In this article, you will be enlightened to five natural and effective ways to entail the growth of new hair quickly. And after you apply these techniques, you will be able to see healthier, longer, and thicker hair.

How Fast Does Hair Grow? Tips for Growth

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The goal in this regard is to remain consistent. People gradually lose their hair with time. Similarly, it can take some time to regrow back one’s hair. It is important to note that these methods will not get the body to reacting instantly.

It is recommended that you select either two or three of your most preferred methods to induce hair growth through the lists provided below. Furthermore, please concentrate on your chosen technique. If you attempt to follow all the processes outlined here, you may lack consistency, which is needed to get effective results.

You need to select either two or three approaches and keep using the methods they become your habit.

It should be noted that there is no definite proof that the underlisted natural ingredients cause the regrowth of hair in humans. Further studies are required in this area to prove this. This may not be helpful. Furthermore, more studies are needed to confirm the effectiveness of scalp massaging and microneedling as a useful treatment. The FDA has not approved the procedure. People must visit their doctors before they begin any treatment.

Can I get this result by using conventional hair regrowth methods?

Women and men of different age groups and ethnic origin experience hair loss. With this, for many years, there have been various types of treatments for hair loss that were tested to help solve this wide-spread problem. Of all tested treatments, some have successfully been approved.

Some frequently used methods include topical solutions (like Rogaine), surgery, and oral drugs (like dutasteride and Propecia).

Therefore, can you apply any of these methods to treat hair loss?

These methods may work for certain people; however, you have to remember a few things.

Firstly, the techniques listed here are short-term remedies to a long-lasting problem.

Whereas it is quite sure that people who use Propecia and Rogaine experience positive results, and it is also correct for as long as they keep on using the medication. However, the treatments will only cover up the problem rather than going down to the source of the problem to treat it.

Similarly, surgery for hair transplant is the same way. If you fail to treat the main trigger of hair loss, you will keep experiencing more receding hairlines.

Therefore, whether you want to make use of the outline treatment above or not, you still recommend considering the treatment techniques below. You could find them useful when you add them to your present hair growth routine. They are also ideal remedies, to begin with, the treatment of your hair loss.

1). Using a Dermaroller


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The method of applying the mesotherapy derma roller on your bald scalp

There are available posts on using mesotherapy as a panacea to treat hair loss; therefore, a summary will be included in this article.

People engaged in bodybuilding are aware that you have first to tear down your muscles to grow them up. This helps trigger more muscle growth. In the little muscular tears, a formation of new cells is initiated. This helps increase the size of the muscle.

During the process of mesotherapy, a device that administers mechanical stimulation is applied to create a wound in the skin, leading to the creation of new cells. Inside the scalp, this process helps in the production of elastin and collagen, which helps increase circulation and improve elasticity. The following effects are useful in the growth of more hairs.

In a nutshell, this is what mesotherapy is all about, and the process has been successfully used to stimulate the growth of new hairs.

Clinical researches with the use of the dermaroller have been shown to initiate the growth of more hair.

As can be shown here, when we use the dermaroller along with Minoxidil compared to just using only Minoxidil can drastically increase the average number of hairs in suffering patients after twelve successive weeks.

Whereas the hair count after using Minoxidil increased to 17 points, the dermaroller and the minoxidil hair count increased by 91 points.

A similar study revealed the results in another way, as stated below.

For clarity. Microneedling is also referred to as mesotherapy or dermaroller.

A comparison between the use of only Minoxidil versus the microneedling therapy.

It is evident from the photos that show the situation before and after the process is carried out, demonstrating the effectiveness of this process in the stimulation of hair growth:

Photos showing the hair before and after the minoxidil group and the dermaroller was used.

There is a more useful method that the specific one applied in this analysis.

A dermaroller was used. This method is an easier one, and often quicker, however, it is not the way with the most effectiveness.

The issue here is the fact that the dermaroller becomes entangled with the hair. This entanglement makes it challenging to form thinning patches (against just doing this around the hairline.)

Additionally, the dermaroller creates a more massive wound, and this wound can take a longer time to heal. Because of this, it is recommended that people use what is known as the ‘dermastamp.’

From some users experience, the stamp is superior to the roller because it can lead to a lesser amount of unwanted damage, and this can be done all around the hair scalp without focusing on only the hairline.

In conclusion, you should begin using the dermastamp as a direct and effective method of improving blood flow, reversing the processes of calcification and fibrosis, and being able to induce new hair growth.

It is essential to state that the stamp or roller should be cleaned correctly before use. This needs to be cleaned up, otherwise you risk becoming infected.

2). Massaging and exercising the hair scalp

The Health And Beauty Benefits Of A Scalp Massage | HuffPost Life

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When we massage our hair scalps, we improve the flow of blood and enhance the quantity of the nutrients that get to the hair’s follicle.

Blood circulation in the hair scalp is essential for the growth of hair. If blood does not get to the hair’s follicles, they can rapidly wither off and die.

Alternatively, suppose you have good blood circulation. In that case, every one of the oxygen, minerals, and nutrients go to the hair follicles that they need for growth – and this will occur.

Therefore, the question here is: how does the blood flow and circulation of the scalp gets increased and improved?

The answer to this is massaging and exercising of the hair scalp. Let us individually examine two of these methods.

Massaging the hair scalp

You could either massage your head/scalp. You could also have someone else do this for you. It is better if someone else does this for you, however, you could decide to do this anyway.

Take your hands to initiate circular rubbing motions, first begin at the sides (just over the ears), and bring it to the front, then you can take it to the back.

You could sense your scalp loosen up and relax when you massage it. When you massage your scalp, yourself, you will feel better with time.

Besides boosting blood circulation, this can minimize tension and stress that might worsen the problems of the hair initially.

And the most significant thing here is that researches have demonstrated the effectiveness of scalp massages in regrowing lost hair. Based on studies conducted at the University of Hong Kong, several researchers participated by massaging the scalps of volunteers daily for twenty minutes for 300 days.

The result was an eye-opener. A mere comparison of the percentage loss before hair treatment and after the study, confirms the potency of this theory.

As shown, in all groups, the hair loss (bald patches) was reduced drastically.

Scalp Exercises

When you perform scalp exercises, this can also be used to improve circulation around the follicles. The method involves the tensing up and the relaxing up of the head muscles in the forehead. This stretches and relaxes the skin.

People who stare at their computer for long periods could have an abnormal tension around their forehead and eyes.

People must remove the tension daily by performing these easy exercises to prevent the scalp from tightening up and restricting blood flow. Two easily applied and most effective exercises include:

• Try raising the eyebrows as high as you can.

• Try lowering the eyebrows as low as you can.

Both exercises can get the forehead relaxed and get rid of tension in the front of the head where you may most likely have hair recession.

Thus, places where there are mechanical tension connects to the pattern of hair baldness.

Therefore, there are lots of ways we can get the scalp stimulated to minimize tension? Sure, there is!

3). Make use of the rubber massager for the hair scalp.

Do Scalp Massagers Stimulate Hair Growth? Dermatologists Weigh In



The rubber massager for the hair scalp is an effortless, affordable, and most effective method of increasing the flow of blood to the hair scalp, leading to the growth of more hair.

There are several different types of hair massages, with various other techniques.

A metal massager for the head can also be used the stimulate the scalp; however, in quite another way. But you will still end up with a similar result: an increase in the flow of blood.

The massagers are pretty affordable, and can be purchased online (from retail web stores like Amazon) and locally (at any beauty products store).

Spending several minutes every day will positively affect your scalp.

4). Improve the growth of hair internally.

Considering the health of human beings, the hair is not a vital component of surviving. It is never given any form of priority, such as the brain or the heart. Due to this, essential organs will be prioritized by the body before considering the hair.

Therefore, it is essential that we sufficiently consume a healthy dose of nutritious foods, because, once this is not done, the body will take from the limited food resources in the body to help in the growth and repair of the organ cells and not the hair.

The thing here is to improve the nutrients, enzymes, bacteria, and minerals for you to have a surplus of these elements to help grow the hair plus other nonessential body functions.

Minerals and Nutrients

hair growth: Grow hair faster naturally with these 10 foods

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Keratin is the primary component of the human follicle. It is a protein that contains micronutrients and other trace minerals. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that mineral and nutrient support is vital to healthy hair growth.

However, you need to know the nutrients and vitamins to add to your diet.

Niacin (Vitamin B3)

The vitamin, Niacin is among the most common vitamins of the hair. Its primary function is to increase the flow of blood to the hair scalp.

If the flow of blood to the hair’s follicles is restricted, this can cause the hair to be weak and brittle. The condition happens due to a lack of sufficient nutrient and oxygen supply to the hair.

Further benefits of Niacin include its property to act as an anti-inflammatory agent and its capability to enhance the synthesis of keratin.

Biotin (Vitamin B7)

It can be obtained from numerous multivitamins, and those meant for the skin, nail, and hair health are biotin’s most vital vitamins to include in your diet. Its primary function is to act as a synthesizer for protein. This means that it can convert fatty acids to proteins which is useful to the body. Among these proteins is keratin.

Whereas biotin can be found in the healthy gut of flora, it could also be discovered in numerous food substances such as: Beef liver; Salmon, pink; Egg, whole; Porkchop; Sunflower seeds; Almonds; and Sweet potato.

Sure enough, a biotin supplement (alternatively multivitamin) can also be included in your everyday routine. However, the rate of absorption and actual usefulness of the supplemental nutrients is still being debated.

Selenium and Zinc

With there antioxidant properties, both selenium and zinc play a pivotal role by fighting off free radicals. This way, the skin (plus other organs like the hair) is protected from abnormal damage and aging.

Both selenium and zinc also helps in the process of Keratinization. They have a similar working mechanism to biotin because they process proteins and help in keratin formation.

However, it would help if you were careful since excessive zinc can cause hair growth to become stunted. Instead, you can better get selenium and zinc from sources of food like Oysters, Almonds, Red meats, Pumpkin seeds, Egg yolks, Wheat germ, Vitamin E, and Soy products.

Whenever we talk about our hair’s health, we mention antioxidants, which is for an excellent reason. Antioxidants help in the breakdown of vital organs like the hair follicles.

Some of the best naturally occurring antioxidants are specifically tocotrienols and Vitamin E.

These have all been proven to be useful in the growth of hair. A study that lasted for eight months demonstrated an increase of the hair count by 34.6 percent.

People can ingest vitamin E; however, it is ideal that it gets absorbed by consuming food.


These are chemical components that are obtained from raw foods or fermented food substances. Technically, Enzymes help indigestion. Enzymes make our bodies readily absorb both minerals and nutrients. The process is called bioavailability. This means that the body can readily use this mineral for further synthesis.



Bacteria also supports the growth of the hair. We have billions of living bacteria inside our bodies, while others help the body; others also harm the body. Some foods support healthy bacteria, while others kill off the useful bacteria and act as food for the harmful bacteria.

Your body hardly ever absorb minerals and nutrients from your food if you have excess harmful bacteria.

Rather than disintegrating the food for the nutrients to get readily absorbed into the blood, the harmful bacteria consume the food and waste it.

What then happens is that, why you may eat healthily, you may not have enough nourishment, this can cause hair loss.

This above narration is highly simplified; however, it is essential to note that the proper gut bacteria supports fresh hair follicles. On the other hand, excess bacteria can lead to weak hair growth. You should probiotic-rich foods, like sauerkraut, pickles, or yogurt.

People who have been given antibiotics or have consumed processed foods or food substances that have preservatives make it highly possible that the growth of your hair can be increased if you improve the balance of bacteria in your body. A healthy collection of the gut bacteria supports the functioning of the immune system and improves the general health.

Let us examine the most excellent method of using nutrition to maximize your hair growth.

Blenders and Bullets

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One quick source for proteins, minerals, and nutrients to re-grow the hair is smoothies.

Including vegetables and fruit smoothies are some of the best ways to use nutrition to fill up your diet.

Your smoothies can be adjusted to have every healthy ingredient that you require as you can simultaneously make them taste delicious and easy to eat.

Rather than having to spend a long-time chewing loads of veg and fruits, you could easily blend them all with water and consume sufficient nutrition as needed by the body by drinking it down.

You can also disguise the vegetables with a less appealing taste with the fruit’s sweetness.

Bullets are similar to blenders, but they often need more ingredients due to their power and smaller size. The proper fundamental recipe will contain frozen berries, spinach, and a banana.

Next, you could include any quantity of fruit (such as melon, pear, apple), vegetables (like cucumber, kale, and broccoli), and proteins that are based on plants (such as the powdered pea protein, powdered hemp protein, etc.).

5). Make use of inversion therapy

Inversion therapy for back pain: How it works, risks, and benefits

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As one of the most exciting methods of inducing new hair growth, people will think that you are off your rockers when you give inversion therapy a try. However, when it works, you shall see its effectiveness.

Inversion therapy is a euphemism for turning upside down and staying that way for several minutes to allow blood flow towards the scalp.

A woman on a couch laying upside down

As mentioned previously, the circulation of blood to the hair’s follicles is vital for the growth of hair since the blood transports essential oxygen, nutrients, and minerals needed by the hair.

More quantity of blood is always better in this regard. Because the scalp is at the highest point of the body, the blood can find it quite challenging to get that high; however, gravity can be used to your advantage.

When using the inversion therapy, the head is placed underneath the body as far as you can to enable blood flow towards the scalp.

You should avoid doing this for a long time not to end up feeling dizzy; however, several minutes during the day could aid the flow of blood to the scalp.

To further enhance blood flow and supercharge the growth of new hair, you should try several exercises and massages of the scalp as you are inverted.

Bonus tips: You should think of using unique treatments for hair loss approved by the FDA.

You could consider a more effective treatment to get rapid results: The finasteride and minoxidil treatments approved by the FDA.


How To Treat Your Hair with Initialiste Scalp & Hair Serum - YouTube

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This is a topical hair growth solution. Minoxidil was the foremost treatment for pattern baldness that was approved by the FDA.

This drug had initially been formulated as an anti-hypertensive drug. Therefore, it was used to fight off the high pressure of the blood. It does this by dilating the vessels of the blood. Whereas, it continues to function as a drug against high blood pressure to this day (sold as Loniten), people commonly know it because it effectively promotes the growth of the hair.

What way does minoxidil promote the growth of the hair?

Few theories exist about the efficacy of minoxidil. The most popular of these is the fact that it has vaso-dilating efficiencies. This means that it is a powerful supporter of the flow of blood. If it is topically applied, the flow of blood to the required area is improved.

When the blood flow is increased, there is a proper delivery of all the vital nutrients and oxygen. And since this dilates blood vessels, it can help in the delivery of blood to the miniaturized hair follicles.

There is more to minoxidil too.

A more vital mechanism is the verified ability to upregulate growth factors, called Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF). The particular growth factor is essential in the growth of new hair, and it has been proven that minoxidil can upregulate this inside the cells of the dermal papilla.

An important thing to note right before making use of minoxidil is that you may undergo an initial shedding period. Referred to as “dread shed,” this is seen as a normal process of hair growth.


This is the next and the last FDA-approved drug used to treat the male-pattern form of baldness. This is an oral drug that had first been developed to treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Whereas this drug does what it is supposed to do, it has proven to help promote the growth of hair among men with pattern balding.


This is because BPH, as a medical problem, affects men in the prostate organ. It is a condition that is thought to be a result of too much androgen hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). A similar thing has been mentioned about the male-pattern of baldness; however, more theories have been postulated about this subject.

If it seems that the DHT theory is correct, then it is only reasonable that finasteride is effective.

As opposed to what most people believe, DHT is not blocked by finasteride. Rather, it slows down the manifestation of inhibits 5-alpha-reductase. This is an enzyme that is responsible for the production of DHT. This way, finasteride reduces DHT levels in the location of the follicle of the hair and all around the body.

Is either one of these drugs recommended? Not particularly. However, they can be considered for hair growth.

The best time to visit your doctor

Do you not know how to treat your loss of hair? You are not sure of what causes this? You could visit your doctor to know more about this.

You could visit a dermatologist who specializes in hair loss to help you get reliable information. The dermatologists can carry out blood tests, scalp biopsies, and physical examinations to understand your condition more.

The dermatologists may advise you better as to how to regrow your hair.


There are numerous ways to induce new hair, such as natural, surgical, or medicinal. However, the natural method has been used to effect long-term results.

However, it takes time to trigger your hair to regrow. While the hair does not just fall off once, it will neither regrow at once.

The reality is that to check for the effectiveness of any hair routine; you need to use it for a minimum of eight weeks. This is why you should select either two or three of the methods as mentioned earlier and consistently follow the routines.