The art of hair highlights is constantly changing and colorists have a hard time keeping up with the latest arts. From striking multiple tones ombre to natural negative space, each single time you visit your colorists, it appears that there may exists a brand new coloring techqniue for your hair.

Balayage is a remarkably popular method, and for justification: This will be able to assist you to provide your customers’ hair a gorgeous, naturally sun-kissed look which is not possible with those traditional types of highlights.

Regrettably, balayage can at times be restricted in whatever it could attain. Generally speaking, while you will find a range of differences between balayage and foilyage, among the main may be that the crucial fact , balayage could possibly allow you to roughly achieve 4 levels of shade lifting in one session. Which usually means that in the event you attempt to do balayage to an individual with hair which is too dark, then the finishing results may possibly be brassy, blorange hair.

Want more color lifting than that which balayage may offer you? Foilyage technique is definitely an remarkable alternative technique that could offer you the more drastic transformation that you are searching for.



Foilyage is really another hair coloring technique which combines conventional utilization of foils with the free hand application manner of balayage.

Throughout foilyage, hair dyes are painted on the client’s hair like in balayage technique.    Treated segments are subsequently covered with foils for color processing.

The aluminum foils will conduct heat much better than surrounding air or those plastic sheet, letting the hair dyes to seep deeper into the strands, leading to more lifting in comparison with balayage technique, which makes it well suited for customers with darker or black hair which are searching for more lift compared to balayage may technically provide. (The metal foils also can help keep your hair away from those untreated strands of hair)

FOILYAGE Guidelines

Even though foilyage performed professionally and properly can provide you amazing finishing, but if it is done incorrectly, it could be disastrous and complaints will start coming in. The majority of these complaints that needed color corrections are focused across the simple fact it can lead to splotchiness and hard and harsh lines of demarcation in case it’s employed incorrectly. The following are ten golden advises that you can leverage on to create a superbly mixed foilyage and balayage application that your clientele and guests will adore!


Concerned with splotchiness or irregular penetration of hair dyes? You’re able to prevent those unwanted side effect and outcomes by using thinner and smaller segments on the foils, that may let you to get the even and harmonious penetration which you would like.


Alternatively, if you’re more worried of having harsh and hard lines of demarcation, you ought to look at placing focal points of brightness on your customer’s own hair. Doing this might help you to get that natural appearance you would like, while still ensuring that the transition hair lines aren’t getting overly harsh or splotchy.

3. BLEND and Harmonious!

Even though foilyage resembles a conventional foil For the reason that it entails using transparency that will aid product penetrate deeper to your own hair, you can find certainly a range of essential gaps. Conventional foils generally own harsher, flatter lines of demarcation than is commonly anticipated or desirable frm foilyage. In order to avert these harsh traces, you have to be more mindful on your product positioning along with your mixing strategy.

4. Do Not Hesitate using Little Bit of WATER.

Image result for spray water bottle hair mist

If you are mixing and blending the dyes on the hair, think about spraying a spritz of water mist to the coloring hair. This will alleviate more even and thorough porosity throughout the hair, helping the hair dyes slipped easier and allowing you have the blended and harmonious look you are working towards.

5. Utilize the RIGHT COMB…

Image result for comb with many teeth for colorist When teasing your customer’s hair using the foilyage technique, the finer the teeth onto the foiling hair comb, the more even and far more stable tease can be achieved.

6. . . .AND THE Ideal BRUSH.

We propose utilizing feathered bristle brush may assist you to attain a smooth seamless blending while precisely saturating your hair segments.

7. KEEP TEASING in the hair.

The simplicity of comb out is determined by the way and how much you tease your client hair. The further you tease, the tougher it’ll take to comb out at the sink.

The secret is by putting down the hair down “Tip to Top” once a section and this will help to keep that hair from snarly, permitting a simple and faster comb out at the sink.


8. START AT THE Mid-shaft.

When employing lightener onto the hair shaft, be certain to apply most of the saturation to the mid-shaft of the hair first, then saturate the endings, then blur up the rest of the strand. This can allow you to concentrate placing the color along with where you are interested, while still making a natural, blended appearance.

9. Entails a”BALAYAGE RIBBON”.

If you would are aiming to get as near to a more balayaged appearance, you can look at employing the “balayage ribbon” technique. You can achieve it by placing three to four teased foils straight in a back to back order. If you simply perform a couple of sections, it is going to appear too diffused and wont attain the glowing “pop” beautiful appearance that everyone will adore.

10. Utilize the Perfect LIGHTENER.

Obviously, picking a lightener ought to be primarily driven with the desirable outcome of your client that they desired. That said, with a velvety and creamy lightener, when at all possible, will ensure easy gliding of the dyes and the finishing will not as splotchiness.