1. Discover whether the skin is warmer or cooler toned — that can determine which blond tones work great for you personally. To do so only examine the veins in your wrist; whether they are mainly purple and blue you’ve got a cool undertone, when they’re largely green you’ve got a warmer undertone and if they’re a combination of the two, you are in possession of a neutral undertone — and hence more option.

2. Broadly, paler, pinky skin tones match cool, delicate blondes; like ash, beige or baby-blonde.

3. Darker or more yellowish / golden-toned skins match honey or golden shades; like butter, caramel, golden tones.

4. Consider the your eye color depth— just how much contrast do you desire? Soft, multi-tonal colors complement lighter eye colors, whereas deep, intense blondes flatter a darker eyes.

5. Consider the hair care — a allover platinum blonde needs routine visit to the colourist, whereas ombre is considerably low upkeep. Just how much are you ready to devote to this hair care regime?