisms of strangers. A guy with long hair is frequent the subject of a talk and at times even the worst part of a joke. People are quick to laugh at things they don’t understand.

This is very much the truth as the long haired guys has control over it. Because they can cut the hair short easily, it is accepted to laugh at long hair socially. Long-haired guys are skilled at absorbing the backhanded compliments and criticism made by people who tried to be funny and then handling them. They are accustomed it. They can either laugh at it or make a comeback. It doesn’t take much to discourage them from making their own style and decision. Long haired guys are not afraid to be insulted. It’s either ignored or taken advantage of. They love the freedom that comes with long hair, and they are content with the praises of others who like it. You can trust us, there are many of them.

5. He doesn’t like rules
Long haired guys are likely not submissive to the regulations and rules. Short hair has been historically associated with control, submission, and punishment. Conformity is often seen in the context of effective control by those in authority. This could include school principals, military commanders, and ruling regimes or parties.

The more strict the ruler is, the more they will expect conformity. The hair length of a guy is a simple target. Growing hair was a popular way to oppose “the man” in the past. One of the most well-known examples would be the 1960s social revolution, when guys wore long hair to symbolize their opposition to cultural protest. Even though the same cultural impact might not exist today, having long hair still does mean that a guy doesn’t follow strict dress codes or adhere to social “norms”. He will not enjoy to be forced to follow the rules of others and will play by his own rules.

6. He comprehends the struggling
Long haired guys will appreciate and understand the effort of maintaining it. If you have long hair and are dating someone with long hair, it is important to understand each other. He will comprehend why it takes two times as much to get ready for work in the morning. He will be right there, tying, washing, oiling and balming and tying beside you. You could even share hair products and tools. This bonding can be seen as a positive thing, but it also has its negatives. Two people who have high hair care requirements could live together and cause conflict.

This adds time to the collection grooming routine of the household. It will likely increase the household’s overall budget for cosmetics. Long hair can be costly – you have to buy more products and go through them faster. It’s not cheap to buy shampoos and oils. If you are willing to endure the long hair, there are many benefits to being with someone who is able to understand the struggle.

7. He has a good taste in music.
Guys with long hair, regardless of their reason, often have good taste in music. This goes hand and glove with other hipster traits. They are more likely to be able to identify the super niche rock stars or the local bar that is playing deep house music non stop. Long hair was popularized by rock bands in the 60s and 70s, and it became a cultural trend. Music lovers and other outsiders around the world find long hair to be a unifying symbol. This trend has been resurgent over the years, even though it is sometimes lost.

However, the association guys with long hair had with niche areas of film, music and art and is still evident today. It is possible that they have long hair due to the popularity of a favorite rock band or upcoming neo-noir filmmaker. Some might even go so far as to say that the length of hair is related to the probability of a man who owns vinyl records. Although they may be laughing, the stereotype that underlies them is evident. Ask a long haired guy what kind of music he likes. You’ll be able to see the light in his eyes and engage in an hour-long discussion and analysis.

8. He will be an Evolutionary Grab
Long hair was a sign of power, virility and strength in many cultures that date back thousands of years. From the Heathens to the ancient Greek kingdom and heros. It is not clear why. This could be due to long, lustrous hair being an obvious sign of a healthy person. It is also a sign of youth, as long hair can be a sign of youth. Hair loss is one of the most defining signs of aging. This is not to say that baldness or balding makes a man less attractive. There are many people who feel the exact opposite. It’s not a secret that baldness can make a guy appear older. This might be a good thing. It’s hard to deny that baldness also has a distinct masculinity. Long hair is often considered an evolutionary advantage because it shows a youthful trait. Although this is partly subconscious, it is worth considering.

9. He tends to be more vain 
Perhaps not in a significant amount, but maybe just a little. He might glance sideways at a mirror, or a reflection in the car’s window. This may be to ensure that the hair part is good, or that the man bun is in the centered perfectly. It could be that you just want to admire the hard work that went into your long hair that morning. There’s always the chance that long-haired guys might be a bit vain. Perhaps it’s vanity over the hair, and the body is less important or cared for. Spending so much time on something can make it a focal point and lead to admiration for yourself. While this trait may not be true for all, it is something worth remembering. It’s okay to indulge in a little vanity from time to time. It’s not okay to be proud of one’s appearance. There is a limit to everything. It shouldn’t be the most important and interesting thing about them. A guy who doesn’t care about his long hair is more cool than one who does.

10. He may like to be the focus of attention
A guy with long hair is often a conversation starter, even in a boring conversation. Because it stands out, it’s an easy target. While there are serveral guys with long hair who do not enjoy the attention and there are plenty who love it. They might like to be known as the “guy who has long hair”. It’s a way to identify them. There are many guys who have long hair and don’t care about it. However, there are some that love it. They might even consider it the best thing about long hair. Although it is less common, it is still quite common for guys to enjoy discussing the topic, even if it can sometimes be viewed negatively. It doesn’t matter what, long hair can be a powerful indicator of a man’s character.

11. He is likely more Chill and relax
Long haired guys are perceived as more relaxing and laidback and than others. Many people find their beach-ready, zen-like style appealing. Their relaxed approach to style, fashion and personal grooming and speaks volumes about their other characteristics and features. They are relaxed, don’t take their life too seriously and don’t worry about things that don’t concern them. Perhaps they have a spiritual side. Maybe they are into meditation and yoga. We might not know. These are just stereotypes, and should not be taken too seriously. However, certain looks can be associated with a particular vibe. Buzz cuts emphasize a clean, meticulous vibe. Pompadours exude a classic, vintage vibe. Long hair is a different story. It has a relaxed vibe that’s hard to ignore.

It’s there. These are eleven traits of every long haired guy or soon to be long-haired guy needs to know. Even if some of these traits are not that you would like to know, you will likely have quite several of them. Long hair is a lifestyle and culture that has taken root. Enjoy it, embrace it, and take advantage of it.