Have you ever been to some place where your curls suddenly started to act up and start to throw off frizz right and left?

You certainly do. You’re always on the move and have few options. Frizz breakouts are common every time. You are frustrated, aren’t you?

It is worse than nothing being the sufferer of your hair. Excessive halo frizz is not cute at all.

You don’t need to be victimized, the good news is.

It’s true. We did some research and found that there are ways to deliver order to the chaos.

Majority of hacks to eliminate frizz in 5 minutes or less require certain type of moisturizing. Curly hair can be hydrated naturally to offset the dryness. You can either do something to smoothen the outer layer of the curly hair (or cuticle), or seal the curly strands from humidity.

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This is the Cliff Notes summary of what you will find.

Let’s get into the details.

How can you get rid of your frizzy hair fast?

Okay. You got it. You have to get rid of the frizz. As of yesterday.

The first fuzz fix we offer is what we call “revitalization fluffing“.

Fluffing is something we are sure many of you have heard. You wouldn’t use it when you are on the run shopping for all your worth.

Yes, it is.

The idea is to go to the nearest bathroom, flip your hair and give your curls 20 seconds of a fluff. You want to:

  1. Move your fingers down into your hair, reaching the roots
  2. Fluff… fluff… fluff your roots back and forth with the fingers
  3. Next, take your fingers out in the same manner they were when you put them in.

This is the most important point. This does not mean that you should run your fingers through curls when you remove them. This would be a terrible idea.

You should try to get some sense into your curls, but not disturb the curl pattern.

This gives you a more voluminous and defined look that hides the frizz.

Revitalization fluffing can be a great way to temporarily reduce excess frizz.

This encourages frizzy strands to blend in with your other curls. Mixing with other curls will help to significantly reduce frizz, if it is not completely eliminated.

But …. If the fluffing does not work with your fingers, try using a pick. Some people report that pick  fluffing works if finger fluffing doesn’t.

Simple Tip: Keep Natural Curls Healthy and Moisturized in a Pinch

It is obvious that your curls must be moisturized in order to look their best.

Or, frizzy curls can be a sign of thirsty curls.

Hydration is the best first remedy for frizzy dry curls.

This trick, like most home remedies, is easy and quick. You just need to make another trip to the random bathroom.

  1. Get your hands wet
  2. Once again, run them through gently over any frizz that you think is the worst.

It can help calm down crazy curls. This works because it will not only hydrate your hair but also reactivate the products in your hair. The excess frizz will stop misbehaving.

An alternative go to? You can also use a paper towel to gently rub on your hair instead of using your hands. You can also use this to control your frizzy curls for a while.

Another fast option is to keep a quick supply of gel or leave in conditioner. Keep a small, portable supply of gel and leave-in conditioner in your bag. To rescue your hair from frizz, apply a small amount.

It can be a miracle worker when you apply on mid shaft to down. This is especially important for those whose ends are more frizzing than their halo frizz.

The hits keep coming.

Another quick fix for curly hair frizz!

Actually, this is not the solution you would expect when it comes to curly frizzy hair solutions.

Use lotion or hand cream. It sounds crazy, we know. However, the same moisturizing properties that hydrate your skin can also make them great for fighting frizz at that instance.

It takes just a little bit. Apply the cream to your palms. Apply to your hair.

How to Resolve the Frizzy Curls Quickly

Here’s another option for those panicky moments when you need to know the answer to the question “How do I fix my frizzy curly hair quickly?”

It might be considered to as an “If you cannot fix ’em, hide ’em” alternative.

Clear eyebrow gel can be used to conceal the frizz. This will help to tame the frizz that may be forming along your hair parting line.

WARNING. It only takes a little so don’t get too excited.

Here you are. Another cost-effective and affordable solution.

Another fast remedy for frizzy curls

What can make a bad frizz case worse?


What can eliminate or stop static from spreading?

Dryer Sheets

It’s true. To remove static from your hair and calm down frizz, you can use dryer sheets by running over your hair gently.

This is a two-fer solution that can give you smoother locks.

Use a hair spray, anti-frizz sprays, or an anti-humidity spray and spray them on your old toothbrush. To put your frizz in its proper place, lightly use the brush to run over those frizz.

Yes, we know that some might not have an old toothbrush in. However, this is just another quick way to get rid of frizz.


There’s no time for frizz.

The problem is that your hair may have other ideas.

Why does my curly hair become frizzy?

Real quick…

If your hair is dry, it will seek moisture wherever it can. It’s often the humidity in the air that causes this. This is why your hair will go frizzy after you have been outside for a short while.

Even more so if your ends are dry, cracked or brittle. They are more vulnerable to frizz if they’re in such a fragile condition.

This is not a comprehensive explanation of the causes of frizz. You can help your curls by keeping them hydrated.

We all know that curls can go downhill quickly, in any case. It can also happen at the worst possible moment. It doesn’t have be a disaster with all effective quick fixes line up for you.

None of these ideas will solve your frizzy problems in the long-term.

These are quick fixes for grooming while on the move. So your curls aren’t out of control while you are out and about.

It is important to note that not all quick fixes work for everyone.

There maybe disappointment in you if you are seeking to find a solution that is guaranteed to work, or even off the shelf.

These ideas may not make your situation better, but it is obvious. Because everyone’s hair is different, so these little tricks won’t work for everyone.

You still have what you came here for. These are some ideas to help you get rid of frizzy hair fast in 5mins.